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    Fuel Selectors

    For me it works best if I grab them from the "bottom" (from the side of the OFF position). The manipulator click-and-drag spots are major pain in many X-Plane aircraft. I didn't have a problem with brakes (apart of tipping over during landing) ... can it be a mist because of wet runway or taxiway? Does the smoke come only from main gears or also from the tail one?
  2. You're right, it doesn't matter on VATSIM. I often take my B722 or B732 to extremely noise sensitive airports on IVAO or PilotEdge and nobody has ever risen an eyebrow. Last year I've even met a guy overflying continental Europe in a Concorde . It's just a computer game anyway - therefore the number one requirement is to have fun . For the default X-Plane FMC, I believe that the answer is unfortunately 'no'. It's very limited in functionality. The SID/STAR procedures are implemented neither in the X-Plane default GPS (not even the new one which came in the 10.30 version) nor the Carenado G1000. You have to use either some kind of "aftermarket" universal FMC* or buy an aircraft which come with one. Flight Factor made aircraft with very complete FMC, though they are not perfect. My personal favourite is their B757 - panel is a mixture of modern stuff and clock-work style of 1980s and FMC is from pre-GPS era so it can lose precision if you fly a long time without signal from DMEs (but within range it will calibrate its position automatically and AFAIK it's legal to fly real-world RNAV with equipment like this). B777 is more modern aircraft with modern systems, however it's Flight Factor's older model and it's noticeable. Just beware that their latest work, Airbus 350, doesn't support SIDs/STARs. Another very popular option is JAR A320, however the FMC is lacking well behind Flight Factor. But it's perfectly usable and if you prefer Airbus over Boeing, it's a way to go. You can also check JRollon's CRJ-200 (here on X-Aviation.com is sold as Take Command! CRJ-200). An older model which looks rather simplistic compared to above mentioned aircraft, but with hands-down the best manual. It's probably the only aircraft manual which is fun to read . * Popular universal FMCs are X-FMC (freeware plugin, universal FMC with Boeing-style CDU), iFMS (again Boeing-style, but stand-alone for Android or iOS devices), AirFMC (standalone iOS; many people like it but I don't have any iOS device so I haven't used it) or UFMC (payware plugin, better than X-FMC in many aspects but quite intrusive). Another way of VATSIM flying is to file a flight plan with equipment code /A (or /W if you want to fly above FL290). Then you don't need any FMC and it's more fun [redneck smile] .
  3. Hello, for more clarity I put numbers into your picture, see attachment 1. VOR 2. RNAV navigation point, must overfly 3. RNAV navigation point, don't have to overfly (you can "cut corner" a little bit) 4. Noise measurment equipment (if you are a little loud, you're in a big trouble) You probably mean the one which I labelled as 4. It's a noise measuring station - see noise abatement procedures for the airport. The're usually in a separate chapter of the airport information, don't know if the Austrian VACC published them. But the AustroControl (the real-world controlling agency) did, they're freely available - see page 2-26 of this document: http://eaip.austrocontrol.at/lo/151113/PART_3/AD_2/PRI/AD_2_LOWW/LO_AD_2_LOWW_en.pdf .
  4. You can use a free web proxy on hidemyass.com https://2.hidemyass.com/ip-2/encoded/Oi8vZm9ydW1zLngtcGxhbmUub3JnLw%3D%3D&f=norefer It's slow but it does its job
  5. eMko

    Performance Charts - V1/Vr/V2

    Starting on page 38 there are charts for specific conditions. I assumed the conditions for table on page 32 was the same as for the chart on 38 etc. But I can be wrong.
  6. eMko

    flying humour

    See the N number http://www.airliners.net/photo/Air-Ostrava/Saab-340A/0840571/L/
  7. eMko

    Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Quite a pity that the subtitles are in Russian. I can read most of the alphabet but don't speak that language .
  8. eMko

    Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    They should continue L-410. According to their website (it's also available in English (and Russian) - http://www.let.cz/clanek_277_modernizace-letounu-l410.html?lang=2) a new generation of L-410 is planned, designated as NG. The L-410 fansite (sorry, it's only in Czech http://www.l410.cz/wp/historie/l410uvp-e-l420 ) states that L-420 is just a variant of L-410 and only 2 pieces were manufactured - they fly in Africa. But anything we can do now is ... well ... hope . Let Kunovice is a copybook example how not to privatize a public-owned company. It surprised me they survived the transform from centralized and planned economy.
  9. eMko

    Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Nice! Looking forward to it! Not that I would like the "soviet-style" cockpit, but this aircraft was built in my country (and there are rumors that the production is not over - :-) ) so I'll be one of the first buyers. BTW see the tail number of the aircraft in the video - OK-LEK. "Lek" in Czech language is an interjection for being scared :-D .
  10. The X-Plane default GPS doesn't support SIDs and STARs, unfortunatelly. They do support the approaches, luckily. What you can do is either prepare the flightplan in advance (e.g. by Plan-G) and load it to the GPS, put waypoints in manually (quite i PITA) or use X-FMC or UFMC. The latter two are good if flying online.
  11. eMko

    Choosing a STAR

    Even if you are online, you should plan for SIDs which end with your first waypoint and STARs which begin with your last waypoint. Their purpose is to take you from airport to airway system and back. If there is no SID/STAR connecting your airport to your desired first/last waypoint, then you have to choose a different waypoint. Of course there are places where SID or STAR ends or begins in the middle of nowhere - then you should choose the one where you have the shortest DCT path to your first/last desired waypoint and ask ATC for clearance up to your waypoint, not just only for SID (same on the other way). If you have a SID which barfs you out to north and you want to go to south, you would probably have a clearance for SID and then "expect vectors". What would you do during a COMMFAIL? Overfly the airport through a busy TMA? There are countries where TMAs are Class A airspace (e.g. the country around EGLL), controllers wouldn't be hapy if they had to clean all that airpsace for you . In some countries, there is usually only one SID/STAR connecting airport to a waypoint (I believe that this is true in Germany, where controllers prefer you to write the name of the SID/STAR to the route of your flightplan, at least on IVAO). Then you know in advance which SID/STAR you would get. In other countries there are multiple SIDs/STARs for airport-waypoint combination, usually one per runway. Then you have more to choose, depending on active runway - but if you know the winds (or get the METAR), you probably know the active runway and can predict the SID/STAR which you would get from ATC (or from yourself when either you or the ATC is offline).
  12. eMko

    Anyone use AMD CPU?

    That's of course the reason why you need ridiculously high clock frequencies on AMDs :-) .
  13. eMko

    Anyone use AMD CPU?

    I have an AMD CPU (AMD A8) . A CPU with strong single-core performance is not so important to X-Plane (however in most other games like GTA or Microsoft Flight Simulator the single-core performance is equally important as the GPU performance or even more). But as sqrt(-1) says, the more CPU power you have the better. I also have 2GB GPU (GeForce GTX 660). I have no problem - what slows my X-Plane down is GPU, hard disk and relatively slow RAM memory. And I have 12GB of RAM; X-Plane hardly guzzles that much. Basically the AMD is slightly better in multi-core environment where Intel really shines in single-core performance. For me as a software developer where I need to run multiple high-demanding applications at once the AMD is slightly better option (and in this area you can never have too much RAM, which is also different from gaming). I put better (aftermarket) cooling into the box and I overclocked it to 4.7GHz. If you compare single-core performance of overclocked Intels and overclocked AMDs, the difference gets smaller - you can "beat the soul out of AMD" better. But be sure that you know what you are doing. Now-a-days CPUs are almost fool-proof, but not 100% - you can still fry it. If you do want to have a computer to play games which are not optimized to use mutli-core processors, then Intel is much better choice. That's the reason why most gamers today prefer Intel to AMD.
  14. You are lucky that you didn't disappoint him
  15. They have a ticket system on their website, you can contact directly them. http://www.flightfactor.aero/ticket/