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  1. [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    it seems windows defender (or similar) is still running on the background. if you are windows make sure you go to windows defender configuration and set a folder (not file) exemption for the entire /xplane 11/ root folder, this should cure the problem Otheriwse please try going to taskbar and see what process is killing the cpu
  2. CTOT not working?

    CTOT works ok make sure: 1. you engaged both switches and also rotated the knob to desired torque (it engages by 64%, but do not exceed minus 15-20% of selected torque) 2. double check you are not overshooting the CLs MAX position, which is not the end of the travel T/M, it is a detent before. Otherwise the aircraft will have no torque. note: i am XP11.20, can not test under xp10.x hope this helps
  3. A Saab story

    The SAAB340 is a pretty different beast to anything else i have flown, real life and on the sim. These engineers had their own logics when it comes to avionics. This is one of the reasons i like this aircraft so much. Give it some time you will certainly love it. Pretty awesome simulation. The sim can be really challenging to any aircraft to operate any system that is not in the forward's camera field of view. Rotating the camera while on the critical phases of flight, takeoff, initial climb, final approach and landing is a real issue. You should consider -if budget permits- incorporating a few minimal external hardware. 1. A saitek radio panel. This works to the SAAB and any aircraft on xplane, tunning the radios, comms with your finger tips while not moving the camera around is pretty usefull, specially if flying online 2. An MCP (i do use goflight 737), while this is not for the SAAB certainly, i do use it for both COURSE rotaries and display, heading select and displays, altitude select and display, VS select and display and i have also mapped some MCP button modes. Pretty usefull as well. Happy flying
  4. IXEG 737 flightplan

    yes, this is a small known issue, folder is not created automatically during install. Just create manually a sub-folder named 'coroutes' under the IXEG737 root folder and you are good to go
  5. GPS Rarely Working

    any saitek hardware? it will interfere electricity if not properly mapped.
  6. Weird autopilot behavior

    As per all of your other issues, did you dissengage the CTOT switches after takeoff?
  7. Weird autopilot behavior

    This aircraft as most regional & jetliners requires a double push for A/P disconnect, one push to disconnect and an aural warning will kick in just in case you did it by accident, a second push will clear the alarm. Map any button or key of your liking to 'LES/CMD/CW/button/AP_disconnect'
  8. Mousewheel not working nor GPS

    scroll wheel zoom is optional. Go to plugins -> gizmo -> windows -> look to the bottom for SAAB340 user preferences or something like that. Enable zoom checkbox hope this helps
  9. The ILS antenna produces 2 lobes, one to each side of the centerline being overlapped at the centerline. Left side of the centerline is modulated at 90Hz while right side of the centerline is modulated to 150hz. By the received signals the aircraft known being flying on the right, needs to go left, or being flying on the left zone needs to go right. When both signals equals it knows being on the centerline. Course selector is to capture and to know to which track to align initially (course is not available on the signal) so how the aircraft will know to turn to or away from the runway? Also course selector is useful to refine A/P movements because it has a target to compare when the signal says right or left? yes but how far? On modern avionics, course comes from the navdatabase automatically, but on the classic pilot needs to manipulate the course selector. Hope this clarifies. Captain Jan can surely dig further on this.
  10. I do not see anything wrong here. 1. Xplane map is NORTH oriented by default (user selectable), so north heading 000 is top above and you are heading 142 degree which will be the aircraft pointing to the bottom right as shown on the map. 000 270 090 180 *(140 should point here aprox) 2. I can not see the FMC on the picture, but you are flying LNAV and i would think the course is set for 132 degree aprox, but because you are having a 107 knots massive crosswind coming from the right as seen on the ND, the A/P is commanding a heading of 142 to counteract wind drift derive and stay over desired LNAV trajectory. Hope this helps
  11. How to avoid reverse thrust with CH Throttle Quad?

    I would suggest if possible implementing a -detent clank sound- for all the different detents for both THROTTLE and CLs thus you can move your hardware lever and know when you reached the desired detent (a bit of detent nullzone is already implemented). This would be really useful and easy to track lever movement without looking at the pedestal that can be an issue with the aircraft rolling Hope this helps
  12. Announcing TerraMaxx - Seasons for X-Plane!

    Really nice, will purchase to better represent my beloved Argentinian Patagonia snowy place at winter
  13. Conflict with IXEG 737

    Please attach a screen capture of your problem. Just saying doesn't work doesn't tell much.
  14. I would suggest you put the CWS nullzone slider to the right, it won't hurt at all and if you controller is sending noise/spikes it will prevent from interfering a/p operation
  15. can you share a few screenshots of the forward cockpit to see what the systems and mcp status are? or maybe a video of the behaviour? thanks
  16. PROGress page is WIP not ready yet.
  17. About your first issue. This is the A/T system protecting the aircraft during a dirt configuration (takeoff and approach) -If you want to increase the speed, you need to retract the flaps as per the flap schedule, otherwise A/T will not allow speeding the aircraft beyond current flap setting capability not to rip the surfaces. -If you want to decrease speed, you need to extend the flaps as per the schedule, otherwise A/T will not allow the aircraft to reduce speed below the minimal current flap maneuverability speed no to stall and crash. note: make sure you do not use any hardware lever as an axis, unless you use a detent plugin or similar. Otherwise your potentiometers nois/spike will keep moving the flap position no matter you are not touching at them About your second issue. Calculated VREF speed for landing is based on aircraft GW (Gross Weight) for the given flap options. If you are getting such a crazy low speed values, this would indicate you did not load anything on the aircraft during pre-flight. Before departure: 1. Go to GROUD SERVICES menu 2. Select REFUEL TO xx tons of fuel as required for your trip 3. Adjust ZFW to around 50 tons or similar (this is pax + cargo) 4. press Instant to load everything. This will result on an average packed aircraft and you will see what IXEG flight model is all about, you will actually feel the weight during TO pull and landing. note: for the purpose of landing on calm days, you have to configure VREF +5 knots on the MCP SPEED DIAL during approach to cross the runway threshold at that speed and you bleed off those 5 knots during flare while you retard the throttles to a VREF touchdown. Landing on windy conditions require more complex calculations to the VREF +XX, you can experiment later on this once you materized the above. hope this heps
  18. Betterpushback and ver 1.21

    mmm weird. works just fine to me. what you mean it doesn't work anymore? the tug doesn't come and attach? it does not push back the aircraft? Are you sure you are running latest betterpushback version 0.46? Did you update to latest xplane beta? maybe an issue there? Did you try removing other plugins, maybe a conflict?
  19. FMC data

    Open your Navigraph manager, go to the addons mapping section, and include ixeg
  20. [FAQ]Solution to freeze and stutter using FMC

    It really sounds like you are still running windows defender or something. be adviced when you reload the computer or update it reactivates if you turned it off. Microsoft is very strict on this. Are you windows? Can you try setting a folder exemption for entire /xplane 11/ folder? When the problem occurs, if you open task manager, is the CPU overloaded? and what process?
  21. How to update the IXEG 737?!

    You have to go x-aviation web portal, login and download the instaler from your listed purchases run the installer and that is it
  22. IXEG 737 distance from airport

    what is your route? departure and arrival airports, sid & star, route and perforamance data. Weight, Cruize, etc. I can give it a look for you. This is VNAV no working properly, but i am curious what is going wrong on that specific route.
  23. IXEG 737 distance from airport

    you press PROG on the FMC, it will report there NM left to the arrival airport near the bottom. note: this page is still in progress, when completed you can see here fuel consumption and ETA time (zulu time) predictions to intermediate & destination, among other info pressing page next. Most information as of now is placebo data. WIP.
  24. FMC T/D problems...

    by 3.3 FL 370 / 3.3 = 112NM away for your ball park descend point.
  25. FMC T/D problems...

    Most common issue arises when the STAR arrival procedure contains orders like cross this waypoint above xxx & below zzzz. The FMC will always read them as cross them above zzzz resulting on a very late T/D. While VNAV is rebuild just to some briefing of the ruoute and altitude constrains, if wrong, simply type correct constrain on the scratchpad then override by pressing corresponding right soft key on the LEGS page. note: this also apply for SIDs. Always scan for those such kind of altitude constrains and make the corrections on the legs page. You will be fine. hope this helps