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  1. No audio for Nav1 in XP11

    When Nav1 is engaged on the audio panel of the IXEG 737 v1.2 in XP11 there is no sound when the ILS is captured. Is this a known bug? Thanks
  2. Taxiing abnormalities

    Jan, Thanks for your response....... No crosswinds!
  3. Taxiing abnormalities

    Hi Morten, Thanks for the rapid response...i'll give it a try.
  4. Taxiing abnormalities

    When the IXEG 737 v1.2 is taxiing there are momentary disruptions from moving in a straight line which have to be corrected. This occurred in previous versions, but seems to be a little more exaggerated in this current version. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known problem? Thanks
  5. Some Bugs? v1.4.1

    Thanks for the rapid response...I'll wait!
  6. Some Bugs? v1.4.1

    JGregory, Thanks for your response. I thought that the course pointer was coordinated with the gps is the previous version. Anyway, I have no problem with setting the course pointer manually. Everything else is working fine. You indicated that adjustments have been made...does this mean that I should re download or wait for the next update? Thanks again
  7. Some Bugs? v1.4.1

    Here are the files you requested. Thanks GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  8. Some Bugs? v1.4.1

    My HSI does not coordinate with my GPS of my Garmin during a flight. The 340 follows the route set in the Garmin, but there is no coordination with the HSI. Thanks
  9. Some bugs? V1.4

    Thank you for the information. It solved my problem. One other item i noticed is that the audio panel is not as sharp as it was in the previous version.
  10. Some bugs? V1.4

    I just installed v1.41 and can't turn the plane on the ground. The nose wheel will not turn. Had no problem with the previous version. Thanks
  11. [XP10/11]Push Back Problem

    Same problem with pushback in XP10.
  12. Broken Text/Fonds in Throttle-Popup

    Appreciate the response. Looking forward to it. Thanks again.
  13. Broken Text/Fonds in Throttle-Popup

    Will there be a fix for the TO Status Viewer? I miss it. Thanks
  14. Hi Jan and Gang, The bad boy is FJCC-FMC,the fmc for the x737. All my sound seems to be back to normal...haven't taken any long flights yet but it looks good. Thanks for all your help, Irv
  15. Took out all the plugins, as you suggested, and my call outs and sound came the problem relates to a plugin incompatibility. Should I start putting the plugins back one at a time to find the offender? Thanks, Irv