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  1. Thanks for the Update!

    I second this. Thank you so much for this excellent aircraft!
  2. New CFI

  3. Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    happening to me too... SOLVED: Quit and re-started X-Plane.
  4. New CFI

  5. New CFI

    I have my CFI job interview in a couple hours. I'm expecting it to go well. If anyone here has an opinion about debriefing apps like CloudAhoy, I'm open to hear them. I want to be the most effective CFI possible and use as many (worthwhile) resources as is practical.
  6. New CFI

    I want to clarify, although I'm following the very common path of instructing briefly before flying for an airline, I intend to put my all into flight instructing. It's something I will be continuing after I get to Horizon (in a different capacity), and it's something I am very excited and passionate about. Being an instructor isn't just a means to an end for me; it's a new way of being a pilot and something at which I will work hard to keep improving.
  7. New CFI

    I'm too excited not to announce this, so here it is: As of last Thursday, I am a certified flight instructor. After nearly a decade of flying, four years at university, and tons of debt, I have achieved my penultimate goal and I am now certified to train new pilots. The oral exam went great, and the flight was just as great. And completing this certificate satisfied my final university credit. I already have an interview scheduled with my flight school (next Monday), and on top of that, I qualify for the R-ATP, so upon receiving an additional ≈650 hours, I will automatically be hired by Horizon Air as part of a conditional job agreement I entered with them. I'll finally be paying off my student loans, paying back my parents, and earning a living.
  8. Heavy Metal - BOMBARDIER CS100

    Blender is probably the most powerful, but also has a steep learning curve. If you are new to 3D modeling, regardless of which program you choose, it's going to require a lot of practice.
  9. Checkride Pass

    As of this afternoon, I am a proud new holder of a commercial multi-engine pilot certificate (I'll be getting the single-engine commercial add-on soon). I am to begin CFI training this week and I have 3 airline interviews this week as well. After many, MANY setbacks, I've nearly reached my goal of becoming an airline pilot, and it feels so good!
  10. Pause near top of descent

    I'd like to have it.
  11. Bendix King KX170B Vintage COMM/NAV

    You know, now that I think about it, I believe you're right. I've come across a few oddball systems that function how I was thinking, but yeah, I was wrong on this one. ...certainly makes my job a lot easier. Haha
  12. Bendix King KX170B Vintage COMM/NAV

    You know, now that I think about it, I believe you're right. I've come across a few oddball systems that function how I was thinking, but yeah, I was wrong on this one. ...certainly makes my job a lot easier. Haha
  13. Bendix King KX170B Vintage COMM/NAV

    I added a bit more, but all of the writing right now is only bender text objects, so my next step is to make a set of textures for everything and put the writing onto the textures. Once the clean textures are finished, I'll make a set of worn textures.
  14. Bendix King KX170B Vintage COMM/NAV

    To achieve the physical effect of rotating the dials, I opted to simply construct a couple cylinders with some numbers placed on them.
  15. This is a vintage comm/nav radio that I began working on last week. I decided I'd like to make a (relatively) simple component that any other X-Plane developer/user could implement into any aircraft of his/her choosing. This will be a 100% free add-on, but you will be free to use this in payware if you would like. I have essentially no previous x-plane development background, and I honestly don't really know what I'm doing, but I know the desired result I'm after. Which brings me to why I'm even starting this thread; I can model things in 3D, but like I said, I have virtually no experience actually implementing my creations into X-Plane. I have the most basic understanding of X-Plane development (I kind of understand the whole dataref thing), and I have spent a total of approximately 70 minutes importing Blender 3D objects into X-Plane. So, I am looking for hints, thoughts, opinions, etc. on how to produce something like this. All it needs to be able to do is show physical movement of the numbers when the knobs are turned, and (obviously) actually change the radio frequencies in X-plane. This is an extremely simple radio system compared to more contemporary systems, which means it should be fairly easy to make this radio fully simulated (every knob does what it should). As you can see, the 3D modeling is not complete, but I hope to have it finished soon. I'll also be tweaking the textures to make it look worn, but I'll include "factory new" textures as well. To summarize the plan here, I want to make a radio that can (in theory) be used in any X-Plane aircraft. It must look and behave realistically. And it will be free, but can be included in payware. Thank you, Clayton Davis