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  1. PilotAlpha

    MU-2 missing tail cone nav & strobe lights

    Yep i can confirm these issues as well as the black ball in the turn coordinator which makes it unusable also the gps cannot be manipulated from the 3d view only in the 2d pop up
  2. PilotAlpha

    Bug report: VNAV

    i forgot to lower the mcp altitude for a good while (i think I overshoot my TOD by 6nm) so when i decided to go down the fmc gave the message "DRAG REQUIRED" with full spoilers and thr idle i was able to catch the vnav deviation pointer but what happened is that the plane was overspeeding by the time i was on glide according to vnav the plane crossed MMO which caused the SPD number at the MCP to blink suddenly the whole MCP started buggin out with blinking numbers in the SPD and ALT windows had to go manual from that point on forwards since those flights take so much of my free time I havent been able to reproduce the issue
  3. PilotAlpha

    Heavy Metal - IXEG 737 300 NOK AIR

    IXEG 737 300 NOK AIR View File NOKAIR recolor livery Submitter PilotAlpha Submitted 04/29/2016 Category IXEG 737 Classic Livery For Click Here For Aircraft X-Plane Version(s)
  4. PilotAlpha

    IXEG 737 300 NOK AIR

    Version 1.0.0


    NOKAIR recolor livery
  5. PilotAlpha

    Heavy Metal - IXEG LCPeru

    IXEG LCPeru View File LCPeru livery for IXEG 737 Submitter PilotAlpha Submitted 04/29/2016 Category IXEG 737 Classic Livery For Click Here For Aircraft X-Plane Version(s)
  6. PilotAlpha

    IXEG LCPeru

    Version 1.0.0


    LCPeru livery for IXEG 737
  7. PilotAlpha

    UV mapping bug? + advice needed

    so what should i do to fix the window problem?
  8. PilotAlpha

    loading times

    my hardware 4790k 4.9ghz 980ti ssd 16gb ram 1600mhz ddr
  9. PilotAlpha

    loading times

    x-plane is a little bit ridiculous when it comes to loading times whenever i make a flight to two custom sceneries the simulator has to stop mid flight to load the destination, i even bought one of the most expensive SSD on the market but the pauses are still there why this loading is not made asynchronously ?
  10. PilotAlpha

    Forum skins

    I was wondering if it would be possible to have a black (dark) theme to choose
  11. PilotAlpha

    FPS problems

    Hello , I have version 3 of skymaxx, generally it performs great on my system with no noticeable frame loss the problem im having is at the time the plugin wants to refresh the cloud coverage from what Im looking at there a brief moment where there are two cloud systems loaded , the current one (visible) and the new one (invisible but slowly coming to view) and it is at this point in time when both systems are visible that the fps takes a hit and usually stays there unless i reset the plugin whats is the problem here and what can i do to fix it also why there are no numeric values attached to the sliders? as it is its really hard to test new settings for finding the optimal performance configuration thanks
  12. PilotAlpha

    Things that are NOT going to be in V1.0

    you guys are the best day one buy for sure an example to a whole lot of developers in the xplane community
  13. PilotAlpha

    FMS and Autopilot

    finally a developer I can trust!! you guys have no idea how much stress ive been through trying to fly other planes with buggy avionics when online Day one buy for me
  14. PilotAlpha

    press any key to continue - popup

    seems the issue is gone after the reinstall so I dont know by the way where is the performance manual? or how can i calculate times and fuel required for routes
  15. PilotAlpha

    press any key to continue - popup

    whenever Im flying the saab , from time to time i get a cmd.exe popup window saying "press any key to continue..." which halts the simulation and its downright annoying what can i do to fix this and why is this happening in the very first place right now im reinstalling the whole thing just to make sure its not my fault but i dont think I might have done something to mess things up as all my other payware planes work and im quite knowledgable in these kind of things