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  1. Nose Wheel Steering

    Hi, I had same type of issue : in XP you can assign a button/key to something like 'nose wheel steering on/off'. I don't remember the exact name as i'm not in front of xp11 now. This action was automatically set to a button of my joystick. Maybe you should check all your buttons/keys assignments :-)
  2. High CPU render time

    Thanks for the tips. It helped a lot for me ;-)
  3. SkyMaxx Pro v4.5 Has Been Released

    +1 To get the clouds displayed, while in game, I need to change the 'Cloud puff style' option, for example from Fast To Soft. When I do this, The clouds are displayed. I attached my log. log.txt
  4. Skymaxx V4.0 Beta High Altitude Shots

    Hi, Just for information from the AS2016 editor support forum, a quick search gave this topic : >>> The following products have reached end-of-life and are no longer officially supported: >>> Active Sky v1 (2002) >>> Active Sky wxRE (2002) >>> Active Sky 2004 (2004) ... >>> Active Sky X (2007) Just to show that : Active Sky has been in development since 2002... not Sky max pro (correct me if I'm wrong). So why come here and compare the 2 products ???? Improving such a product need lots of iterations and many years... AS2016 AND SMP are both very good examples of product constantly improving, of serious editors listening to the customers. SMP is not perfect but I follow SMP since the begining and it is better and better... and it will probably become the AS2016 for x-plane ;-) Good flight everyone...
  5. Any news coming up?

    To my opinion, the way it is made today is perfect. I'm not a big fan of mouse scrolling. ... different users... different ways of thinking and using the planes :-)
  6. SkyMaxx Pro v3.3.1 Has Been Released!

    The clouds disepear when I change settings in SMP (click or unclick Clouds Shadows for example) AND FS Global Real Weather as injector at the same time. When I get no clouds , I can get clouds again by : - stopping FS Global Real Weather - In XP : in 'Define global weather for all world' : put clear sky in the 3 clouds layers - Going back to the sim - In XP , in 'Download Real Weather' screen, click 'Download the weather from internet' - Go back to the sim and the clouds appear again Then, with real weather downloaded by XP (and not FS G R W), I don't have the issue of the disappearing clouds when changing SMP settings.
  7. SkyMaxx Pro v3.3.1 Has Been Released!

    During my test flight I changed some SMP parameters few minutes ago... when applying changes, I had the no clouds issue again. Reinstalling RWC may not be the fix indeed...
  8. SkyMaxx Pro v3.3.1 Has Been Released!

    Hi, same issue here, no clouds at all. I solved this by reinstalling RWC after updating to 3.3.1. I did a quick test in CYVR where I had FPS issue.... seems good !!!! no more FPS drop with weather of 2016-06-14 20h12... (that was heavy clouds/weather) Thanks for this quick release of update. A happy pilot
  9. Live Weather Updates

    Hi, When looking at the provided metar files by jujub, we can see there are 4 or 5 cloud layers depicted for cyvr. This means lots of clouds ! And more than the 3 layers that are normally managed by x-plane. How does SMP deals with the 2 more layers ? Are they displayed ? Some time ago I did a post on this forum about a similar FPS issue... on cyvr too... @sundog : have you tested the provided Metars (from jujub) on your test system ? I would be interested to kown if you can reproduce the issue and if yes, the fix you mention solves this... Thanks. edit : my original post about this same issue (see this post and next ones)
  10. In the weather menu, clic 'set weather uniformly for the while world'. In this screen in the upper left frame you have 'cloud top', cloud 'base' and a drop down list (you have this 3 times for 3 layers). In the 3 drop down lists, select 'Clear' : il will clear all your cloud layers. Then Go back flying until all your clouds diseapear and your FPS increased. Then Go to the weather menu again and select back 'Grab real world weather' on the top line of the screen. This is not a solution to the issue. This is a simple workaround to try to end your your flight in good conditions :-) (note : another workaround could be to disable the SMP and RWC plugins and enable them back. I've not tested this).
  11. I did a post in june about same type of issue (http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/10694-skymaxx-pro-v32-has-been-released/?do=findComment&comment=106825) Even with display settings to minimum and no custom sceneries, I had a drop in frame rate when entering the clouds / and or with high cloud visibility range. My test case was with 5 layers of clouds and my conclusion was that x-plane/SMP was not able to manage so many clouds : even with settings to minimumsI had FPS issues with clouds. Yesterday I had same FPS issue with only one cloud layer. By setting the weather to user defined, then setting no cloud layers, flying few seconds to go back to go fps, then setting again weather manager by FSGRW, I could get good FPS setting (not as good as previouly) I don't know if FSGRW may be a culprit or not. Are you using it ? Has anyone FPS issues using x-plane real weather as weather injector only ?
  12. Would a reduction of this distance of 50km to says 25 km would improve performance ? I would guess that yes as XP would have less 3D cloud to draw. An option to reduce this distance of 3D cloud display would be nice. What do you think of this ?
  13. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 Has Been Released!

    I don't "expect" or look for this type of weather situation ;-) : I like to fly in CYVR area and recently I had bad FPS there (otherwise FPS is good with SMP/RWC) : I tried to find why and my conclusion is that FSGRW depicts 5 layers and RWC allows up to 6. This is a heavy situation that is probably not so common when we fly (or other people use other weather injector that don't generate so many layers). Neither FSGRW nor RWC give the option to limit the number of layers or give an option that would reduce the load (we have only cloud coverage in RWC). Having less layers or less complex cloud patern is ok for me. I'm not looking for the perfect look. I was just trying to understand why I had such a FPS loss at that time in this area. Having more options in SMP/RWC to try to limit these heavy depiction case would be nice : for example limit the number of layers (by carrefely choosing the ones to keep ) or the cloud complexity (I understand that RWC draws more clouds that SMP alone). Well, for the moment, I keep RWC because I love this product and the last version brings lots of things.... just reduced the cloud area coverage....
  14. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 Has Been Released!

    NOTE : sorry : posted my previous post with just images, here the text : Hi all, Following the answers from my previous post, I did a new test : reduce the x-plane settings to find the best settings : - x-plane settings to MINIMUM (using the provided button) and reboot (see settings screenshot in this topic) - DISABLING all custom sceneries (except SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Global Airports/) - setting nvidia driver options to default except Threaded optimisation to disabled - Lastest Driver version. - using FSGRW to reload the conditions with 5 clouds layers (see my previous posts) - same situation : CYVR, IXEG, taking off from 8R, and climbing straight - skymaxx pro and RWC to 'Auto' - my system : intel i7 2600K - 3.4Gz - NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 - 32Gb - windows 7 64b (note : removed the CPU overclocking few days ago) At takeoff FPS is good (above 30) and during climb it progessively decreases to 10FPS and then after a bigger freeze FPS is 3 => issue reproduced with LOW x-plane settings. X-plane is not able to correctly display a cloud area of 17000 with 5 layers (with an important coverage). There is a big bottleneck somewhere in x-plane and RWC/SMP notes : - When cloud area is set at 10000 or less no FPS issue. - With less cloud layers (for example 3 manually set with broken coverage), and then baron plane (same place, same x-plane settings to minimum), I still have a drop from 35 to 15FPS. I perfectly understand that drawing so many 3d clouds is cpu or gpu intensive, that we must lower our settings to get a good balance.... but here, the x-plane settings are set to MINIMUM (giving graphics from the 90s) and skymaxpro is not set to max. I respect the product and the RWC dev team (that listens community and try to improve things), but there is clearly something wrong, either a bug or things that SMP/RWC can do and allows to do (hight layers, area, ...) that x-plane can't do.
  15. SkyMaxx Pro v3.2 Has Been Released!

    please see next topic for text :-) something went wrong when posting