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  1. Project: Boeing 777 Series

    Looks great with PBR. Hope the project is coming along smoothly.
  2. The A310-300 Project

    Any new updates? Can't wait to have a classic airbus for x plane.
  3. Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Awesome! I can't wait for this great aircraft. We really appreciate having developers spend this much time and effort for the community.
  4. The A310-300 Project

    Hows the development going?
  5. Legendary IDT DC-9

    Hows the project going?
  6. 3nm Approach

    Ok, thanks. Its an amazing plane, nice work.
  7. 3nm Approach

    I just bought the SAAB 340 and its great. But I am having a couple "problems." 1. When in X Plane I select from the airports menu; "3 mile approach," but then the plane is completely shut off and just falls out of the sky where I would usually start the preset approach. Is there some way to do this correctly? 2. Is there any way to open the plane and have the engines already running? (I'm assuming not) Thanks, Eric
  8. Anyone still use Windows Vista?

    With respect to cameron, I don't think he minds somebody making a simple joke about an older operating system.
  9. Anyone still use Windows Vista?

    My grandma.
  10. The A310-300 Project

    Awesome, it looks amazing! And yes, show us some pics of that yoke please.
  11. Legendary IDT DC-9

    Outstanding, good to hear from you again! I can't wait for this beautiful aircraft.
  12. Ben Gurion airport

    SSSHHHHHH!! Don't give them any ideas! But yeah, it is easily payware quality.
  13. What did you fly today?

    You might have crawled away, but not walked.
  14. NZWN Wellington Airport Photo Scenery

    Ok, well good to know you are still working on it.
  15. Ben Gurion airport

    Outstanding! How do you make the runways look different from X Plane's default ones? They look great.