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  1. Thanks for answer, Cameron! I wrote this question to org store support.
  2. Hi Cameron! This topic very strange for me because... This is email that i recieved from x-plane.org store (where i buy CRJ-200): But.... this email i recieved 30.11.2012 (6 months ago). No changelog in this message... only support 64bit version. And now i read this topic with same version CRJ-200, but released 21.07.2013 and with many improverments. I have a simply question: This is a other version from Org Store and where i download new update?
  3. max_mts

    Mu-2 v1.5 VOR Frequencies!

    Thanks for the link about new patch... it's a great news. Thank you Tom for great update for my favourite aircraft for X-Plane!
  4. Hi. I have a problem with setting low friquencies with the NAV1 and NAV2 Radio knobs(59,60 switches in POH). Many VOR stations have a frequencies beginnings from 108MHz, but the knob in Mu-2 may set frequencies only from 109MHz and above.
  5. What system is simulated you may see in developer's site: http://airbus320neo.com/ JAR said that the first update is: new algoritm update and use the navbase(by Aerosoft) and DIR TO page. And then developers have a roadmap for the next updates with many new features. PS. On link below you may read some information about not completed or still developed system: http://airbus320neo.com/restrictions/
  6. max_mts

    CRJ 200 checklist for android

    Nice application! Many, many thanks! PS. Can you add "reset" or "clear" button to the bottom screens to uncheck all items on screen?
  7. Wow! Is a huge document and i think, that you was make a hard work to do this! Thank you very much for so detailed information. I'm also really looking forward to the continued development of this aircraft... perhaps v2? If developer do this, CRJ-200 for X-Plane will be best aircraft for X-Plane!!! Javier - please, please, please!!!!
  8. max_mts

    What Next Plane

    CRJ-200 v2 with fully customized systems.
  9. max_mts

    X-Plane 10 New Zealand Pro - PREVIEW

    WOW!!! Amazing difference! Add to my wishlist
  10. max_mts

    Incorrect ECS Information!!!

    You right! I use the 10.10 RC2 version of X-Plane. Thanks for the answer... i'll be waiting when 1.5 comes out.
  11. Hi! I just a got fire in right engine and found bug in ECS display after this trouble. I found that: After stopping engine, fuel pump and closing 10-th stage isolation valve, right engine whatever has 54 PSI pressure!!! (see the screenshot). Can you fix this strange behavior of pressurization system? )))
  12. max_mts

    [SOLVED] GIZMO or not?

    Hi! Screenshots of DC-3 looks realy great. And i want buy this model. But i have one question: DC-3 use the GIZMO plugin or not? It's because i have many planes with SASL plugin and i don't want remove\copy the gizmo plugin any time before flight on DC-3
  13. max_mts

    Airfoil trouble in X-Plane 10

    Thank you for support. I think i just will be wait X-Plane 10 release )))
  14. "An airfoil file is too old or corrupted! The airfoil file I checked is listed below! Aircraft/General Aviation/Beechcraft Sundowner C23/airfoils/NACA 63_-_1-415.afl Get that foil updated if you want to fly aifl.cpp:166" In airfoil directory of X-Plane folder no file named like a error message!
  15. I am very interested in your model CRJ-200 but I know that the gizmo plugin conflicts with SASL module which is used by many of my planes. Does the CRJ-200Gizmo plugin and is it possible to avoid conflict with SASL?