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  1. Gizmo CTD

    This should have been the answer for a paying costumer in the first place. Sometimes support quality is lacking a lot. We're no programmers or xplane developer and come to the forms to seek help. Please keep that in mind! No matter how annoyed you're concerning requests or support tickets, these people payed a lot of money. They deserve to be treated well and not slapped in the face. Bens comment was just one of the worst I've seen lately. He must have know what kind of reaction would follow (facebook groups), making it look like a xenviro vs. smp and x-aviation war. Even tough the particular product has nothing to do with smp. This answer is hurting the reputation of a outstanding developer team (IXEG) and their awesome product and continuous excellent support. No matter what the cause was, that person is still a paying costumer and deserves to be treated that way!
  2. SkyMaxx Pro v4 Announcement!

    Which has no influence of my decision to continue to enjoy his products If he doesn't like SMP, it's not my problem.
  3. The runway turn off lights do illuminate them, though. So until it has been fixed, you might want to use those. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. FPS Issues as flight progresses

    I'm currently flying in africa. The demand is really low, no HD Mesh, no ortho, just default xp. I experienced it during pretty much all my flights. Some were at bright daylight, some at night (so the lights illuminating the clouds shouldn't be the cause). Sometime during cruise, sometimes during descend. If I go to plugins and disable smp and enable it again while flying, everything runs fine again. I'm experiencing this issue since the last update, because I bought rwc. This something that needs working on. I'm running xplane 10.45, windows 10. And I'm running on an AMD Card, so it has most likely nothing to do with the driver! More than 1GB of VRAM and about 10GB Ram left! Looking forward to a solution. Edit: Attached my log from my last flight Log.txt
  5. Alt constrains

    Nobody has an idea what went wrong? Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  6. Alt constrains

    Hi everyone, first I'd like to say thank you for this great aircraft. I have a question regarding alt. constrains. Today I was flying EDDT-EHAM and one point of the STAR was missing an alt. constrain. So I added it manually for the waypoint RKN (24000B) which worked. But the descend path didn't update. As you can see in the screenshots, the constrain was simply ignored. I thought that it maybe worked if I set a different altitude and then the old one again to force the fmc to recalculate but it didn't change. Did I miss something or did anything wrong? Greetings