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  1. LIGHTNINGstruktz

    Lagging A/T

    Understood, thanks
  2. LIGHTNINGstruktz

    Lagging A/T

    Hi, I am not sure whether I am experiencing correct autothrottle behaviour. The problem appears to be when the plane has to level off and maintain a certain speed. The A/T appears to struggle to operate smoothly. It appears to 'chase' the speed by idling the throttle and then spooling the engines to around 91% N1 when the planes slows around 20kts below the desired speed. This action becomes continuous. I'm not sure whether this a true representation of the actual A/T system found on the real aircraft or whether it could be something the team could have a look at. Thanks Edgaras
  3. LIGHTNINGstruktz

    [FAQ] No Cabin llights

    Hi Jan, I hope you are enjoying your holiday. I have attached 4 photos while trying to show the position of the cockpit light switches. As mentioned before, the seatbelt sign has no effect on this dim light in the cockpit, which can be seen in the last two pictures. Hopefully these will be helpful for when you get back. Kind Regards Edgaras
  4. LIGHTNINGstruktz

    [FAQ] No Cabin llights

    Hi Jan, You mention this limitation of XP11 making the cockpit bright. However, for me above around 6000ft, the 'light' comes on regardless of the position of the seatbelt sign switch. Someone on the IXEG facebook fan page also mentioned that they are having the same problem. If I am below 6000ft, then everything works as intended. Is there something I could do to bypass this problem? Kind Regards Edgaras
  5. LIGHTNINGstruktz

    Landing Video

  6. LIGHTNINGstruktz

    Landing Video

    Just sharing my landing
  7. LIGHTNINGstruktz

    Liveries by Jetto Designs

    Hi Jiggy, Although this may not be the most realistic livery for the -300, could i kindly request you create a Ryanair livery? Thanks