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  1. Hi do you think you will add support to be able to open the nav display in a popup or export it in some way. airtrack allready has support for the PFD but no way to interface the magenta lines on the nav display. would be nice for us cockpit builders.
  2. meshboy

    Cockpit Bulders Hope

    Hi is there any update to this? Understand if Ben and the other Ixeg people have been busy. having the Ixeg export the NAV display would be a wet dream for us cockpitbuilders. i Am building a 737-800 with OEM panels from the 737-300 and some from FDS (-800 panels) i will use IXEG even if its not a 800. i think i can use the XHSI to display the PFD with 90% accuracy, but the NAV with the magenta route is another task. are you still thinking of some sort of export for us cockpitbuilders?
  3. meshboy

    The B737 Classic Project

    I really hope the Ixeg team will take good money for this aircraft, and also charge good money for the updates. I will be disappointed if this bird goes for under 150$. Thats how good this is!!!
  4. meshboy

    Ixeg computer build

  5. meshboy

    Ixeg computer build

    Ah sorry, yeah 970
  6. meshboy

    Ixeg computer build

    I said to myself in 2009 that i wont upgrade untill ixeg 737 has been released! Now this year i feel that it is time!!! I7-4790K and a gtx 970 What do you think of that? Will i be able to run with HDR? And maybe some payware scenery? Jan or Tom, what hardware did you use when doing the rainy departure video?
  7. meshboy

    The B737 Classic Project

    HOOOOOOOLYYYY SHIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!! The rainy takeoff video is "too much to take" That rain looks amazing! just not some compromise, it looks really really good! I didn´t think that was possible and still have that performace due to particle system. Nice to see the fmc lines as well! This addon will be the king of kings!
  8. meshboy

    FlyJSim announces 737-200!!!!!

    best news in a long time! flyjsim is the king of 3d cockpits and makes great systems. still thinks the 727 is the top addon today
  9. meshboy

    The B737 Classic Project

    hi Tom Do you think the manual will be released before the aircraft? (so we have time to get ready when the bird arrives)
  10. meshboy

    The B737 Classic Project

    Happy holidays! I like the idea of a lite with things that are left in development. I dont remember if you posted it here or on ixeg.net? But i really like the idea of a big log with stuff that is left to do. That way we can see how the developement goes and know maybe how much is left. I would be extremely happy with a 2014 realease, but i think you will be able to get it out sooner than december.
  11. meshboy

    The B737 Classic Project

    So Jan! When are you landing this little badboy? No rush, i still have plenty to watch from your previous videos over and over and over and over again... By the way, Flight Level Change on the autopilot. Is this Correct: If you push the FLChange the aircraft will focus on maintaining the speed set and climb by pitching up/down to maintain that speed. Instead of Vertical Climb where you set the correct VS and the aircraft dont care about speed? What if the aircraft cant maintain the speed if you set the VS to 3000fpm and you speed is 210 and dropping? What happens?
  12. I like PMDG and welcome them, but today they are not the topdog. The ngx looks like a joke compared to the ixeg 737. Some of the stuff pmdg is lacking is becaus of the bad fsx platform,but even still IXEG has taken it to the "new" level. I dont care about pmdg brining people over, when ixeg comes the people will follow because its the best offer. Simple as that. But knowing PMDG, i am curious what they might bring in acouple of years to the x-plane world.
  13. B737-300 B737-800 A320 A330
  14. What is it that makes it so hard on my frames at daytime, but at night i get very good frames (25-30) with a bad card like my GTX560? Is it the shadows during the day thats killing my FPS? I thought all the lightning should be heavy at night aswell but it seems not.