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  1. https://youtu.be/8J5dSxlzaSQ
  2. https://youtu.be/vtxPcykUUMY


    I see ty


    Hello, Hello in understanding where Terramax should sit in the scenery_packs.ini File? what category is it? L=======ibrary, Overlay Scenery?. Thank you! If it is a Library, does it have to sit on top of other Libraries or below them or there is no difference. Than you! How should be the priority in scenery_pack.ini? The order and thus the priority in the ‘scenery_packs.ini’ (you find it in ‘custom scenery’ folder) from top to bottom should be as follows (from local to global): 1. own and custom airports 2. original airports (Aerosoft…, Global Airports …) 3. additional regional sceneries (VFR-Addons like VFR-Objects, …) 4. additional continental w2xp sceneries (if installed) (for outside Europe e.g. VFR-Landmarks, VFR-Aerials, Forests…) 5. w2xp sceneries (if installed) (X-EUROPE, w2xp_America…) 6. libraries (OpenSceneryX, FF_Library…) 7. overlay photo sceneries (if installed, you don’t need it for X-EUROPE) (yOrtho4XP_Overlays if you are using Ortho4XP sceneries) 8. photo sceneries (if installed) (generated with G2XPL Ortho4XP…) 9. mesh files (if installed) (HD Scenery Mesh v4) Note that HD mesh files work only when there is no photo scenery active in this region, as photo sceneries have their own mesh, derived from standard x-plane dsf or from hd scenery mesh.

    Hot Start TBM9 Wile E Coyote

    Love it!

    Pandemic United Nations WHO TBM900

    Thanks! That would be the dream. Buy a TBM and do relief work with it:)

    Exciting take off runs...

    I am an inactive pilot, but when I was flying (as per the video on my youtube channel) , I never have any problems, even close to maximum demonstrated crosswinds keeping whatever single engine prop bird lined up. The problem is that X-Plane exaggerates the forces such as torque, slipstream, crosswind, p-factor and those forces all change as you accelerate and your control inputs change instinctively as you look straight down the runway to keep the nose lined up. The changes are not linear so it is real tough to gauge in XP. Having said this, I have an old Saitek Aviator joystick with rudder twist which simply cannot cut the mustard! My takeoffs are horrible! Single engine planes oscillate left and right, I am looking forward for the VKB products to show up on Amazon.ca before buying the joystick and rudder pedals. Asides having good hardware, anticipating the changes in forces are the only way to try to stay lined up which is no easy task!

    Parking brake warning while in flight

    This also happend to me when assigning the parking break to my pos 1 and Pos 2 knob on my old Saitek Aviator joystick which is seriously due to be retired! The switch is somehow defective causing the parking break alert in mid flight. I am waiting for Vkb to sell their joystick and pedals on Amazon.ca sice shipping is too expensive from the X-Plane.org store plus the exchange rate is killing me, and I do not trust USPS lol!

    CTD / XP v11.26-r2 / TBM v1.1.1 #2

    http://forums.x-pilot.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=25131 Twice after about 30 mins of flight I get a CTD. The last one happend when popping out the PFD and resizing it. V 1.1 was stable but like others I unfortunately upgraded it. Log in the link above

    CTD / XP v11.26-r2 / TBM v1.1.1

    I second that when resizing the PFD and/or MFD Log.txt


    I am also getting a CTD with V1.1.1 but only when resizing the MFD or PFD. For some reason they no longer pop out zoomed in as before, instead they popup smaller than the initial size when inside the dash. Log.txt

    TBM oriented VA

    Cool, If I join can I also transfer my real world hours + my LFBT-EGPK leg since I jus flew it lol! https://youtu.be/8J5dSxlzaSQ
  13. You can use Sim Brief and/or the https://pohperformance.com/TBM/ to help you with all your TBM performance needs. It even gives you climb gradient information. I still use an E6B however to convert % Climb gradient to ft/nm and rate of climb ft/min like I do in the real world (not in a TBM)

    Monitors or somthing

    I kind of like Hot Shot lol! Goran here is a little tribute music video I made tonight for my first leg after picking up my TBM at Tarbes (LFBT-EGPK) https://youtu.be/8J5dSxlzaSQ

    France to USa. TBM delivery.

    https://youtu.be/8J5dSxlzaSQ My first leg with a brief music video. The EGPK to BIRK is boring so I will make a full video on the BIRK to BGSF. The Loc NDB approach is pretty challenging and loads of fun I get the approach plates from https://www.autorouter.aero/login