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  1. Hi guys, I think I found the reason that is causing the issue, is due to plugin boot order, I'll try to defer dataref initialization, thanks all for replies and to huge Sandy Barbour. This is the post I found that suggest the solution, I hope it could helps others: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/50889-dataref-x737-help-needed/ Edit: I deferred dataref initialization and solved the issue, definitively a problem of plugin boot order
  2. Hi all, thanks for the replies. mcp_hdg_select_ann is not present in the documentation, where can I found an updated list of datarefs? Anyway, I just make a lot of tests, and I still get "0" results for all reads: my code: XPLMDataRef gVNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef = NULL; XPLMDataRef gLNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef = NULL; gVNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef = XPLMFindDataRef("ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vnav_ann"); gLNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef = XPLMFindDataRef("ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_lnav_ann"); int statoVNAV_IXEG; int statoLNAV_IXEG; statoVNAV_IXEG=XPLMGetDatai(gVNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef); statoLNAV_IXEG=XPLMGetDatai(gLNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef); Hi tried with both, int and float type (and XPLMGetDataf), but I will get always 0. I can't understand, I'm reading tons of dataref from SDK, but I can't read these datarefs, is this syntax correct? gLNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef = XPLMFindDataRef("ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_lnav_ann") Which type should be used for read these datarefs? I use to rely to sdk dataref table for know it: http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/docs/DataRefs.html But in the documentation there is any reference to the data type.
  3. @jfjoubert, thanks, it make sense, I'll make some tests. @Slayer, I'm already reading from mcp_lnav_act, but the result is always 0. Maybe jfjoubert is right, and the dataref returns 1 only in the moment is pressed, I'll make some tests. Now I'm reading these datarefs, all results in a 0 value: gVNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef = XPLMFindDataRef("ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vnav_act"); gLNav_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef = XPLMFindDataRef("ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_lnav_act"); gHdg_IXEG_AutopilotStateRef = XPLMFindDataRef("ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_hdg_select_act"); @Nils, many thanks for your support, I'll try to better explain my problem: Xplane sdk provides a dataref that represents the autopilot state. When no autopilot, HDG, VNAV etc is engaged, dataref return a int value 132. When you engage LNAV, for example, the int value raise: Depending on what is enabled, if is climbing, on cruise, if LNAV or VNAV is engaged, etc, the dataref return a differente code. These are some I red up today from other models: 529, 560, 561, 616, 672, 16896, 16897 This datarefs permits to figure if LNAV, HDG, o VNAV is engaged. For my plugin is crucial to understand these informations.
  4. Hi all, thanks for your replies. Slayer you "read" this dataref via c++ and xplane sdk? I get always 0. You read it as float or int? You are using XPLMDataRef too?
  5. Hi Rodeo, Thanks for reply. Yes as told I'm afraid these are only toggle, I also tried to import like float, but also from doc description looks like writable dataref. So there is not any way to know the autopilot state with the IXEG? I'll open a new ticket to the support
  6. Good morning, I'm trying to make 124thATCv2 compatible with this beautiful model. The plugin (an ATC emulator), needs to know the state of autopilot mode for better behave (avoid to flood user with heading instructions while LNAV is active) With all the models I tested until today, I successful read the autopilot state using SDK dataref with C++: XPLMFindDataRef("sim/cockpit/autopilot/autopilot_state"); The read result is a int value that change whenever HDG, VNAV, LNAV modes are engaged (default value is 132). When using IXEG model, this code never change, it keeps to "132" value (the default value), always with VNAV, LNAV or HDG engaged. In a support ticket, Cameron explained to me that it is not a bug, because IXEG provide its own custom datarefs. I red the documentation and I can't find out the way to read the autopilot state or LNAV state, I only found these values: ixeg/733/autopilot/LNAV_mode_toggle ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_lnav_act but it doesn't seems to be (as my understanding), the status of LNAV, but rather a writable dataref for toggle LNAV, indeed, I tried to read it via XPLMFindDataRef, and the result is always 0. Can anyone please explain me the way to know the autopilot state with the IXEG 737? 124thATCv2 is a free project plugin, any help will be very appreciate. Thanks in advance Antonello