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  1. Next update

    It's perfectly usable the way it is now, I use it in X-Plane 11 with no major problem! Let IXEG finish the update and crush any bug that they find!
  2. We will reply as soon as we are able and will endeavor to reply within 3 days, but usually quicker. I don't find this statement correct in any way!! As long as I have paid for my licence, I have the right to use it when I want, unconditioned, why wait 3 days, do you think I'm correct!? I'm asking you peacefully, please reactivate my product! Thank you, sir!
  3. I have requested my licence rest on the store, sunday, but nobody did nothing!!! How much longer do I need to wait to fly again???? Maybe I have requested reset the wrong way, I've just press "request reset", see my attachment photo, I have never done that, so please help, I need to fly this plane!!!
  4. How do I reset my licence, I have run out of activation slots?!
  5. Will there be an 737 - 800 expansion?

    Does it matter, I would like to pay, this way we can support PERFECT developers, we need more devs like IXEG for X-Plane!
  6. Best CG

    Thx Morten, I fly the final approach with landing speed + 10, it's ok right?
  7. Best CG

    What is the best CG for this plane?? I'm flying with the default 20 and I think the plane is a little wobblier on approach, or should I say tail heavy.
  8. Livery List & Requests

    Can we have this?? Thank you very much!!
  9. SimBrief 737

    Thank you
  10. SimBrief 737

    Can someone please help me to edit the options in SimBrief for 737, please? Just need the numbers! Thx!!
  11. T/C and T/D

    Hello guys! I've just bought the 737 and wanted to say that I love this plane, this is something that I've waited forever to happen in XP. After a couple of flights I've spotted a few bugs: 1.After a direct to waypoint the T/C is not showing on the magenta line , it remains offset, I've seen this 2 or 3 times 2.The plane doesn't start the descent when it reaches T/D, not always but sometimes, I have selected on MCP a lower altitude but it doesn't start the descent, I have to descent with V/S and then after I reach the correct profile I'm able to Push VNAV again. This is it until now!
  12. Saab 340A Flight Manual

    File Name: Saab 340A Flight Manual File Submitter: PinkJackal File Submitted: 04 Nov 2015 File Category: Plugins and Utilities This document will help you fly this beautiful aircraft by the numbers. Enjoy! Regards Albert Click here to download this file
  13. Saab 340A Flight Manual



    This document will help you fly this beautiful aircraft by the numbers. Enjoy! Regards Albert
  14. I think this .doc will help Saab 340A fans Regards Saab 340A.doc
  15. PMDG Development Update Thread

    eMko: I fly only liners (modern liners), so no, I didn't try the DC-3, but we are talking here their first model, look what they did with the SAAB, it's absolutely astonishing, look at PMDG first plane, B1900 do you think it was a perfect replica, no, absolutely not, but look at their products now, look at LES Cessna, it will be a first day buy because I know that when I'll put my hands on Cessna 550 FCOM (if I come across one) and I will try it on LES plane it will be spot on, this is what I like to fly, this is what I need for my satisfaction, not a simple model with a great livery and wing flex, everybody is talking about wing flex, if it doesn't have wing flex it's not good! Do you think real pilots care about wing flex, do you think real pilots care about their plane paint job? Do you see the captain coming to your seat and watch his wing flex and if it doesn't flex his teling his copilot "Hey, rock this plane mate so I can see the wing flex, that's my boy, Oh look at this wing flex mate, oh it's beautiful" Well, real pilots really care about their plane working by the book, so am I, I want my simulated plane to work by the book!! Every developer has it's first try on a simulator, than it will perfect his code, his graphics, the level of simulation. Don't judge developers from their first product, judge them on their 2nd or 3rd one!!!