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  1. ixeg-737v1.2 flight idle

    Just wondering whether you inadvertently mapped TOGA to a button also mapped to A/T OFF or FD OFF. Perhaps try landing manually from 200 feet without turning off A/T or FD, just the A/P. I think (not sure) that A/T should switch off automatically just after nose wheel down, and FD can be turned off after leaving runway. Just a thought.
  2. iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    Looking great
  3. All seems good on Mac. Successful Flight YBBN to YSSY. FPS no improvement on my machine, perhaps even a bit worse. No complaints though. Thanks
  4. Auto speed bug ?

    I wish someone would turn off autobrakes, wing lights, strobe, window heat, pitot heat, weather radar, engine start switches and flight directors whilst I am enjoying taxiing to the terminal. But alas, I too am alone in the cockpit.
  5. AIRARC update with navigraph

    You need to manually map the B737 folder in the Navigraph FMS Data Manager application. Of course, you also need a subscription to Navigraph.
  6. How to get an solid overcast for IFR?

    Thanks for raising this Amirello. This is not a high priority for me, but it has bugged me for some time. Lots of settings experiments and I cannot seem to get the conditions I am looking for. Probably my ignorance, but can anyone help Amirello and I get a solid overcast for an instrument landing?
  7. iGoDispatch for IXEG's Boeing-733

    Terrific news, even though I will have to wait a bit. This is a great app. Well done
  8. legacy.glsl

    Will do
  9. legacy.glsl

    OK, problem fixed. I re-installed the aircraft and now it works. I would be interested if anyone can tell me what was the problem. I am mystified because it seemed to happen overnight without any input from me. Go figure!
  10. legacy.glsl

    XP11 bug? IXEG bug? My low end system? This may be posted in the wrong forum, but I cannot isolate cause. XP crashes with the message below, but only when I select the IXEG 737. Other aircraft that I fly load OK. It began this morning without me changing anything. I have run the installer three times without success. I have re-booted my machine and closed all other programs, but it still crashes with same message. Can someone point me in the direction of a fix? Thanks Log file attached. Log.txt
  11. position of the main menu

    I have the same two monitor setup so this happens to me too ... but, as you say, "not a big issue".
  12. Just deleted XP10 now that I have this ... thanks. First flight: Push back still straight for me. ILS approach indicated LOC achieved, but aircraft did not respond. Perhaps my mistake. Will check on another flight tomorrow. Kudos to all you guys who got this XP11 version up and running against all the odds. Cheers
  13. IXEG 737 Classic v1.1 Is Landing!

    I am deliriously happy having completed my first flight in the new version in XP11 with no problems other than the known XP11 limitations. I really have missed this beast over the last couple of months. Thanks to all the team for doing the "ninja fix" for XP11 whilst upgrading the aircraft for XP10. The IXEG B737 sets the standard for flight sim realism.
  14. A Dedicated Thank You!!

    Well said Tom. I second everything you have said. I sit back and read all the undeserved BS that some spread, and know that if I was on the receiving end I would not be as patient. As a fellow Aussie, I live not too far from where Ben lives, and I know just what he has gone through recently. Good onya mate! As a final note ... for me, I have already gotten ten times the enjoyment for the money I paid for the IXEG B737. Anything more that comes along I regard as a tremendous bonus.
  15. Overspeed on Descent

    Thanks again Jan, but I think I will wait. LR will likely change the ballpark again before "final". The "problem" is not insurmountable, I just have to learn to fly the beast myself rather than let the AP do all the work.