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  1. Scandi426

    Things that would add to the realism.

    Must add, since I am a light fanatic. The cockpit lighting and ambience was better in the XP10 version Yes - I know LR changed everything going into XP11, and you guys have been adjusting and tweaking every parameter in order to get it back right, so you are not to blame. In XP10 one could ignite certain bulbs/lights even during daytime, in grey weather you could light up the cockpit panels as you would to make them more readable. But in XP11 a new rendering scheme came about more along the lines of MSFS where some lights can only have effect after dusk/dark. Another unwanted feature, perhaps related is that there is too little ambience "glow" and internal light spill inside the cockpit. It may be my misjudgement, but the XP11-IXEG733 looks a tad "duller" at night as the panel lighting is - in lack of better terms - faded, with additional banded gradients between the colors. My hope is that LR is not yet finished adjusting the key gamma, occlusion, shades, contrast and brightness etc. Because I believe it all needs tuning, also to suit the various shifting lighting during a day, and not to forget weather. Overcast and rain can make a cockpit rather dim and dark, even at noon.. and XP11 should also reflect these effects
  2. Scandi426

    1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    +1 All works fine here after Gizmo update :-)
  3. Scandi426

    1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    Definitely the case, Jan. So I will rest my case - half of it concerning the clickspots - I strongly felt it was related to LR trying to fit the VR-realm onto the cockpits in XP. Hope you have luck solving the "gatekeeper" issue :-)
  4. Scandi426

    1.21 Gatekeeper Gizmo issue

    I have the same issue at my end. It took a while to discover, since I do not fly any other aircraft :-) I began investigating after discovering the mousepointer did not meet any of the clickspots anymore. I will try to explain: When I load X plane everything seems fine, but after a while all the clickspots in the cockpit shift "offset". I can click and adjust buttons and knobs, but I have to position the mouse very off. (10 cm below and to the right) When I try to reboot the console I too get the error message. --- First time I noticed it; imagine how this affected my landing at a busy EGLL just after trying to engage APPR
  5. Scandi426

    Anti Ice

    I went thru the process twice this evening! Norway is suffering from a major blizzard this night, and I was trying to simulate flying the 737 from ENGM to ENTC up north. I will be (hopefully) flying this route IRL tomorrow. Unfortunately, the X Plane-version of Oslo Airport Gardermoen does not cater for de-ice of any sort. But I did run a thorough (extended) pre-flight making sure bleed air together with anti-ice had been working for an hour. Despite the effort I was unable to lift-off, and instead made two new editions of highway through the woods south of the field It's not until you crash X Plane warns you "Considerable amounts of ice detected..." Would be nice to get a pre-warning. Since building of ice on the fuselage and wings are not visible in XP, I wonder how the allmighty Jan Vogel goes about when he's practicing his simulated icy runs in the 737 For the record: ENGM 152250Z 13007KT 110V180 1900 SN FEW006 OVC008 M02/M03 Q0988
  6. Scandi426

    Night lighting, flood/dome

    I believe this function ignites the "washlight/maintenance flood" and I do agree with CharlieZulu; that light did looked really good in the XP10 version. Never seen anything like it in any addon :-) With LR changing so much reference-data and values going from 10 to 11 this unique IXEG-feature might have been reduced.
  7. Scandi426

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Hi, Jan, Morten, Cameron and the rest if you responsible for the most immersive sim-addon ever. Realizing you went through years of developing and in the process creating your own "overrides" and scripts to make a realistic model and system-simulation. With XP11, Austin really tossed things about and for most developers it causes some headache for existing products as well as new projects. Some more troubled than others etc. We can all hope LRs new scheme brings better concepts to developers, hence I wonder; With regards to the 733, have you had the time to evaluate what possibilities that comes with XP11? Will an future (XP11) version benefit (noticeable) from the changes LR made? Advanced in-depth system-modelling like your FMC must be a difficult task, imo. Can XP11 input/output somehow ease the challenge in any way? Im just curious. As a closing statement I vote for a IXEG 733 "gathering" somewhere (pref. Europe ;-) for users and developers to meet and greet. I do not know much about programming Gizmos and C++ - but I do make some of the best JetA1-cocktails ever invented! So hope to C'ya :-D
  8. Scandi426

    IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.6 Has Been Released!

    Looks like I have to cut my vacation short Thankyou, once again IXEG !!
  9. Scandi426

    Ground Services - Refuel and Loadsheet

    Hi, Jan and Nils I kept the window open all the time. It stops dead at 9.1K if I use Realistic mode. I can then hit Instant and it fills up.. Its the center tank that will not engage. Closing and re-opening the GUI while fuelling causes the process to stop - as you correct stated. I do not have any other plug-ins besides Gizmo64 and SMP. If this only happens to me I guess I better reinstall thanks for your time, both of you. -Bernt
  10. Hi, small items happening at my end, v1.02 1. Ground Services, Refuel: Fueling by "Realistic" mode only allows you 09.0 tonnes of fuel, while "Instant" will fuel max load (16 tonnes) (Looks as if realistic mode wont fill into the center tanks..) Also, fuel amount is not limited by ZFW, surpassing the max TO weight is possible. (as in real life) 2. Load Sheet, Randomize: hitting this will detach your GPU. (Guess this happens Jan all the time at LH ) Forgive me if theres something I have misunderstood, and I also hope these havent been mentioned before. As stated, these are small items. Everything else is working smoothly according to this version. Im so in love with the IXEG 737 (I have been sleeping at night to the sound of the electric buses! (eases the mind ) kind regards Bernt aka Scandi426, ENGM
  11. Scandi426

    Another Thankyou for an amazing aircraft!

    I do agree to your sentiments. One should honestly expect a fully working product given the prize they are asking. On the other hand, this is software and unlike your digital radio og television it will react diifferent to the environment it is forced to interact with. Many of the bugs being reported spawn from conflicting software like plug-ins. Others are sperhaps hortcomings or not-yet-finished code and modules. Should they rather have waited and postponed the release? I dont think so. The real beta-testing is right now. Unfortunately.. The massive feedback IXEG now is provided with is crucial to understand how the software is doing on a mass scale. I am sure they will work even harder solving the major issues, and then push on to tie all loose ends. Hopefully, they will reach that target pretty soon
  12. Wow! I have been simming since mid 80s, and all these years I have dreamt of a desktop experience as immersive and realistic as this! Thankyou! You are about to define a totally new level of standard to the community, this release will be the "milestone of the decade" ! Not surprised, there is some premature behaviour, - after all its giant a piece of software fresh from the mill. But you seem to be well prepared and put all effort into solving the various issues. What a fantastic team! As for now - I am more than happy and thrilled just getting to know the aircraft, doing startups and taxiing while listening to the incredible soundwork and feeling the insanse realistic movement of the model. It really does remind me of the real thing. If attachments could be physical, you´d be catching cold beers and champagne out of your computers. Congratulations!