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  1. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5 Update Released!

    I've completed two flights in it so far. It's great and I haven't found any issues whatsoever! Also, I don't have a very powerful machine, but it still runs so well!
  2. V1.5 Here

    KSLE to KRBG.
  3. V1.5 Here

    Flies great too!
  4. V1.5 Here

    It looks gorgeous!
  5. V1.5 Here

    I don't want to cause a ruckus, but it looks like V1.5 is now available. I'm installing as I speak.
  6. Saab V1.5 Status

    I don't even have a setup to fly it right now, but I went ahead and just messed around with the startup procedures just because it's such a satisfying aircraft to handle. I'm sure excited to have a fully-compatible version, but I'm happy to wait.
  7. Saab V1.5 Status

    I'm sure doing it that way will also help keep stress down, which will keep morale up, which will be good for everyone.
  8. Saab V1.5 Status

    Goran, I for one am happy waiting as long as it takes (especially since the wait is no longer even up to you). I'll always be a customer (provided I earn enough money from job, which isn't paying very much at the moment).
  9. Thanks for the Update!

    I second this. Thank you so much for this excellent aircraft!
  10. New CFI

  11. Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    happening to me too... SOLVED: Quit and re-started X-Plane.
  12. New CFI

  13. New CFI

    I have my CFI job interview in a couple hours. I'm expecting it to go well. If anyone here has an opinion about debriefing apps like CloudAhoy, I'm open to hear them. I want to be the most effective CFI possible and use as many (worthwhile) resources as is practical.
  14. New CFI

    I want to clarify, although I'm following the very common path of instructing briefly before flying for an airline, I intend to put my all into flight instructing. It's something I will be continuing after I get to Horizon (in a different capacity), and it's something I am very excited and passionate about. Being an instructor isn't just a means to an end for me; it's a new way of being a pilot and something at which I will work hard to keep improving.
  15. New CFI

    I'm too excited not to announce this, so here it is: As of last Thursday, I am a certified flight instructor. After nearly a decade of flying, four years at university, and tons of debt, I have achieved my penultimate goal and I am now certified to train new pilots. The oral exam went great, and the flight was just as great. And completing this certificate satisfied my final university credit. I already have an interview scheduled with my flight school (next Monday), and on top of that, I qualify for the R-ATP, so upon receiving an additional ≈650 hours, I will automatically be hired by Horizon Air as part of a conditional job agreement I entered with them. I'll finally be paying off my student loans, paying back my parents, and earning a living.