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  1. Hello fellow X-Plane pilots! Here is my HD Unique Clouds Variety Pack available here https://sellfy.com/p/qhBx/ for just $10 USD These are a set of 8 HD double default resolution (unique smoke textures included for all 8 at standard res), as well as standard resolution replacements to the the default cloud textures for X-Plane 10/11 Flight Simulator. They are for the budget oriented pilot in mind. They were procedurally generated, and meticulously blended using high-end CGI software used in feature films, not a single photo was used. I tried to get them to be complimentary in their appearance as well as unique in their variety. They are zipped in a format with the folder structure of the default location for cloud textures in your X-Plane directory so that you can easily drop them in your MODS folder if you use JSGME (a generic mod enabler). That method is recommended if you want to be able to easily switch them out each time you fly, as well as REMOVE THEM BEFORE AN UPDATE Also much thanks to Laminar Research! The new default clouds provide such an excellent benchmark for this work. Teaser video below.
  2. Willzah

    simulating failures

    I'm curious if this will you will change the anything in the FM in regards to over-speed scenarios? (like control reversal or extreme phase-out, not sure if or how much those things happen on this plane) Also will the failures include mis-use abuse and wear and tear over time type of modelling? e.g. hard landings will pop a tire over time or running engines improperly will cause issues, thanks guys!
  3. Bump! hey ill be in the X-pilot chat if anyone is interested in flying some multiplayer.... we should get a crew to fly
  4. Hey John lookin great! Any work been goin on for shadows though? Been loving the RTH cloud shadows and its one of the only reasons I have been using XP clouds.. But SMP looks great with it too! but would really pop with some shading.... Keep up the good work!
  5. Willzah

    Colimata's mig-29

    Also to the OP, you can turn on acft atmosphere, it will show leading edge temperature, which gets quite high when you go over m2.5 higher than would be allowed by the materials, so that is also likely the real speed limit to the mig(also engine stress and temp). So x-plane may not be that far off when it comes to the raw performance, just a thought I personally love the Colimata Mig29, especially since DCS hasnt released the AFM for the Mig-29 yet....its as close as we got
  6. Hi AngeloM! Yes In most cases NetFlight is a better choice for over all compatability (tunngle is Windows only right now), but if you enjoy formation flying, for me it is almost useless... it does not interpolate the ACF location and thus, skip skip skip. Using Tunngle and connection with the x-plane multiplayer, yeilded almost no visible lag or skip about 90% of the time, even when there is fps drop on either client it still interpolates the acf so it smoothly moves around.. Other things I prefer it for is things like, you can see when the engine is shut off, the aircraft carrier is synched, most things work, even combat works! Its def worth a try if you havent ever used the built in multiplayer
  7. Me and a couple of friends finally got around to trying a VPN client for x-plane.... basically they install a virtual device and make your computer think its on a lan with your buddys over the internet, they you just post their ip's into x-plane and there it is! Works beautifully... Currently we had success with Tunngle. Its free, and its fairly easy to use... also had tried with Evolve but, this seems to bee even easier (Hamachi may work too, havent tried) Tunngle currently has an X-Plane server up if anyone wants to play... If you have any questions and are interested post them here, we may be able to help as we have 3 of us able to join each other no problem.... one limitation include the fact that you must have the same ACF, in the same dir, and im pretty sure all clients must be on the same version of x-plane...
  8. Willzah

    My SMP future updates wishlist....

    Sweet! Thanks, and I know it isn't easy having people jump on a forum all the time saying "do this do that" with no clue of programming (haha this >guy<) so I truly appreciate your attention to the community.
  9. Hi, just want to first say I love this plugin it breathes life into x-plane 10! Thank u for the work you have done. I do have a few things I would love to see incorporated, I know some of them are prob unrealistic, but nevertheless here.... Shadows, def would make it pop more, its a bit disappointing now to see the beautiful rays going down to an un shaded earth..... Distribution, currently looks to be fairly regular and not based on any actual radar data but rather the metar (or just what you have set) cloud level/type data that is based on the position of the aircraft... This one is a real toughy for me, especially up at high alt and trying to determine if there is a system in the distance to avoid, currently there is no way to tell if a storm is in front of you visually, you must rely on radar(what do you do if its not equipped), this one is the one that makes me use the default clouds most of the time, and even default system really needs work in this department, but at least I can see for instance, a clear area, before a storm at over 40 50 miles... I know this goes in to the realm of a good weather injector and all that, but again, its something I feel MUST be done just for realism. More tweaks on the cloud shaders, its already very good! but still seems a bit too bright at dawn/dusk and they just POP out a bit too much I think, perhaps more shading on the bottoms? Turbulence based on the position of the SMP clouds, when entering and exiting clouds turbulence of some sort is common, in X-plane default I notice this happens sometimes... would be awesome if that could be implemented... Billboarding/Sprites, now I know that the fundamental way SMP wont likely change(eg true volumetrics), but I think improvements should be made to how obvious billboarding is when entering/exiting clouds... it almost strobes currently in the cockpit, its kind of disturbing (I can ignore it pretty well actually haha) and I think a "whiteout fading" shader could be added...also in external views or when on the ground you can see the hard lines of the clouds intersecting mesh, its a hard thing to overcome I imagine, but Im sure there is some creative way of "smudging it" so to speak... Lens Flares, maybe someday? or just a Lens Flare Maxx pro release my 2 cents, again thanks for all your great products and looking forward to all your future work! -Will
  10. Willzah

    SkyMaxx Pro Released!

    Yes you can, get the program Ter2Pol and converts .ter orthoscenerys to .pol so u can use your meshes with them, also if you want use Ter2Pol to make the .pol files have gritty detail textures... srry to be off subject
  11. Willzah

    Sudden changes / not so good :)

    I just had an idea that may be easy to implement and could help with the OP problem, what if there was a slider for "transition time" so that if you wanted you could have the cloud transition of the new place take longer like say 1 minute, or 2? If it could be much longer than the few seconds of current it would help not destroy suspension of disbelief so much during the change... I know that winds likely have to still snap change, wish laminar would do something similar about that...
  12. Willzah

    Sudden changes / not so good :)

    Oh so then, if Laminar decides to give you access to the built in weather it may happen?
  13. Willzah

    Sudden changes / not so good :)

    John not to totally derail this, but..... its kinda on topic... What are the chances that you will ever make a move toward using the metar cloud map as a distribution shader for the Skymaxx clouds as opposed to the current one which AFAIK is based on the aircraft location in the world to draw clouds.... What I mean is that I really miss how you can see a system in the distance with the default weather, and will also see clear areas... If you could use that for cloud distribution then perhaps Skymaxx wouldnt need to "re raster" the clouds everytime there is a change, it could drawn them in at a set viewdistance based on the metar global cloud distribution map, almost like a procedural distribution shader! This would also help with the realisim of Thunderclouds in the distance which I know people have mention as a want..... Anyhoo, not sure if this would be possible without a major rewrite....distant future maybe? p.s. LOVING SKYMAXX, and thank you for the quick updates and support!
  14. Willzah

    How do I set Multiplayer for X-Plane10?

    Bump.. I was wondering if the Tunngle or Hamachi client would work, did have some success with friend using Evolve(all are VLAN VPN type clients), havent had a chance to try it yet... but yes second Netflight best "Flying with Friends" option. You can see the actual plane they are in gear retracts ect...