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  1. jkieffer1957

    All License Slots used

    Okay, I did that. I'll wait on their response. Thanks for the info. Jim Kieffer. Greenville NC
  2. jkieffer1957

    All License Slots used

    Can someone explain why I am getting an All License Slots used when this is the second time I am loading the program into XP 11. I have had to replace my MB, reformat my hard drive, and upgrade my Win 7 installation. Everything was working fine before the hardware and software changes. Both XP 10 and XP 11 were not touched during the exchange of MB and Hard drive. I upgraded to a SSD for my base system operations. I'm confused. Anyone have any answers for me, I'd appreciate the help. Jim Kieffer, Greenville NC
  3. jkieffer1957

    Is MaxxFX needed

    Thanks. I'll leave it in. Regards Jim Kieffer
  4. jkieffer1957

    Is MaxxFX needed

    I have the newest version of Sky Maxx Pro and Real Wx Connector loaded on my system. Does MaxxFX do anything for me or is it redundant as SkyMaxxPro controls my textures? If it isn't needed I'd like to remove it from the directory. Jim Kieffer
  5. jkieffer1957

    Update Airac?

    There is no sense in updating you AIRAC if you don't want the SIDS and STARS. You can find approach plates on line. The AIRAC is primarily SIDS and STARS. I agree with GamerNurd, get yourself a subscription to Navigraph. The cost is relatively cheap for a 1 year subscription and you can keep up to date on the AIRAC's as they update. Regards Jim Kieffer Greenville NC
  6. jkieffer1957

    System Clock on Motherboard

    I considered it dead and have ordered a new MB.
  7. jkieffer1957

    System Clock on Motherboard

    Tried that, (although not Microsoft sever) and it wouldn't activate.
  8. jkieffer1957

    System Clock on Motherboard

    How necessary is the motherboard system clock with regards to X Plane. Recently my MB has been experiencing problems with the system clock. I changed out the CMOS battery but that hasn't helped with the clock loosing time. I think it may be a mother board issue as I am having LAN drop outs now also ( I have to reset the LAN). Since the system clock has started loosing time, I now have issues with my X-Aviation payware and my FJS 732 aircraft not working in XP. Is there any kind of fix, other than replacing the MB ( BTW I have a new MB ordered). Any kind of work around avail? Thanks for your help Jim Kieffer
  9. jkieffer1957

    Getting activation request every time I start XP

    I'm going to remove the XSB plugin and give that a try. It is the only change I've made to XP since CMOS battery replacement. My X-aviation products are in the correct folder. I have never made any changes to them since initial installation and they have always worked without problems. I am beginning to think it is the XSB install that is creating my issues. I'll know more after this weekend when I have an opportunity to remove the XSB plugin and give it a try. Thanks for the responses. I appreciate the help. Jim K Greenville NC
  10. jkieffer1957

    Getting activation request every time I start XP

    Should I consider Uninstall and reinstall of the software. I mean it just came out of no where. I changed the battery on the CMOS and loaded XSB latest version. Think it could be the XSB? Thanks Jim
  11. jkieffer1957

    Getting activation request every time I start XP

    Checked my system clock, and it is correct. But I am still getting the activation when starting XP.
  12. I am experiencing an activation request for the Saab every time I start XP. The activation goes through each and every time. It's just frustrating. The only thing I've done to my computer recently is replace the CMOS Battery on the MB. I'm using XP 10.36 64 bit and the only software change has been adding the XSB 1.3 plug-in. Your help would greatly be appreciated. Jim Kieffer Greenville NC
  13. jkieffer1957

    Silencing the Autopilot Alarm

    I've updated to v1.2 and have a question regarding silencing the autopilot alarm after you disconnect it or it faults. The pervious version worked well with the Saitek Panels Plug in and I could engage/disengage/silence the autopilot by mapping a key on my throttle (x-55) to the autopilot servos toggle. With the new update this mapping no longer works so I go to the center console and turn off autopilot there. But when I do that the autopilot disconnect alarm starts and I can't quite figure out how to clear it. The only way I have been able to silence is to engage the Autopilot again, which when I am on the ground seems silly. I know you don't support the Saitek Panels plugin and I am fine with using the aircraft the way it is now (which by the way is SUPERB!!!!). I just want to silence that annoying AP Alarm. Thanks for any help you can provide me with regards to this issue. Respectfully Jim Kieffer Greenville NC
  14. jkieffer1957

    Cannot login or use Xaviation product

    I don't know if you have resolved this problem yet. But I had a similiar issue with the A340 SAAB. It turned out to be the security protection of Windows IE. I changed over to FirFox Mozilla and turned off my security firewall and virus checker and was able to dowload their products fine. Jim Kieffer Greenville NC
  15. Maybe someone can help me with regards to an issue that has recently popped up on my machine. This past weekend I was able to open X-Plane and SkyMaxx Pro worked great. Last night I attempted to open X-Plane and as part of the opening screen my SkyMaxx Activation key popped up. I thought maybe there had been an update so I entered my email and password and the activation screen went to activate. It returned an invalid password, unable to activate. I tried several more times and even went to X-Aviation and changed my password. nothing seemed to help. I even went so far as to re-install SkyMaxx again. Still the same issue. The only thing I have done to X-Plane and my machine was to update to newest version 10.36 of X-Plane. I have an older version of X-Plane pre 10.36 than I keep as back up on another drive. When I started that version of X-Plane SkyMaxx works fine. Does anyone know if there is a certificate issue with Ver10.36 and SkyMaxx V2. I appreciate any help with regards to problem from someone more knowledgeable than myself. I also left a ticket with the X-aviation site to see if they could help. Regards Jim Kieffer Greenville NC