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  1. Rstough

    Internet Connection

    That is very good news to hear. Thank you for letting us know.
  2. Rstough

    Internet Connection

    We have made some updates to the backend server. Can you check to see if it has helped. We will be issuing Service Pack 2 in a couple of weeks. It will has some tweaks to this area.
  3. Rstough

    New features for REXPlane

    There are some limitations to what we can implement and change within X-Plane. We are still investigating the possible features for future development. Also, we have been in contact with the X-Plane developers to get their help. They have been very helpful.
  4. Rstough

    Internet Connection

    We are sorry for the delay in response. We recommend that you visit our primary support forum for help at: http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php In the meantime - have you updated to Service Pack 1. Also, are you pressing the "Weather" section multiple times and not waiting for the weather to load. Also, we have been doing some stress tests on our dedicated server over the past couple of days. This could also be a cause of the issue.
  5. Rstough

    Possible REX bug report

    We have issued SP1 for REXPLANE. You can download it from: http://forums.x-pilot.com/index.php?topic=857.0
  6. Rstough

    Possible REX bug report

    In the configuration manager did you change the IP Adddress? Are you using REX on a machine with an internet connection? If so do you have it setup in your firewall?
  7. Rstough

    Check this out...

    Nice video - although I would have hated to be on that flight. I actually saw a video of a 747 overrun and crack up. I bet that pilot got his pink slip. Anyway, thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. We do listen to all of them. This version of REX has a completely re-developed platform underneath it, so it is remarkably faster than FSX.
  8. Rstough

    some questions

    Thank you all for your questions - I hope I can cover them all well. 1.) Question in regards to texture installs: If you install textures and then install again, the current ones are overwritten within X-Plane, but if you saved the theme in REX you can recall you previous theme again. 2.) In regards to the weather and VATSIM. We are using a new weather server that we have created for REXPLANE exclusively. FSX/FS9 do not have access to this yet. The data going into that server is from NOAA, which is where VATSIM gets their data. 3.) The weather engine for X-Plane is way different from FSX/FS9 - so we did the simpliest procedure at this moment and that was to use REX to modify the metar.rwx report. We only tweak it a little for purposes of the texture process, but essentially it is the same metar. It covers the whole world. To be honest we are still kind of figuring it out and as we go I can say we will be adding more features or enhancements as we go.
  9. Rstough

    Possible REX bug report

    We have identified the issue and it we will have a fix for it first thing during Monday. It appears to be isolated around a few airports that may not have weather reports close by - for example NZKT.
  10. Rstough

    Check this out...

    Thank you everyone for their input here. The REX Team does listen to what is shared. We are investigating the process to move to MAC and Linux. However, I do not want to give any false hope until we make official announcements.