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  1. urbanswelt


    Good morning Ben ! i test the newest Version but see inside gizmolog this one: I cannot load your scripts .... =( Second question, what is ext_info ? ...and last question ... Firmeware says ? debug: 590.734: --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- debug: 590.756: Firmware v16.09.27.0342 debug: 590.765: Machine ID: aac1f179c417bbfa27c162055733d6b9 warng: 590.780: GUI Read Key Protection Applied. debug: 590.802: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 debug: 591.155: * gxt.refresh().. debug: 591.166: gxt: AutoLoading.. debug: 591.173: gxt.load: Console debug: 591.180: gxt.load: ToolTray debug: 591.185: gxt.load: HotFix debug: 591.192: gxt.load: Mute debug: 591.201: gxt.load: Preferences debug: 591.207: gxt.load: RebootButton debug: 591.213: gxt.load: GateKeeper debug: 591.221: X-Aviation Licensing: Load license.. debug: 591.226: X-Aviation Licensing: 404: license_db.bin debug: 591.230: X-Aviation Licensing: Empty license file. debug: 591.235: gxt.load: MAXX_RWC warng: 591.241: gxt.load: ErrorReport: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? debug: 591.246: gxt.load: Shell debug: 591.251: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. debug: 591.257: X-Aviation Licensing: End User. debug: 591.261: Not a Verified X-A Developer. I cannot load your scripts. Sorry. Thanks in advance for your help ;-)
  2. urbanswelt

    Fuel not setting

    Hi cw777, have a look in this coding: line 258: https://github.com/urbanswelt/XAutoCopilot/blob/master/scripts/xac_lua/logic/xac_window_XAutoCopilotRoute.lua The declaration for xac_t* is in this file on line 194: https://github.com/urbanswelt/XAutoCopilot/blob/master/scripts/xac_lua/logic/xac_datarefs.lua This was writen for Jardesigns A320 ;-) Always in development if i have time ;-) https://github.com/urbanswelt/XAutoCopilot/tree/develop
  3. urbanswelt

    Gizmo64 v15.12.22 - Dev Release

    Hello Ben, here a first test with that Development Version, startet without a script at this time: debug: 0.125: Firmware v15.12.22.1106 warng: 0.131: GUI Read Key Protection Applied. debug: 0.141: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 debug: 0.146: * gxt.refresh().. debug: 0.155: gxt: AutoLoading.. debug: 0.158: gxt.load: Console debug: 0.161: gxt.load: ToolTray debug: 0.165: gxt.load: HotFix debug: 0.169: gxt.load: Mute debug: 0.172: gxt.load: Preferences debug: 0.175: gxt.load: RebootButton debug: 0.178: gxt.load: XA_Activation debug: 0.184: gxt.load: Shell debug: 0.187: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. debug: 21.747: --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- -- - -- --- debug: 21.755: Firmware v15.12.22.1106 warng: 21.760: GUI Read Key Protection Applied. debug: 21.769: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 debug: 21.773: * gxt.refresh().. debug: 21.783: gxt: AutoLoading.. debug: 21.786: gxt.load: Console debug: 21.790: gxt.load: ToolTray debug: 21.793: gxt.load: HotFix debug: 21.796: gxt.load: Mute debug: 21.801: gxt.load: Preferences debug: 21.805: gxt.load: RebootButton debug: 21.806: gxt.load: XA_Activation debug: 21.829: gxt.load: Shell debug: 21.832: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. debug: 21.835: Script: OnKickStart warng: 21.837: 404: <acf>/scripts/init.lua debug: 21.840: Script: OnKickStart: Finished. error: 57.699: shaders API: infoLog:WARNING: 0:3: '' : #version directive missing error: 57.702: shaders API: infoLog:WARNING: 0:1: '' : #version directive missing error: 57.710: shaders API: infoLog:WARNING: 0:3: '' : #version directive missing error: 57.713: shaders API: infoLog:WARNING: 0:1: '' : #version directive missing Thank you very much for your effort =)
  4. urbanswelt

    Custom widget

    Hello Wim1976, i do the same in my Little Project. I use in my case the disc Icon to save preferences. https://github.com/urbanswelt/XAutoCopilot/blob/develop/scripts/xac_lua/logic/xac_window_XAutoCopilotBriefingApproach.lua Feel free to adopt this Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  5. urbanswelt

    Gizmo64 14.12.31 - Developer Beta

    perfect will test this on weekend. Thank you Ben ! =)
  6. urbanswelt

    [solved] Download Function InGame

    I have a way found me, for all other readers: I use the Webhook on Github with my private domain. Between both you must setup ssh. This was a good Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv4hwgQO9xI After this i can use the http_api, more is not needed on my side =) Greetings Lars
  7. Ok i have it found ... You have also changed the function vardump_lua i have adapted this as vardump_lua2 for testing and the right table cames out and was correct readed in .load : --Auto Generated Gizmo Preferences Datareturn{{ name = "foo_bar", value = 1.234,},}
  8. Hello Ben, sorry for disturbing you again =) I test in this moment the prefs implementation. Here is my case: (i have all tables and variables change to a other naming, we have already in the last Version the pref implementation) prefs.set and .save was done and a file was created, this is the content: --Auto Generated Gizmo Preferences Datareturn1 = { name = "foo_bar", value = 1.234,}I reboot now Gizmo for a clear table and run the function .load But the table xac_prefs.values was not filled. (yes this table exist) Please have a look on "sound.say" ;-) xac_prefs.values = {} --storage for user pref datalocal filename = acf.getFolder() .. "scripts/xac_lua/prefs/xac_prefs.txt"xac_prefs.load(filename)logging.debug(( vardump_lua(xac_prefs.values) ))xac_prefs.load = function(filename) --console.log("prefs.load()..") local prefs_data = "--disk_read_failure" --Real value will be read from disk. local prefs_path = filename --read prefs data local fh = io.open( prefs_path, "rb" ) if( fh )then prefs_data = fh:read("*all") fh:close() fh = nil else logging.warning("prefs.load(): No prefs file found!") return end --import prefs data if read was good if( prefs_data )then local prefs_f,error = loadstring( prefs_data ) if( prefs_f )then local blank_env = {} setfenv( prefs_f, blank_env ) local new_prefs = prefs_f() if( new_prefs )then xac_prefs.values = new_prefs sound.say("I am in loop ?") --no =) end else logging.warning("corrupt prefs data: " .. error) logging.debug(" prefs data size: " .. #prefs_data .. " bytes") logging.debug(" prefs data raw:\n" .. tostring(prefs_data) ) end endend --prefs.load()-prefs_data was read and have the same content as in my file I mean with "loadstring" is was not right but i can not find the problem Greetings Lars
  9. urbanswelt

    [solved] Download Function InGame

    Hi Ben, no problem it was only a Question ;-) If i have in the Future a "very strong argument" we can read and write us again ! Thank you very much ! Greetings Lars
  10. urbanswelt

    [solved] Download Function InGame

    Hello Ben, thank you very much for this detailed answer !I fully agree with you on all points , more "dll´s" means also more effort on your side and this is the wrong way ... you need all the time for Gizmo himself and not for the 3party Solutions ^^ In my case i would like download my lua scripts direct from github or later metar data in a xml format for parsing ... I see more than one solution for me: 1. I copy the scripts to my own domain webside what http has2. I create a phyton script / or create a fat plugin for this3. I create some scripts for the Operation Systems with QT or System indep. whatever (wget)...4. Json Github API .... ? "If you have a very strong argument ..." I am the first person who ask this, and the biggest effort was on your side ... What can I do to reach my goal? The future implementation for the http.api is brilliant =) Thank you very much for your time ! Greetings Lars
  11. Good morning Ben, this was the Solution thank you very much ! I test then also the other API`s ;-) Have a nice day Grettings Lars
  12. Hello Ben, this was a good idea, but always the same result =) I have create a short init script: --tmp for testing stagesdofile("xac_lua/tmp/color_api.lua")dofile("xac_lua/tmp/toast_api.lua")dofile("xac_lua/tmp/icons_api.lua")dofile("xac_lua/tmp/test.lua")This was the Test.lua: XAutoCopilotDebug = { gui_h = gui.newWindow("XAutoCopilotDebug"), l = 560, --left position on screen t = 430, --top position on screen w = 250, --window width h = 180, --window height auto_show = false,}function XAutoCopilotDebug_OnCreate() local w, h = gfx.getScreenSize() --gui.setWindowSize( gui_window_id, left, top, width, height ) gui.setWindowSize(XAutoCopilotDebug.gui_h, XAutoCopilotDebug.l, XAutoCopilotDebug.t, XAutoCopilotDebug.w, XAutoCopilotDebug.h) gui.setWindowCaption(XAutoCopilotDebug.gui_h, "Debug") local xac_left = 10 local xac_top = 30 local xac_width = 100 gui.newButton(XAutoCopilotDebug.gui_h, "XAutoCopilotDebug_btnStart", "Debug", xac_left, xac_top + 125, xac_width - 30)endfunction XAutoCopilotDebug_btnStart_OnClick() toast.newError("Engine Failure", "Engine One has Over Heated\nLand A S A P.") toast.newWarning("Low Fuel", "Your fuel is running low.\nReview tank settings.") toast.newInfo("Perfect Landing", "Congratulations!\nYou Win!") toast.newHelp("Engine Tuning", "Your engine is running lean.\nReview mixture settings.")endfunction XAutoCopilotDebug_OnUpdate()endToolXAutoCopilotDebug = { active = true, texture = gfx.loadPng(acf.getFolder() .. "scripts/xac_lua/icons/Flight.png"), name = "XAutoCopilotDebug", run = function(self) if (XAutoCopilotDebug) then gui.showWindow(XAutoCopilotDebug.gui_h) else self.active = false end end,}if (ToolTray) then ToolTray:register(ToolXAutoCopilotDebug)endI obtain only the right result if i comment out this red marked section (line 84) Thank you for your time ;-) grettings Lars
  13. Hello Ben, i test in my project your new implenentation from the Firmware. In my case at the moment tosters =) I have integrated this api files in my init script with "dofile": color_apigfx_apiicons_apitoast_apiI fire this up: function XAutoCopilotUpdater_btnStart_OnClick() toast.newError("Bugi", "What is wronge here Ben ?")endand obtain this failure: Gizmo64: error: xac_lua/NewGizmoFirmwarePreview/toast_api.lua:84: attempt to call local 'type' (a string value): XAutoCopilotUpdater_btnStart_OnClickWhat ist the "Number " ? --icon value set as part of factory parser. if( type(icon_file) == "number" )then new_slice.icon = icon_file else new_slice.icon = icons.get( icon_file ) endThank you very much again ;-)
  14. Hello Ben, first off all .. Happy New Year ! =) I search for a InGame UpdateDownload Solution in Gizmo the Api Says http.get but what is the right solution for a https content ? In pure Lua was this one way : local curl = require "luacurl"local c = curl.new()function GET(url) c:setopt(curl.OPT_URL, url) c:setopt(curl.OPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER , false) local t = {} -- this will collect resulting chunks c:setopt(curl.OPT_WRITEFUNCTION, function (param, buf) table.insert(t, buf) -- store a chunk of data received return #buf end) c:setopt(curl.OPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION, function(param, dltotal, dlnow) print('%', url, dltotal, dlnow) -- do your fancy reporting here end) c:setopt(curl.OPT_NOPROGRESS, false) -- use this to activate progress assert(c:perform()) return table.concat(t) -- return the whole data as a stringendlocal s = GET 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/benrussell/Gizmo-Open-Extensions/master/ToolTray/info.txt'print(s)--http://luaforge.net/docman/117/136/luacurl.htmlor this One: Test ProgramThe test downloads http://www.lua.org/ftp/lua-5.0.2.tar.gz using couple of cURL options. require("luacurl");c=assert(curl.new());local file=assert(io.open("lua-5.0.2.tar.gz", "wb"));assert(c:setopt(curl.OPT_WRITEFUNCTION, function (stream, buffer) stream:write(buffer) return string.len(buffer);end));assert(c:setopt(curl.OPT_WRITEDATA, file));assert(c:setopt(curl.OPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION, function (_, dltotal, dlnow, uptotal, upnow) print(dltotal, dlnow, uptotal, upnow);end));assert(c:setopt(curl.OPT_NOPROGRESS, false));assert(c:setopt(curl.OPT_BUFFERSIZE, 5000));assert(c:setopt(curl.OPT_HTTPHEADER, "Connection: Keep-Alive", "Accept-Language: en-us"));assert(c:setopt(curl.OPT_URL, "http://www.lua.org/ftp/lua-5.0.2.tar.gz"));assert(c:setopt(curl.OPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT, 15));assert(c:perform());assert(c:close()); -- not necessary, as will be garbage collected soons="abcd$%^&*()";assert(s == assert(curl.unescape(curl.escape(s))));file:close();Can i use other Library`s in Gizmo ? (If yes how ) I have also see you have the Extension Hotfix.lua implemented but i can not look inside this coding for learning =( Thank you in advance ! Greetings Lars
  15. urbanswelt

    [solved] event.register - event.unregister

    Hello Ben, thank you very much again, the Solution with "nil" is a good idea. I use in this project a couple of timers and it is also a nice work with that ;-) I am happy with Gizmo and say thank you again for your work ! ;-) Greetings Lars