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  1. DanielEZY0252

    XP11 not working

    When i install the C152 into XP11 it does not show the aircraft in the list. Does anyone have a work around for this?
  2. As the title states everytime i switch from the saab to another aircraft i have issues with the nose wheel and rudder. Nose wheel doesn't turn on other aircraft and rudder is reversed..
  3. DanielEZY0252

    XP10 Cannot use CRS/HDG/GPS knobs etc

    Sorry here they are GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  4. DanielEZY0252

    XP10 Cannot use CRS/HDG/GPS knobs etc

    Im using XP10 and find that half way through flights the manipulators do not work. i cannot change any of the heading bugs etc. The GPS knobs don't work unless you use the pop out window but nothing else works as it should except for NAV Button on AP and the AP Disngage
  5. DanielEZY0252

    Cant set course for GPS.

    I found this out last night when I flew this for the first time in about a year. I had to select obs on them off in order for the aircraft to follow the GPS and the course to be set correctly. This was in XP10 but I'm not sure about 11
  6. DanielEZY0252

    That dreaded fps question

    I don't know if this is more of an observation but I suppose a question will inevitably rise from this. I have an AMD A10, 8GB RAM, 2GB nVidia graphics card. I bought the 340A, love it. Flying around it's a great aircraft. The observation is that irregardless of settings (all set low or all set high) or when looking in the cockpit or at the external, when shutdown on the ground I get a perfectly stable 28-30fps. after engine start and on taxi up until rotate I get between 25-27 fps steady. After that my fps drops to unstable between 17 and 20. Does anyone have any suggestions on fps.
  7. DanielEZY0252

    Cessna Corvalis TT Version 1.6 Update Released!

    Excellent news I'll be looking forward to trying this out today
  8. DanielEZY0252

    Engine Fire

    I start my sim Load Jrollon BAE32 and have dual engine fire Try resetting failures - Issue still occurs If it doesn't happen straight after loading when I start the engines (Following the manual) EGT starts nice and slow then goes wizzing past 750 and then engine fire
  9. DanielEZY0252

    Cessna Citation Video

    Undress it a little more then take my money! !
  10. DanielEZY0252

    GPS in the DC3

    I never thought about adding NDB/VOR I know what you mean. The only reason I was interested in adding it is to not have to bring up the map all the time.
  11. DanielEZY0252

    GPS in the DC3

    OK firstly I give you all permission to tell me i'm an idiot for asking this but here it goes Can we add the GNS 430 GPS thing into the DCS at all (I know that ruins the classic nature of the aircraft i'm sorry) I did scour through the forum but unfortunately could not see it (Either it's not there or I am blind) Thanks in advance Daniel
  12. DanielEZY0252

    Turning the DC-3 into a true Tail-Dragger

    Thanks Goran That has worked
  13. DanielEZY0252

    Uninstall to get a clean install...

    Excellent I will give this a rattle tonight. Thank you for the reply
  14. DanielEZY0252

    Uninstall to get a clean install...

    Hello there im curious to see if this worked for you?
  15. DanielEZY0252

    Turning the DC-3 into a true Tail-Dragger

    Hello, I recently purchased this aircraft and it is phenomenal, I would like to make the changes listed here but unfortunately i get file not found when trying to get this document. Is there an alternative source for it?