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  1. Very nice, Rob. Looking forward to more streams!
  2. dr_nerdrage

    First official XP11 screenshot

    Thank you! Us inner nose gear door aficionados are finally getting the developer attention we deserve.
  3. dr_nerdrage

    First official XP11 screenshot

    Noticed the left inner nose gear door texture was fixed as well. This was really preventing my enjoyment of the aircraft
  4. Thanks for this, Tom. The newfound stability with 1.1 should make using actual failures more fun. Installed, we'll see what happens
  5. dr_nerdrage

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    @Morten has clearly outlined why this is not the case here: @partTimePilot has posted a fantastic and very clear guide on how to fix it in less than 2 minutes here (which should probably be stickied for the time being):
  6. First patch impression is pretty darn positive. I battered the FMC with re-routes, new destinations, wild STAR/RWYs changes while in flight and it was rock-solid. Ground handling in XP11 was good too. Thumbs up. Bonus first landing after patch: https://gfycat.com/CreepyGrayCapeghostfrog Edit: oh and one thing the change log is missing: it's got a new checklist!
  7. dr_nerdrage

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Probably better this way with how often I forget to check pressurization.. Looking forward to the update!
  8. dr_nerdrage

    New X-Aviation Activation Policy

    A very welcome change. Thanks!
  9. dr_nerdrage

    Brighter Textures

    Thanks for this nice little change, Goran. It's much better and easier to read in XP11. For those curious about what it looks like:
  10. dr_nerdrage

    Suggestion for 1.1

    Alternatively, adding to @Litjan's comment re checklist, there's always this one to use until 1.1 hits:
  11. dr_nerdrage

    Next update

    Probably not what most of us would want to hear, but thanks for being up front about it with us, Tom. Appreciate it!
  12. One suggestion: something along the lines of IXEG's throttle lever position UI (bottom right corner) would be a good option, I think. For those that dislike the immersion-breaking overlay, it could be turned off. It's not obtrusive at all and could sort of warn you once certain conditions apply.. (such as power at or below GND IDLE etc.)
  13. dr_nerdrage

    Help opening door

    To add to this, Jan has hinted that the doors will be part of the upcoming 1.1 update here.
  14. dr_nerdrage

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Jan, if it helps: the interface interaction issues are definitely not IXEG exclusive. It also seems to happen to various 3rd party complex aircraft (airliners mostly?) such as Flight Factor's add-ons.
  15. dr_nerdrage

    Cessna Citation and other things.

    Thanks for the response, Goran. Appreciate the insight into your thought process on it. I'm sure that as with previous versions, people will wait until their favorite add-ons are updated (if necessary).