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  1. Have you tried WorldEditor? WED..
  2. Some issues

    Sounds good. Perhaps even a better price for recent purchases. Go harm is asking
  3. Some issues

    Hi Goran You mentioned a paid upgrade?
  4. ephemeris model in 4.5 and sunset sky colors

    Thanks Frank - didn't realise XP didn't know the year - so yes it was right - the Moon didnt rise till the morning and set before dusk on that day back in 2014....
  5. ephemeris model in 4.5 and sunset sky colors

    Yes may be some problems there - the Moon over Brisbane is in about 17% tonight - the weather real and simulated is clear - but there is no sign of the simulated Moon in XP V11 with SMP4.5.
  6. DC3 download and installation

    Hi This from the system log - otherwise I can't see any other messages.. May 20 09:43:31 Dom-Henrys-iMac[1] (com.bitrock.appinstaller.21896[11541]): Service exited with abnormal code: 1 May 20 09:43:41 Dom-Henrys-iMac[1] ([11559]): Endpoint has been activated through legacy launch(3) APIs. Please switch to XPC or bootstrap_check_in():
  7. DC3 download and installation

    Ticket #ZBJCA and Ticket #PLSFF - sorry didn't realise email also created a ticket....
  8. DC3 download and installation

    thanks for responding - I already logged problem as per the link this morning - no response so far
  9. DC3 download and installation

    Same problem still here too - and I installed SMP last week with no problems... I wonder if the distribution needs a rebuild at yr end?
  10. DC3 download and installation

    Hi I just purchased and have the same problem....