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  1. mb339

    What did you fly today?

    XP11 with dataref edit: http://www.avsim.com/topic/498866-xp11-haze-quantity-clouds-color-solved/page-1
  2. mb339

    Super MD 80

    Go go go
  3. mb339

    SkyMAXX V4 New Screenshots

    Exactly. It is not my intention to make a critical Skymaxx4, absolutely not! However, I believe that before show the performance of Skymaxx4 must show the True performance in everyday use. The x-plane "common use" includes antialiasing 2x or 4x, and/or complex aircraft (example, Ixeg 737, Carenado, etc). Show 70 fps with Antialiasing Off and Default F22 is not a convincing demonstration.
  4. mb339

    SkyMAXX V4 New Screenshots

    The plane have "zig zag" graphic. antialiasing is off.
  5. mb339

    SkyMAXX V4 New Screenshots

    This "proof" is not convincing. 70 fps with antialiasing Off and Default F22 not seem "exceptional" value. It is the norm. What will happen with AA 2x or 4x and complex payware aircraft? 70 fps again?
  6. mb339

    What did you fly today?

    Sexy curves
  7. mb339

    Sky color bug?

    File to reproduce experiment. Clic on image with right button mouse, set "save image as", and copy png texture into: X-plane10 / resources / bitmaps / skycolors. (and/or into: X-plane10 / resources / plugins / silverlining / skycolors / default sky colors - for use with skymaxx)
  8. mb339

    Sky color bug?

    Interesting guess. But remains a question: Why all the designers freeware and payware (including sundog) paint 16 slots with different colors for - dawn - noon - sunset ? If x-plane visualize only 8 slots for dawn, why lose time to paint 8 slot sunset? It makes no sense. In my european flights I do not see sunset. See only dawn. I conduct other testing with the "numbered demo texture .png". I positioned the plane anywhere.... Europe... Alaska... Africa... Australia... America... Asia... in every corner North-Central-South of the planet. Result: no sunset! Only slots 1 - 8 are visible. Slots 9 -16 missing. This story is illogical.
  9. mb339

    Sky color bug?

    dawn view 2 times in the day
  10. mb339

    Sky color bug?

    File to reproduce experiment (clic "save image as" and copy into: x-plane10 / resources / bitmaps / skycolors )
  11. mb339

    Super MD 80

  12. mb339

    Super MD 80

    Go "MadDog" go.