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  1. IXEG 737 - Navigraph BUG - Crash

    Try reinstalling the ac itself (then fly it without updating first) Just a thought. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    SMP Numero Uno ☝️ The latest update of SkyMaxx is a Giant Leap - especially in the immersion department. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Just back from my holiday this weekend and FIRST thing I did...Install SMP update. Again, I applaud you guys (and gals) efforts for a real amazing product. The clouds look better than ever and my frames, well, a bit better throughout but having some post card effects here and there, but I think it may be some of the ortho scenery I have installed. I'll experiment here and there, but still, in the end, this is a great product...and thanks to you all for hanging in there to address issues and do some fantastic upgrades/updates/additions. SMP really adds a dimension that puts you in the pilots seat! (hows that for a sales pitch lol, but I do really mean this..bigtime!)
  4. SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Can't wait to get back from my road trip and install. Sounds great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Flick on BOTH FD switches. One time I forgot and had the same problem, only to realize I didn't flick on the Flight Directors. Hope that helps
  6. Excellent! (with one tiny exception). Flight from LFMN to LEBL, FL330..everything, and I mean everything went perfectly well (and I'm maxxxed out in graphics in xp11, save for reflections). I missed the ILS (my fault), but perfect landing (25L) in foggy conditions. The "one tiny exception": When I went to replay, the custom animations did not play out, i.e.; outside engine/inside reverse thrust and lever, flap handle and outside speed brakes/speed brake handle, despite having custom animations set to on in the preferences. The only plug-ins I have are FWL with one script running (XPRealistic), x-camera, SMP4.x (Silver Lining), RWconnector, python (NOAA), xgoflight, sea traffic, Chase view Deluxe, AutoGate, AIR Plugin and HSAIR (btw, Haversine AirTrack DID work). Next to that, a Beautiful Flying Machine, GREAT Update... indeed! Love flying this bird Thanks for your work, people! PS..was not using the Rift
  7. Just downloaded update and I'm stoked to get flying this beauty! Full report upon landing
  8. Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    No problem here. Only great surprises like a 10fps increase, beautiful looking clouds ☁️ stretched out much further. Loving the update! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    Yea BaBy! 42 more hours. ~>and counting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    Amazingly Beautiful! Worth the wait. I can finally get a good nights sleep [emoji42] Thanks to all IXEG peeps for the long hours and hard work [emoji29] Most of all for setting the bar for others to follow! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Announcing SkyMaxx Pro v4.5!

    Whoa! Again, excellent work people! Looking forward to this.
  12. [Temporary]IXEG 737 in X-Plane 11 How to get it work

    I'm able to start the fab IXEG from cold and dark without the tweek.(but thanks, nevertheless!) The only problem I have is after start and pushing the throttles up to get her moving, she slips and slides all over the place. My workaround has been to put her in reverse thrust to get back to my original position while using my rudder pedals... at this point there is still slipping, so I again put her into reverse thrust and then normal thrust...several times. (while taxiing out, I sometimes have to repeat this routine),,,Suddenly, like magic, the plane does what I want. I can then line up, set my power and take off. Problem don't end there. Some gizmo crashes if I change the FMS, drag is not normal for flaps/speed brakes and I'm sure a few other things I haven't noticed..but the plane will fly and mostly follow the route! OH! I Take that back. I mostly have to use the heading knob/function to follow the route most of the time, but not all the time. So, I'm still getting a little dose of IXEG when needed Absolutely love this plane and hope the update to the update is near. Anyone else trying this method? It's crazy, but it works lol
  13. New X-Aviation Download Policy

    OoohLaLa! ten years..my wife and I celebrate ten this July as well as the flat we are in (ten yrs) and moving (to a bigger flat) at the end of this month! Good to know about the DL's now. Makes it simpler for you and us. Just hope the pirates can be baffled! Seems like a never ending battle for all types of developers. Thanks for this change..it was needed
  14. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    I have somewhat of a work-around. After lining up on the runway, or where ever the problems comes on..that is, the plane spinning and sliding. What I've done is this: I step on the toe brakes and go full throttle...then...I engage the reverse thrust levers..the plane slides, but more in the direction I want. THEN, I disengage thrust reversers, then full thrust, then reversers again, then relese reversers, then I nudge the throttle a bit and the plane follows my every move all the way to roll out and v1, v2..I'm then flying!!! I've used this several times. It actually came at first with extreme frustration, then I noticed the plane was doing what I wanted Give it a try, ya have nothing to lose.
  15. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Hi Litjan, et al...., About the sliding. I noticed this in one of the PB releases and it it still continuing in the R1 final release. It's perty weird lol....After starting the engins and releasing the brakes, the plane actually went backwards (with no throttle or reverse) as if I were getting a pushback. After the ac came under my control again (do not know why!!), I taxied out to the runway. As I was making the turn to the numbers, suddenly, out of no where, the plane starts sliding sideways the spinning on an axis. When I give it opposite rudder, the plane goes in the opposite direction. Somehow, just as it had began, it suddenly gave control back to me and I was able to make a successful takeoff. I've read everyone's elses and watched the vids and this is pretty close to what is happening to my plane. I take it, from reading your posts, that you are working on this for the next update and I just wanted to cask if you have actually found the culprit!!?? I really do love this plane, inside and out, up and down. IT IS MY FAVORITE out of ALL planes. An EXCELLENT, above any other developer, you guys/gals (?) really worked hard to make this project successful....thanks for your hard work and beautiful talent. Ciao for now diLuigi