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  1. simbiosi

    POP-UP option in Aviatab

    Hi I am so happy that finally you give us the option to disable those annoying pop-ups and add finally the Avitab. Now if it's not too much work, why don't you put a tab in Aviatub with all those setups presented in those old annoying pop windows. Like performance tool and CG calculation, ground connection etc. Is there anyone smart that can do it? Hope to see more updating coming. Than you
  2. simbiosi

    glitch on screen

    Hi, I dunno if it's related to the latest update of XP or my hardware but was flying and in the cockpit this glitch face also in looking on the overhead. after some seconds the image went back to normal
  3. simbiosi

    white glass on cabin livery

    There is no way as all the window are placed in one single position on the texture. If the developer doesn't create a cargo version no way that could work. Or be more optimistic and accept the livery this way LoL
  4. simbiosi

    white glass on cabin livery

    Ok I find out but it's nearly impossible doing livery with the paintkit.
  5. Hi, How do you make white the glass with paint kit along with the fuselage?
  6. simbiosi

    Saving situation

    That is a step. thank's
  7. simbiosi

    Saving situation

    But maybe as a developer you can ask to laminar to help fulfil this missing functionality, which in my opinion is an important aspect. When you simulate complex aircraft they use instructor station part of pilot training. I am sure that Austin Meyer will hear you.
  8. simbiosi

    Saving situation

    HI. Is it possible to create a saving situation that record all the state of the aircraft and the load them on desire? Every time I load situation there is some missing setting using Xp11 saving situation. Pause dosen't help as it freeze the aircraft without interaction.
  9. simbiosi

    An Idea for VIEW PRESETS

    I join this request as using x-camera is annoying with ixeg preset! Also the other window that got trigger are not fun by jumping on action. I would see more a tab that on request you can click and choose the option like in the airfoil 172.
  10. simbiosi

    Saitek's panels

    I am in if for the plug-in.
  11. Hi, I am new to this and also to Xplane plugin. I download the xsaitekpanels , dataref and Python plugin but lost on how to program the xsaitekpanels.ini. I have the radio and the Multipanel I end up to download the file from this contribution but the knob of altitude is stuck and I cannot turn it in the VC and neither in the Saitek MCP. Also the HDG CRS VS I can turn in the VC but not in the Multipanel. the trim wheel is not working For the radio the only one that it's not working properly is the QNH not synch by 1 units Can someone point me on how to program or tell me how to solve this glitch Thank you