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  1. 1.21

    I know it's probably crazy and will never happen, but... what if IXEG made a small portion of their code open-source? Just a portion that makes it possible for volunteers to enhance/modify select systems while keeping the rest closed/encrypted and under the control of their DRM? I'm sure it wouldn't take long before the missing functionality is completed in a form of a "mod" if only people are given the tools.
  2. Ah, that sounds promising then . Thanks for escalating the issue!
  3. I'm highly sceptical it has anything to do with 11.10b6... The teleportation issue is not new, I've seen reports about it several months ago. It's a very rare and apparently random bug and no one provided steps to reproduce as far as I can say. Even a hundred of succesfull flights prove exactly nothing in this case I'm afraid, until XP devs clearly confirm it's fixed.
  4. Yeah, reproducing seems to be difficult, otherwise we would see it documented already I guess... I've been flying with XP for 4-5 years and it never happened to me...
  5. I saw reports about "teleportation" issues in X-Plane a few times already & with regard to different planes (most often it was concerning Jar Design planes). This suggests a bug in X-Plane. One recent example is this short clip - see also the comments below the video, there are a few people who experienced it too with some other plane):
  6. Reflection displays

    Thanks for sheding some light on next update @Litjan, appreciate it. Too bad VNAV improvements will not be included though. In any case, I'm looking forward to it and hoping it won't take too long after 11.10. Cheers!
  7. Reflection displays

    Is there any estimated date for the next update? I love this plane, but waiting impatiently for the next version!
  8. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    Is this still an issue with the recently released update of that more expensive weather addon?
  9. How to temporarily switch SMP off?

    Another possibility (which I use for different addons) is the free XOrganizer - just disable "SilverLining" and "RealWeatherConnector in the "Plugins and Scripts" tab.
  10. Rectangles in the window.

    I see that too. Using Realistic Sky Colors bitmaps, Unique Clouds HD textures pack and a bunch of dataref tweaks for better clouds. I think it's noticeable mostly at high altitudes.
  11. I've experienced soft crash on 2 landing attempt (2nd go-around in a row), I've set flaps 15, clicked TOGA on my joystick and opened DEP/ARR page intending to re-set to ARR; while doing that gizmo crashed. See attached screenshot and log. Log.txt
  12. Great news! Thank you!
  13. To IXEG - a roadmap?

    Thanks for sharing these plans! No surprise with regard to FMS and VNAV, but it's great to get that confirmed again. I'm very happy to see this plane is receiving well deserved love. With v1.1 it already became my favorite XP airliner and I'm pretty excited about further improvements; when official support for XP11 gets released I'll recommend this 737 to anyone without shadow of a doubt! Keep up the great work!
  14. [Solved]Cannot engage VNAV, 737-300 v1.1 in XP11

    Thanks for further suggestions. Yes, I know restrictions sometimes may be missing in the navdata and need to be entered manually and I was doing that, removing zeros or missing ones with correct values. However I didn't pay attention to -above and -below restrictions, perhpaps they were incorrect as you say. I've flown a few other routes since with no problems engaging VNAV, so I suspect there was something wrong witthat particular route indeed.
  15. To IXEG - a roadmap?

    Now that 1.1 update is released I'd like to ask you if is there any rough roadmap for future updates? I don't expect any exact dates, just knowing rough estimates would be great, if you have any; are we weeks or months away from next patch? This addon is capable of receiving incremental updates which is very nice, so I hope you will make good use of this to deliver even small improvements on more regular basis! I love this plane and I really look forward for VNAV improvements, more FMC features and better XP11 support. I bought it last year shortly after initial release, but then it was collecting dust for too long in my hangar due to stability issues I had with FMC. Now with 1.1 it has improved a lot in that aspect, it's flyable for me in XP11 (with only some quirks) and I hope the full potential of this plane will fully materialize soon! IXEG, please tell me I'm not wrong and we will not have to wait for too long for next updates