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  1. Suggestion for 1.1

    Alternatively, adding to @Litjan's comment re checklist, there's always this one to use until 1.1 hits:
  2. Next update

    Probably not what most of us would want to hear, but thanks for being up front about it with us, Tom. Appreciate it!
  3. One suggestion: something along the lines of IXEG's throttle lever position UI (bottom right corner) would be a good option, I think. For those that dislike the immersion-breaking overlay, it could be turned off. It's not obtrusive at all and could sort of warn you once certain conditions apply.. (such as power at or below GND IDLE etc.)
  4. Help opening door

    To add to this, Jan has hinted that the doors will be part of the upcoming 1.1 update here.
  5. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Jan, if it helps: the interface interaction issues are definitely not IXEG exclusive. It also seems to happen to various 3rd party complex aircraft (airliners mostly?) such as Flight Factor's add-ons.
  6. Cessna Citation and other things.

    Thanks for the response, Goran. Appreciate the insight into your thought process on it. I'm sure that as with previous versions, people will wait until their favorite add-ons are updated (if necessary).
  7. Cessna Citation and other things.

    Since you mention XP11 and XP10 respectively.. Any word on whether they will be separate licenses or both covered by one purchase?
  8. MCP info labels under mouse pointer

    Would go well in line with the new no-op manipulator tool-tip in 10.50: http://developer.x-plane.com/2016/05/new-manipulators-and-the-mouse-wheel/ In the (very) distant future that is
  9. Weather Radar Help

    Hi, the long version: I suggest looking at the tutorials. They provide very valuable information. Specifically Tutorial Flight 3: They are found in your X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic\Documentation\5-Tutorials folder. The short version: - WX switch between the 2 CDUs (above throttle levers) to "ON". - On the center pedestal, the EFIS control panel's WX switch needs to be on. Currently only works on the left/Captain side EHSI.
  10. Transponder Question (Bug?)

    Auto will start squawking mode C/switch to ON/set the dataref to 2 when airborne (aka the landing gear struts extend).
  11. SmartCopilot: first attempt

    FSGRW is a weather plugin.
  12. SmartCopilot: first attempt

    The very apparent jittering is likely caused by the difference in weather. Is he using a weather plugin like NOAA that is still enabled? Are you using the latest version of the smartcopilot cfg?
  13. Times are a changing!

    I think this is where the "native" X-Plane user is going to clash with what the "convertee" wants. We see quite a few "what is this nonsense, i'd rather have a simple installer!" posts. This may not be true for people that have gotten to like the options X-Plane's environment gives you (copy paste/back up/move as you damn well please) but I can see this being the case for X-Plane's *potential* user base. That said, I don't think having more options for us and more revenue for developers could be a bad thing
  14. Autopilot Disconnect Alarm on final

    How do you disconnect the AP in the first place? If mapped to the correct command, pressing it again will leave you with peace and quiet for a successful landing
  15. Logo Light

    I feel like adding an "INOP" to the logo light switch when winglets get enabled would be a good idea