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  1. AT Disconnect

    Your hack seems to work Ok! The question is why the soft button works ok but the script needs 2 commands to return the value to 0.
  2. AT Disconnect

    The lua script allows you to configure each joystick button to do the same function on each plane using the dataref each plane has for that function. For example, the fuel start/cutoff levers on IXEG are switched with "create_switch( 3, "ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever1_act", 0, 0, 1 )" while on the FF763 is "create_switch( 3, "1-sim/fuel/fuelCutOffLeft", 0, 0, 2 )" This enables you to load each plane and have the joystick configured for that plane without having to touch anything on XP11.
  3. AT Disconnect

    Because I am just a masochist! I use to ¨fly¨ a few different jet planes and assigning that button to the IXEG does not work with the others. So I make a LUA script to solve that.
  4. AT Disconnect

    Sure, disconnect the Autothrottles.
  5. AT Disconnect

    Hi, I am having trouble in returning to 0 the value of "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_at_disengage_act". Using the software button on the side of the throttles it works as it should: when pressed, the value goues to 1 thus disconnecting the AT (releasing returns to 0), the second time puts the A/T annunciator off. create_switch( 9, "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_at_disengage_act", 0, 0, 1) Using a LUA script, the command above conflicts with somethnig, because it is constantly rattling as if it is forcing the switch to "0" Then using this one the trick is done, but the value remains in 1, never returning to 0. Hitting the soft button again it cycles and returns to 0. create_positive_edge_trigger( 9, "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_at_disengage_act", 0, 1 ) Any ideas? Regards, Max
  6. Request for custom commands

    Hi, I am having trouble with a persistent nasty crash using the last version of Gizmo (already reported). My hardware needs the FlywithLua plugin to manage the fuel-cutoff switches, using the "ixeg/733/fuel/fuel_start_lever#_act" commands. If these commands were available I could not need to use the plugin to control them thus eliminating the problem. Thanks Max
  7. Persistent crash (with FlywithLua)

    Hi Guys, I installed the last Gizmo version, and the crash persists, attached both log files. I really can't understand what's wrong. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  8. Hi, I am the one having the nasty crash bug on climbing phase with 733+flywitlua. I used your fuel cutoff script as base for configuring a few aircraft. I attach the last logs on the crash flight as well as the script (maybe the culprit?)

    Thanks for reading and your contributions to this hobby!






    1. mmerelles


      Hi Max


      your log shows you are crashing due to gizmo stack overflow. this is coming from manipulating the aircraft datarefs via flywithlua plugin.


      i would suggest you try the latest gizmo update and see if this fixes the issue. see the link below for downloading latest plugin and update procedure.



    2. MaxMotoring


      Hi Guys,

      I installed the last Gizmo version, and the crash persists, attached both log files. I really can't understand what's wrong.





  9. Persistent crash (with FlywithLua)

    Here goes the Gizmo log GizmoLog.txt
  10. Persistent crash (with FlywithLua)

    I just removed all the plugins except these: FlywithLua / Gizmo64 / PluginAdmin / XPLM.framework / XPWidgets.framework It crashed again on climb phase. Both CDU's on Legs page. I attach the X-Plane log. Any ideas? Thanks Log.txt
  11. Persistent crash (with FlywithLua)

    I have made another flight (successful) with another plane, it was overwritten with the new flight?
  12. Persistent crash (with FlywithLua)

    No, It crashes only with the 733+FlywithLua. Il´try and report. Thanks.
  13. Persistent crash (with FlywithLua)

    Here it is: 733 Version 1.07 Fluwithlua version V2.4.3. X-Plane Vs 10.51r2 Plugins active: Autogate v1.72, DataRefEditor, EZPushback 0.4.2 (w64), FlywithLua 2.4.3 stable bld dec 20 Gizmo64 Ground Handling (Unabled) SeaTraffic v1.10 XSaitekProFlight A lot of GroundTraffic v1.50 and v1.52 SASL FMC is on PROG page Happens on every flight with the 733, regardless the phase of flight, mostly Gizmo screen does not show, it crashes X-Plane directly. Also with the previous X-Plane version (10.50). Crashes only using FlywithLua plugin. As I have some nice hardware I really need it! Ask me if you need me to try any special config. Thanks.
  14. Persistent crash (with FlywithLua)

    It was the climbing phase, Atteched the log. GizmoLog.txt
  15. Hi. I get CTD using FlyWithLua. X-Plane stops and the screen is shown: Does not happen with other planes, so I presume it has to do with Gizmo. Any hints? Thanks!