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  1. Am I really the only one who is expieriencing this? You can hear it best using headphones and it is a real dealbreaker for me :-(
  2. Would like to, but ingame recording does not have sound on my side. What's the best method to create a video including sound?
  3. Bought this thing two days ago and quite like it! Only thing that annoys me at the moment is a sound crackling if your in outside view. Any chance of dealing with this in a future update? Would be great!
  4. What exactly is the point in not providing a hotfix for the APU in XP11? That's essential for flying the plane. Now users again have to fiddle with Planemaker. Very disappointing :-(
  5. Tried it and can confirm. Same error on my side.
  6. Powerlines blinking with WX on

    Can confirm. Powerlines flickering with WX turned on.
  7. When the next update is going to happen?

    Where to get this development version? Thanks!
  8. Flying with Lua

    How do you get SkymaxPro to show cloud-shadows like in above pictures? I only get shadows when using default or aerosoft skytool clouds? Thank you!
  9. Just bought the plane from Prostore. Got a DL-file called "Bae Jetstream", that has inside a zipped filed called "Bae Jetstream 32_v10". Do I have the current version (cause V10 doesn't sound too promising to me). Where can I check which version I have? And if it is not the current version, where can I download it? Second question: I got a serial key from Prostore for the plane. Where do I have to enter it? Thanks!
  10. [SOLVED - See Reply 35] frame rates

    Changing shadow options to "None": + 5 fps turning off HDR: + 10 fps I guess there's something wrong with HDR on that plane. Turning off HDR on other planes does no noticable negative FPS-effect on my machine.
  11. [SOLVED - See Reply 35] frame rates

    Rendering Settings:
  12. [SOLVED - See Reply 35] frame rates

    Basic system specs: Intel i7-2600k @4.1 GHz 8 GB RAM Win 7-64 Prof Nvidia GTX 560 Ti 2GB Texture Res at "Very High" I did select "2 GB+ VRAM"-Option during installation. XPX runs pretty decent (mostly about 30+ fps) with all aircraft I have installed, only the Saab runs bad at about 15-22 fps even in areas without many objects (tested it on small carribean islands). What is wrong here? Any help appreciated.
  13. [SOLVED - See Reply 35] frame rates

    Nope.......same problem here.......Saab 340 drops my frame rate by about 15-20 fps. Especially bad in cockpit view.