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  1. cyranosemuse

    New GPU or whole new Mobo/CPU/GPU combo?

    I have a system similar to yours. I upgraded to a 660ti from a 5850, which is no slouch of a card. I have much improved performance in graphics and fps.
  2. cyranosemuse

    What did you fly today?

    AW139 at VNPL
  3. cyranosemuse

    Weather | Stationary Clouds | X-Plane 10 Global v11.10

  4. cyranosemuse

    Whacko for the Waco!

    In the product description it says "Aerobatic smoke effect" Is it a noticeable improvement over the built-in smoke effect of XP10? Can someone post pic or video of the smoke?
  5. cyranosemuse

    Austin Meyer on CBS

  6. cyranosemuse

    Animated wind map

    http://hint.fm/wind/ Continental USA Seems to work best in Chrome browser
  7. cyranosemuse

    Pics of your X-Plane desk setup

  8. cyranosemuse

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Who wants to break the news to Aerosoft? "We are currently looking at a full overhaul of our Beaver project. It has been one of our best selling aircraft and it is rather outdated by now. The new one will be for FSX and X-Plane 10." http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/49253-beaver/
  9. cyranosemuse


    Try using the keyboard short cut to toggle "start/stop" using the "stay" and "keep tracking" options. From the FTNoIR manual: Keyboard shortcuts To influence the facetracker while 'in-game', shortkeys can be defined to: Center view; Stop/Start the tracker; From version 1.5 on the Start/stop shortkey has two extra options, which are active when the state is 'stop' : View: When 'Zero' is checked, view will be reset to '0'. With 'Stay' selected, view will freeze in the current position. Engine Tracker: With 'Stop Engine' checked, the tracker will stop face-tracking in 'stop'. This reduces CPU-load significantly. However, to 'start' again takes time. When 'Keep tracking' is checked the tracker-engine will not stop and 'start' will be much faster.
  10. cyranosemuse

    FSX AND PMDG versus the best of Xplane

    I have been reading Larry's posts here, at the .org and elsewhere in other forums MSFS related and those for sim flight in general. I appreciate what I feel are his balanced contributions to discussions. His statements qualifying himself as a real world pilot add context to his observations. I don't percieve anything wrong with that in itself or his presentation. I am returning from a long hiatus from flight simming which began in 1986 and broke off with MSFS 98 and Falcon 4. Anyone here an Air Warrior veteran on GEnie playing at $10 an hour on a 24 baud dial-up connection? I recently purchased XP-9, FSX and Rise of Flight. They all are great values for the money considering the engineering that went into them and the enjoyment they provide. I was disappointed when I discovered I couldn't fly XP-9 on my laptop because of an incompatibility issue with Intel graphics boards. What's with that? Never seen that before, ever. I ended up downloading and flying the XP-8.6 demo which for some reason worked fine on the same laptop. FSX worked fine on the Intel card. I recently got an I7 processor laptop. Finally I could use my XP-9. FSX and ROF run pretty smooth on it too. I am holding off on getting into the $ addon collection phase until I see what happens with XP10 and Flight. I will probably buy them both. My preference is for GA, bi-planes, VRF low altitude flying. Just now experimenting with Helicopter flying now that I have a Saitek X52 Pro joystick with combat pedals arriving this week. I could care less about Heavies and VA. Thanks to all who make this community a place to feel good to be apart of. Eagerly awaitng what Austin his crew have been cooking up.
  11. cyranosemuse

    FSX AND PMDG versus the best of Xplane

    LA, What are these favorites of yours to fly in FSX?