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  1. ztrahd

    SkyMaxx Pro 3.2 crashes X-Plane

    Here goes. METAR.rwx
  2. ztrahd

    SkyMaxx Pro 3.2 crashes X-Plane

    Hi. I just got a crash with SMP 3.3.1/RWC1.0 Log.txt
  3. ztrahd

    Saab 340A Performance and What to Expect in 1.1

    This is fantastic news. Looking much forward to the update. Thanks a lot for for all the work and dedication you have put into this wonderfull aircraft.
  4. Thank you much, thats great news.
  5. Hi and thanks for the reply. Here are some screenshots. I have tried to put the ADF knob in all positions(add, tone, ant) but still no sound. I have tried VOR stations also, and no sound there either.
  6. Hi... I can´t hear the morse code from the DME station, even though I have tuned the correct frequency and have the response on the needle on the RMI. The volume on the console to the left are all up, and I have tried putting the ADF knob in all positions, but still no sound. Can anyone please tell me what Im missing here?