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    SkyMaxx Pro on XP10 activation error

    OK. I called Bitdefender support. The resolution is pretty basic: just go to Notifications, then the user will see that it was an attempt from x-aviation to access information, just add to exceptions list and now it works. Actually is not necessary to disable antivirus, just add to the exclusions list x-aviation. THAT'S IT!!
  2. lclopezp

    SkyMaxx Pro on XP10 activation error

    All right Cameron, I understand. I will contact bitdefender regarding this. Thanks for your support.
  3. lclopezp

    SkyMaxx Pro on XP10 activation error

    Yes, I'm using it. but a couple of times I have disabled it and does not work as well.... what should I do? what do you suggest me to fix it... please!!!
  4. Hello Guys: I recently tried to use my simulator after 1 week and when opening the x-aviation license message showed up; I entered my credentials and appear the following error: http API call_back: GateKeeper_rx_authenticate: [string "core/json.lua.gfys"]:381: attempt to call global 'error' (a nil value) This does not let me use either Skymaxx and Real Weather connector. my other products work well like ixeg and saab340. I reinstalled all and deleted registry but nothing works. any ideas? these are my logs: GizmoLog.txt Log.txt Thanks in advance
  5. lclopezp

    vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    I have a out of topic question, how do I set the wing view camera? The plane itself does not have that view
  6. lclopezp

    B737-300 FPS Drops

    Good Day: On last saturday I purchased the Ixeg B733 and when flying on the cruise phase the simulator behaves not normal. I experience FPS drops from 30 to 6. I have disable all plugins, then I flown with other aircraft with the usual plugins running and the flight was smooth and normal. I also have SMP and RWC both of them work perfect with any aircraft except with B733 as I mentioned before. Any ideas? I have checked the log but nothing un usual shows up on this file. Thanks in advance Log.txt
  7. You guys talk about windows 10 version: the thing is that I also experience the same problem but using Windows 8.1 Pro.......... and yes, its frustrating
  8. lclopezp

    FPS sudden drops

    Good day: I have x-plane 10.45. whe sim starts; everything is fine (27FPS) but after about 15 minutes FPS drops suddenly to 8FPS. this performance occurs in X-plane only. I have other demanding games like GTA V and does not behave like this. any ideas??
  9. lclopezp

    X-Plane 10.50 and Windows Anniversary Update Conflict

    I also experience the same.... but mi Operative System is Windows 8.1 Is there any connection?