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    Aviation Museum Virtual Tour

    You're welcome! Spent about 4 hours on it so far and maybe 3/4 the way through. BTW.. If you can't find the modern aircraft... Go to the Blue Angels Atrium.. Go out the door on your left and into the next building straight ahead of you. They are in there. Took me a while to find them.
  2. Hope you guys don't mind that i'm a bit off subject here but this is just so awesome I wanted to share it... It always starts in the Tomcat's cockpit, just use the menu in the top right to cruise around the museum. http://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/nnam/virtualtour/?s=pano682
  3. Boxin

    Skymax 4.5 issues

    Just confirming this. Did not happen to me until I updated to the latest nvidia drivers (v384.94) Large patches just show as white blocks. Only seems to happen while in external view.
  4. Boxin

    Weird low FPS problem

    I fixed my FPS problem and wanted to stop back and share. I had quite a few altered files and scripts. I have only had SMP a few days so I did a few things to trouble shoot my FPS dive, and it worked. I went from bottoming out 22fps to 42fps at it's lowest. What I did was uninstall SMP (Using add/remove programs) and backed up some custom textures then ran an integrity check through steam. It replaced 400 something files... I reinstalled SMP and .... fixed. We mod our flight sims so much that we need to look in other places. Anyways, it doubled my FPS by doing this. As far as weather goes I do not mod anything... I have just SMP and RWC running. If you have had the install a while, and installed quite a few mods and plugins, try the same thing. I purchased X-plane through steam so I just run the integrity check, but from what I have read the X-Plane launcher has a similar thing. Always try and keep your drivers up to date. The most important one is your graphics card when it comes to sims. Just a heads up; Your 3rd party aircrafts, custom data folder and plugins folder wont be touched. Everything there will stay as is.
  5. Boxin

    Weird low FPS problem

    Just a thought... do you monitor your GPU and CPU temperature? Make sure you have an aggressive fan curve on the 1070 and see if that makes a difference. You may already do this, but just an idea. It's also really important to tell us what resolution you are running on your display. This can make a huge difference if you are running 4k. If you are running a high resolution (higher than 1080p) try down sampling and turning up your AA settings. Also to put your mind at ease, the same happens to me in weather heavy areas. I see a 82fps to 22fps hit. A lot is going on out there though and I am a new SMP user so I don't have any experience with earlier versions yet. :-) Also my cloud area is around 70km though so i'm asking for it.
  6. Boxin

    GPU upgrade may help?

    I'm running 3840x2160 w/ 6700k OCd to 4.5 and a EVGA 1080 Ti (Factory Overclock), 16GB DDR 3200. I recently purchased SMP, I really do think it's the best weather addon (I have the other one too). The clouds can come at a cost though. Flying over a storm through a few cloud layers my FPS can go from 82fps to 22fps in the blink of an eye. In constant weather heavy areas I see my FPS bottom out around 22fps and run in the normal area of 30fps-32fps. The very low FPS is strange as I never see that with my system/ I am a advanced user (developer of 15 years). I watch my sys resources closely, I have plenty of vram headroom (Usually around 4gb) The 1080ti is a monster and will gobble up 99% of everything you throw at it. Matter of fact - X-Plane and SMP has been it's toughest challenge yet. I did fly from KDFW to KMIA yesterday, the FPS stated above is the result of that flight. X-Plane 11 settings are completely maxed out with the exception of AA @ fxaa (First notch in slider). I upgraded from a gtx 1070 and it is an amazing card. You should be fine with it. Read up on overclocking and learn how to OC effectively and safely. Learn how to do it with confidence before you do it, I don't want my advice causing you trouble :-) The only reason I upgraded to a 1080 Ti is because I fly DCS and il2 in VR and it also helps witht he 4k resolution, otherwise I would have just kept using my 1070. Also keep in mind that these guys work really hard on SMP and i'm sure we'll see improvements regarding all sorts of things. To be fair though, the clouds look amazing and I don't mind the FPS hit one bit. My SMP settings are:
  7. Some fellow VA members ask me this question so I figured I would make a post here and let all the Saab Captains know who may be looking for confirmation... I use the RXP GTN 750 in quite a few aircraft I own and just to let everyone know it works great with the Saab in X-Plane 11. No problems at all. Cheers
  8. Boxin

    If I purchase now for X-Plane 11?

    Thanks Cameron, Just had a chat with you @ the store. You guys are great. I'll be supporting you for years to come.
  9. Boxin

    If I purchase now for X-Plane 11?

    Actually.... thanks anyway but im going to buy it anyway. If I have to buy it again.... thats fine. I dont mind at all. I want people like you creating these amazing simulators and we all have bills to pay.
  10. I absolutely love my IXEG 737. I know the quality is right here. I know the 340A works in X-Plane 11, I have looked around the forums and seen the potential problems if I were to buy it and run it in X-Plane 11. My question is; if I purchase the 340a and fly it in X-Plane 11 as is... Will I need to (re)purchase the new upcoming model which is being developed, specifically, for X-Plane 11? Thank you!