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    TBM 900 v1.1.6 Update Released!

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    Landing Flaps Kill The Approach

    Weel, I´ll send my personal profile: When I intercept the final, even in NOM PRECISION or in a ILS Approach, I set the GEAR DOWN, confirm the TakeOFF Flap and monitor the speed up to 100KIAS. As I told before, in IMC condition, I maintaing the TakeOFF FLAP until that I have visual conditions. When I have RWY, ou ALS in sight, I set LND FLAP, AP OFF and control ACFT in order to make a manual Land. Of course, if I reach the DH or MDA+MAP and don´t have visual contact, I initiate a Missed Approach and when I´m flying with a LND FLAP, I just have to set GEAR UP, and Flap UP to make my Missed Approach.... I think that is good to talk that every pilot have your personal way to flight, of course that it can´t break the safety procedures... See you guys... MBR...
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    Landing Flaps Kill The Approach

    Well, I did the test, and the ACFT Works as expected: In the first video, you can see that when setting LND FLAP, you have to reduce speed, But the TRIM Works a lot in order to descend and get the GS again. In the other 2 vídeos, I make a land that I made in the this real airpot(SBGR) with the TBM that I fly, and it was perfect, just as I did, I land visual and vacate the RWY in 450meters For me the ACFT is working perfect.... I hope that I helped.. And sorry by my poor english hehehehehe X-System_01_11_2018_20_46_56.mp4 X-System_01_11_2018_20_50_04.mp4 X-System 01_11_2018 20_53_59.mp4
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    Landing Flaps Kill The Approach

    Hy Greaser. I'll try to test it tonight to report to you, because I confess that I didn't any ILS with this bird. I'm just flying manual in order to training and testing other things and systems, but as a real pilot in this real aircraft it is exactly what happens with TBMs when we are at a ILS and set LND FLAP, even with 90KIAS. We have to pitch a lot of nose down in order to recapture the GS. My personal way to make ILS approaches in real ACFT is: I prefer to maintain TO FLAP, 100KIAS until that I have visual conditions. When I have visual, I set LND Flap, reduce power and reduce speed to 90KIAS. OF Couser that in real life, when we set power IDLE, I can reduce speed, but is the simulators, It not havens correct, for exemple, in real life I can maintain 200KIAS in the TBM and when is remain just 2NM to RWY, I can reduce power, after 175KIAS set GEAR Down, FLAP TO, after 120KIAS FLAP LND and in some days, I have to accelerate a little bit to get the RWY heheheh ATENTION: A did write 175 and 120 just to preserve My equipment, I know that the speeds in manual are 178 and 122, OK guys.... hehehehehehehehehe I'll test it and report to you, OK. MBR...