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  1. OlaHaldor

    RTX 2080 Ti

    Just wanted to hop in here and tell you; RTX 2080 Ti works very well with X-Plane. 100% utilization, silky smooth frame rate at 45-60 fps in areas I'd never even think of getting such numbers. (tested with the C172 which I fly most of the time now), my monitor is 3440x1440 resolution. If I make the window 1920x1080 I get 70-80 fps. Visual Effects: Maximum (HDR+SSAO) Texture Quality: Maximum AA: 4x SSAA Number of World Objects: Maximum Reflection: Minimal (saves a lot of frames) The fact the GPU is at 100% utilization tells me X-plane is power hungry, and want a lot more!
  2. Alright, so I had to make the exact same folder structure and filename for it to work. But in the end, at least I can see his IXEG 737 Classic as a default 737-800. I copied the Boeing 737-800 folder to the Aircraft\X-Aviation\ folder. Then renamed it to IXEG 737 Classic. In the folder I renamed the acf file from 738 to 733, opened the acf file and renamed as mentioned above, P acf/_ICAO B738 to B733
  3. I'll give it a shot when we're both online.
  4. Thanks, but do I need xivap to make this work? We fly directly connected, not through any third party plugin or anything.
  5. Well that sucks. no way to tell x-plane to use a default 737 instead of C172?
  6. We connect directly in x-plane by typing each other's IP address. I don't know what CSL is. What would it do for us? Is that something that's included in the IXEG 737 so he can send me so I will see him correctly?
  7. A friend purchased your 737 but I don't have it (yet). Nor do I know when I will get it, as my time for flying is limited and I tend to keep the one's I already own, either default or the CRJ-200. We just got X-Plane 11 up and running in multiplayer, and I noticed his plane shows up as a Cessna 172. A bit boring if I may.. Is there a way to have him show up as the default B737 at least?
  8. Had a couple hours free last night and made a terrain in World Machine. Picked it up this morning to see if I could get a slight grasp at the instancing system in LightWave. A single tree from Evermotion (over 1.2m polygons..) is instanced over 500K times. Rendered in Octane. A fun little test. The textures for the terrain itself was also done in World Machine, so the mountains and slopes are a little dull, but can possibly be fixed with either some meshes or a masked texture in the given areas.
  9. Oh boy, long time, again. LONG POST! SORRY! Been busy with school stuff and some modding. I jumped over to Modo last summer and set a goal to push myself to learn modeling with it. I also made it into a mod for Train Fever. I attended a game design class the following August, and have just delivered the finals last friday. During the year we've had a couple asset related tasks, such as "make a viking weapon" or "create a modular environment kit". During the holidays I started making this diesel locomotive. It's also made into a mod for Train Fever. Just before Easter I got hired to do a landscape for a game And from just about the same period, from Easter to now, I've been working on a team with two others to make a game for the finals. I didn't get to make too many assets, as I was chosen to do more managing sorts of things, writing scripts, handling contact with external sound designers, composers and animators. I did however get time to texture a couple of the models one of the guys did And at the very last moment they needed a new asset to fill a blank hole, and I modeled/textured a door to cover the hole.
  10. OlaHaldor

    Best XP10 Settings

    If you plan to get the GTX 1080 for the one reason of upping performance in X-Plane 10: save your money. I use GPUs professionally, so that's my reason. But the 1080 had to be tested in X-Plane too of course. Basically no difference between my first gen GTX Titan and GTX 1080. Still the performance of about 30-35fps. I think my system is well over many of the more regular X-Plane users here, and.. Frankly.. I'm a bit disappointed it's not performing better on this rig. I feel sorry for those who upgrade for the sole reason of using it with X-Plane.
  11. OlaHaldor

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.0

    I might be able to help you with that. I've rigged and animated bipeds before. But I have no knowledge of the animation, limitations, possibilities and solutions for animation in X-Plane.
  12. OlaHaldor

    Creation of Muchamel (LEMU)

    2012 was obviously NOT the year I finished the scenery. I've still got the original files and reference photos, and the other day Goran said "you should totally give it a go again" now that things have evolved and better, more intuitive texturing methods have come, so even a guy like me can make something a tad more decent. I've re-textured the Inaer hangars. This really makes me wish X-Plane supported physically based rendering. Making no promises, but there is progress in the right direction at least. Click the image to tumble the model in the browser. (works on phones and tablets too)
  13. OlaHaldor

    Outerra + XPlane = Perfect Marriage

    I see atmospheric scattering mentioned. For me, Outerra nails it far more than X-Plane does out of the box. I'll gladly pay for a plane, but not for clouds or atmospheres or "more realistic dusk and dawns" textures and filters. To me, Outerra looks more organic. While X-Plane obviously has the upper hand in simulation as per now.
  14. OlaHaldor

    Outerra + XPlane = Perfect Marriage

    Wasn't X-Plane too a narrow niche product once, compared to the competition? Yet, see, it's flourishing like never before.
  15. OlaHaldor

    I miss SimCopter!