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  1. stayup

    Tiller Hydraulic on/off button command.

    Thanks for the information. This is a BIG help!
  2. Thanks for the new update! It is much appreciated. The question I have is how do I activate the Tiller Hydraulic on/off button command? Thanks
  3. Thanks Cameron, I installed v1.21 and am not finding FPS loss. All is well!
  4. Since I have 2gig of VRam and operate the IXEG 737 at 20 or so FPS in detailed airports, a loss of 10FPS would pavent me from using the update in XP11. I hope that you can recover the lost 10FPS.
  5. stayup

    Sound problems

    Ben, I believe that the conflict actually relates to Gizmo and the AirportVS-SASL rather than the IXEG 737 and AirportVS-SASL. My reason for saying this is that the only aircraft that I have sound issues with both use Gizmo and when flying other aircraft with AVS active that do not require Gizmo there are no sound issues, all sound is normal. Thanks and Happy New Year
  6. stayup

    Sound problems

    Ben, I think this is what you want....my last flight without AVS. Let me know. Log.txt
  7. stayup

    Sound problems

    Hi Ben, The problem seems to be AirportVS-SASL. I like AVS, but if I want all the sound on the 737 I'm going to have to remove the plugin. I hope that this will be corrected in future updates. Thanks again, Irv
  8. stayup

    Sound problems

    Thanks Ben, enclosed is the Log.txt with the working sound elements. Log.txt
  9. stayup

    Sound problems

    Ben, Thanks for the response. I'm enclosing my Log.txt. If you want a Log.txt of when the sound is all on let me know. Log.txt
  10. stayup

    Sound problems

    I don't have audio for GPWS, Mach Air Speed Warning, and altitude call outs when landing, most of the time. On occasion it all works. I can't figure out how to correct this so I get a consistent audio for all operations. I would appreciate help with this. For the GPWS I get an inop notice. Thanks
  11. stayup

    No audio for Nav1 in XP11

    When Nav1 is engaged on the audio panel of the IXEG 737 v1.2 in XP11 there is no sound when the ILS is captured. Is this a known bug? Thanks
  12. stayup

    Taxiing abnormalities

    Jan, Thanks for your response....... No crosswinds!
  13. stayup

    Taxiing abnormalities

    Hi Morten, Thanks for the rapid response...i'll give it a try.
  14. stayup

    Taxiing abnormalities

    When the IXEG 737 v1.2 is taxiing there are momentary disruptions from moving in a straight line which have to be corrected. This occurred in previous versions, but seems to be a little more exaggerated in this current version. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known problem? Thanks
  15. stayup

    Some Bugs? v1.4.1

    Thanks for the rapid response...I'll wait!