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  1. mmerelles

    LES Saab 340A Air Bremen D-CHBB

    very nice job!
  2. mmerelles

    Simples question....

    Be cautious about this! Pressing DEL on the LEGS page and the soft key next to the restriction will remove BOTH SPEED & ALTITUDE. Altitude clearing from ATC does not implies SPEEDING clearing as well -if any-. So this procedure works well to remove a waypoint altitude restriction having no mandatory speeding constrain as well. you need to go CLB page and delete ALT restriction from there (right side), not to mess speed -if any- (left side)
  3. mmerelles

    VR capabilities of Saab

    as the instructions says for playing VR you have to replace the 2 files with the ones provided simvrlabs, for playing non-vr you use your 2 original files. This is the trade off as of now until the saab v2.0 arrives and most likely will be full VR ready
  4. mmerelles

    VR capabilities of Saab

    I think 1.X run is not VR supported/tuned officially, most likely 2.0 will make it But in the mean time you may try the following link, this is the one i am using but please do not raise ticket to LES about this. At you own risk http://simvrlabs.com/aircraft-les-saab-340a/ there are other bird supported if you go home menu
  5. mmerelles

    CRS1 via joystick button possible?

    sim/autopilot/heading_up sim/autopilot/heading_down
  6. mmerelles

    Help/Advice on IXEG 737

    2. you can use tools like http://www.skyvector.com, enter your origin and destination airport, then build up your own routes using VORs or whatever you like. is this what you are trying to do? 3. any standard -usb- yoke, joystick, pedals you like will work on imac as well. but if you want to connect some "professional" hardware that requires custom software it may not be available for osx, since pcs is what counts for pro powerfull setups.
  7. mmerelles

    OBS 1 and 2 (CRS 1 and 2 knobs) joystick shortcuts

    i do use the following commands sim/radios/obs1_up and sim/radios/obs1_down sim/radios/obs2_up and sim/radios/obs2_down hope this helps
  8. mmerelles

    FMC question - Direct to

    1. Press DIR INTC button on the FMC. The line 6L should prompt empty boxes, select your desired DIRTO waypoint by pressing its corresponding left soft key or 2. You can also modify the LEGS inflight. Press the desired Left Soft Key waypoint (this will copy the waypoint name to the scratchpad) then press the active waypoint Left Soft key to override. This will shift up the entire flight plan excecute note: editing the legs may not be to the active waypoint if desired only. i.e. your flight plan looks like w1, w2, w3, w4, w5, w6. Your active waypoint is w1 and you want it to fly w1, w2 then w5, w6 (skipping w3 & w4) so you press w5 soft key then you press w3 soft key to override and shift up, and your flight plan will look w1, w2, w5, w6. You skipped w3 & w4 but still flying w1 & w2 first. Hope this helps.
  9. mmerelles

    Weight and balance questions

    You may want to check this app, worth every penny. It will allow you to play with pax, cargo and fueling, different aircraft CG, among lot of other stuff.
  10. mmerelles

    Condition Levers

    xplane supports per aircraft profiles. make sure you created a saab profile and do not assign any lever to mixture under it. Or do i am missing something here? This should prevent your issue entirely.
  11. mmerelles

    IXEG Smart Watch

    very cool
  12. mmerelles

    Dataref Question

    you may want to try datareftool plugin, it is free and will tell what dataref changes realtime. So you run datareftool, move the lighting knobs and see what changes. I am not at the sim for the day, otherwise i would be happy to investigate it for you. Maybe at night if you didn't get it get yet
  13. mmerelles

    Fuel In Centre

    the aircraft has a scavenge jet pump that drains the little remaining fuel on the center tanks to main tank 1 so all fuel in the center tank is used. On the classic series 737-300, the scavenge jet pump activates manually by the pilot when you turn off the center tank fuel pump, and it works for 20 minutes, transfer rate is very low. On the 737-NG the process is automatic, when the center tank is low and the main tanks reaches half their capacity, the scavenge pump activates and drains remaining fuel to main tank 1, process runs for the rest of the flight.
  14. mmerelles

    Togo help

    for this aircraft map any key or joystick button of your liking to 'sim/engines/TOGA_power'
  15. mmerelles

    1.21 sounds is too low

    i do not own xprealistic but have seen it supports to customize master volume on a per aircraft basis, double check there too
  16. mmerelles

    1.21 sounds is too low

    any script or plugin that may be interfering?
  17. mmerelles

    1.21 sounds is too low

    you may adjust the sound sliders on the ixeg preferences left side menu also check your xplane master, interior & exterior sliders on the xplane sounds tab hope this helps
  18. mmerelles

    Weight & Balance - CoG Saab 340

    you may consider this app (igodispatch for the saab340). Paid, but worth every penny. http://www.igoapp.ca/igodispatch/igodispatch/igodispatch_saab340a.html
  19. use the passenger seat belt switch on the overhead panel
  20. can you attach please also X-Plane.prf
  21. This is an assingment problem or a corrupt assignment file 1. You may delete the file /xplane 11/output/preferences/x-plane joystick settings.prf or 2. You may attach here the same file (there is an attachment option down here on the post edit) for us to verify how axis were assigned edit: the video has really poor quality but i can see your joystick has several hardware modules, verify on the top pickdown no other module has an axis also assigned to throttle