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  1. jimbim

    Pilot2atc flight plans

    Hello, I think that Pilot2atc does not support the IXEG .fpl format. However, it is very easy to create it using notepad... You just have to enter you route in following format: DEP_ICAO WAYPOINT WAYPOINT WAYPOINT ... ARR_ICAO Save it as .fpl in coroutes folder and you are done. Greetings, Sebastian
  2. jimbim

    Livery List & Requests

    Any chance for a fictional new Lufthansa livery? Greetings, Sebastian
  3. Hello, I don't know if E46 is somehow a famous Airport or a point of interest but it is on top 3 of the new Airport usage data pusblished on developer.x-plane.com (https://developer.x-plane.com/2017/11/x-plane-11-airport-usage-data/#more-8021). If it is just a boring airfield somewhere in Texas it could indicate a true bug. Just saw that and wanted to inform you about it. I personally never had the problem. Sebastian
  4. jimbim

    [Solved]LIPZ - Gizmo Soft Crash

    Hello together, if I do it like Crisk explained it, it works as expected. Thank you!
  5. Hello together, I got an Gizmo Soft Crash while entering STAR Transition at LIPZ. I found a simple way to reproduce it every time: 1. Place your IXEG at EDDN and select PREFLIGHT - Turn-around from left IXEG menu. 2. Open RTE Page 3. Enter EDDN as ORIGIN 4. ENTER LIPZ as DEST 5. Open DEP ARR Page 6. Open LIPZ ARR 7. Select APPROACH ILSX04R 8. Select STAR LATU2B 9. Select TRANS ALB1W 10. Crash - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - X-PLANE VERSION: X-Plane 11.05r2 (build 110501 64-bit) IXEG VERSION: 1.2 NAVDATA: Navigraph 1712 rev 1 OS: Win 10 64 Bit - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Greetings, Sebastian GizmoLog.txt
  6. Ok, I can confirm now that any button on my yoke which is set to "do nothing" in XP11 will disable the autobrake immediately. It's strange that a button that should not send anything to the sim can change the behaviour of the IXEG. For me, it looks like it is a Laminar Bug but I am not sure. At least we know that there is something going wrong here. Sebastian
  7. Great to hear that! I will try tonight if a simple button on my yoke that is set to "Nothing" will disarm the autobreak as well... Sebastian
  8. Hello Mike, I had quite the same issue with my Saitek Throttle Quadrant till yesterday. I did some more testing and found some strange behaviour of XP11/IXEG. My setup: Left lever: Speedbrake, Mittle Lever: Thrust Engine 1, Right Lever: Thrust Engine 2. The Saitek has 3 integrated buttons that are active when you push a lever below 0 (Marked in red circle). for these buttons my setup is: Left: "do nothing", Middle: Toggle Reversers, Right: "do nothing". After Landing, I push the two thrust levers beyond 0 to enable toggle thrust reverse and at that point, the autobrake was every time disarmed automatically. Quite strange as I never had this issue on X-Plane 10 with the previous versions of the IXEG. So I did some tests! When I just push the middle lever below 0 it toggles the reversers and autobrake keeps active. If I just push the right lever below 0 to activate the button that is configured in XP11 as "do nothing", the autobrake disarms immediately! THIS IS STRANGE! I tell X-Plane that NOTHING should happen if this button gets active but it disables the autobrake! So I repeated the same test for the left lever. It was also configured to "do nothing". If that button gets active it disables the autobreak as well! I found a way to work around that issue by creating a small FlyWithLua script that creates a command that really does nothing. function do_nothing() -- This function is needed because thrust revers buttons on saitek throttle quadrant -- will disable autobreak if Xp11 "do nothing" is set on them. end create_command("MyStuff/IXEG733/DoNothing", "Do really nothing","do_nothing()","","") After assigning my "DoNothing" command to the two buttons the autobreak works as it should. I do not know If that might help you but maybe you have the same kind of problem with your go flight tq6 throttle. I also cannot tell if that is a bug of XP11 or IXEG... Greetings, Sebastian
  9. jimbim

    Ixeg RTE Page reads "Not in Database"

    Found the related post: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/8430-gizmo737-linux-compatibility/?do=findComment&comment=89126 Sebastian
  10. jimbim

    Ixeg RTE Page reads "Not in Database"

    Hello Ryan, From your Log I can see that your Disk ist Case Sensitive formatted. It might be that I am wrong but I am thinking that I read somewhere that Gizmo does not support that! Maybe you get in contact with Ben Russell and verify that. Greetings, Sebastian
  11. jimbim

    Crash totaly X-Plane and Windows after Pause

    Hello Sloboda, First: Without any logfiles it is nearly impossible to help you with your problem. Second: If you have Tugmaster from Jardesign (itow) then remove it from your plugins folder and try it again. Greetings, Sebastian
  12. As far as I know, the spoiler will deploy automatically if reverse thrust is toggled. Maybe I am wrong... I'm sure someone will know it :-) Sebastian
  13. I heard that too I thought it is intended and is caused by gusting wind... But maybe that's wrong... Sebastian
  14. jimbim

    No Marker sounds/Altitude callouts when on Pilotedge

    I did a nice flight from LPPT to EDDN on VATSIM on Wednesday and the Collouts worked. Markers I am not sure... Can not remember :-) What I am still missing somehow is the minimums callout... Sebastian
  15. jimbim


    I would try following: 1. Grab you X-Plane DVDs and make a fresh install to C:\X-Plane 10 with just a small part of global Scenery. 2. Download the latest X-Plane Installer/Updater from http://www.x-plane.com/downloads 3. Update X-Plane to the latest stable release 4. Start that fresh installed X-Plane version and check that it loads correctly with a default plane. 5. Quit X-Plane 6. Add an Exception for C:\X-Plane 10 in Windows Defender and/or your Anti-Virus Software. 7. Redownload the IXEG Installer (without using any download manager) from X-Aviation 8. Install the IXEG with that Installer into the fresh C:\X-Plane 10. 9. Start X-Plane as administrator and check if you can activate the IXEG. 10. Do not add any plugins or custom scenery until you have verified if the activation works. That's how I would try to get that topic solved. Greetings, Sebastian