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  1. criley

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    What, you have to be kidding! You have had many months to be working on X-Plane 11 and at least a year to work on 1.1 for X-Plane 10. There is always an excuse with this team. While the product is a good product, it is nowhere near a finished product yet we all payed full price rather than an intro price. It's like paying full price for a car and they don't give you the interior or allow your doors to open for at least a year but still promise you will one day because the folks at Ford have second jobs and have not made your purchase a priority. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. criley

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Yeah, you should have seen me at idle on the ramp while the plane was being pushed around sideways with a 30 knot wind. Felt like a kite.
  3. I am confused what you are asking for. There are tons of light switches and dimmers in the Cockpit. On the overhead and the pedestal they both have their own panel dimmers labeled "Panel" This will adjust the brightness of the Labels for each instrument/switch. There of course is the White dome above the circuit breakers where the switch is located on the upper most panel and has a Bright/Dim toggle. Then there is the super bright Cockpit light above in the overhead panel where the dimmer switch is located on the pedestal next to the panel dimmer. Then of course you have the other light switches in front of each pilot for maps and the main Panel. When turned on, it is like daytime, so i am not sure what you are having difficulty seeing unless your monitor brightness is very low.
  4. criley

    Navigraph Data

    Using Navigraph and X-Plane 11 now, Navigraph is not recognizing any of my aircraft, Just X-Plane 11 and this is the latest release of the manager. Should we manually install the data or just add the path manually? I am guessing it doesn't matter. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  5. I usually fly online with another friend or two doing the same thing. We connect P2P by port forwarding but the trick is that you do need the same aircraft on both machines in the same directories. So basically when your machine sees your friend IXEG 737, it is looking in your X-Plane Aircraft folder for the same plane and directory structure as his. So if you both fly any of the default aircraft, then all will be fine. If he flies the IXEG then you must have a copy of it on your system as well. I think I have tried Tom's way at one point and do not recall if it worked of not. I do recall that the IXEG is very difficult doing this with as you will also see the ground services equipment attached to the aircraft at all times, even while flying.(Alos I recall an issue with activation when changing the name of the aircraft) On a side note, if you do get it working and want to be able to have a different Livery than your friends, then you must make another copy as well and name it something different. So each would have a copy named IXEG 737 Classic-Bob and IXEG 737 Classic-Mike or what ever you want as long as they say the same thing. To maybe make things easier and this is a maybe, you can try out the plugin called Netflight. This will allow you to choose what aircraft that would closely resemble your friend's without having to have the same planes. You would select what aircraft with the AI menu as it uses one or more of the 19 aircraft slots so you can fly with 19 other friends. There was an issue with Netflight and Gizmo a while back which is what prompted us to use direct connections, but maybe the issue is no longer there. our FPS dropped dramatically when Gizmo was in the plugins folder. I hope that helps more than confuses you.
  6. criley

    IXEG Activations Limit?

    Most protection systems reference the NIC card to know if it is a different machine. I don't know if this is the case with this. And I am pretty sure LeChuck is correct, it's downloads. Not sure about activation limits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. criley

    The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    I am using Beta now as well and where I used to get 27-36 on the ground at KSEA, I am now getting 12fps. When I go into the sky with free camera, I would get around 100fps or higher and now 34-36. i7-4770 @ 3.5GHz, GTX 780Ti This has to get better. I'd hate to see what folks are getting with the older cards. Barely flyable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Under the coroutes folder under the aircraft folder itself Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Duh, I didn't even think of that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Why is 5108 not a valid Code? Is there a master list of codes that can be used? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. criley

    Latest Update?

    Cameron, I am done with this conversation. Only you have the ability to take a constructive post/conversation and turn it around to be a negative post. It's no wonder that you have alienated so many people who have bought products from your store or those who were considering it. Believe me, If some of these products were sold elsewhere, I wouldn't be bothering you. Also, obviously IXEG has a different viewpoint than you as far as--- As the way that they built the following they have for the past 5-6 years is by providing communication of what's to come and releasing glimpses into the project. Without that, this would not have been such a great success as it has been and you would not have reaped all of the commissions you have. I am very happy for them. They just need to keep the excitement up. I would think you of all people would understand this as a storefront but maybe marketing is just not your forte. Oh and I see you are now following me; don't bother as you will get board since I do not post much on these forums. Thanks again IXEG, you guys rock! Just please keep us in the loop.
  12. criley

    Latest Update?

    If your comparing types of aircraft, it wouldn't be a factor. However if your comparing level of realism, level of systems emulated and overall immersiveness, then the two based on marketing are neck and neck. I am not saying PMDG is any better, I honestly think once this project is complete, that IXEG may even be better or at least on par with the level of realism that and immersiveness PMDG customers have experienced with their FSX/p3d products and come to expect with such a developer. So it's not about comparing a prop plane vs a modern Jet, because there is a huge fan base of the commercial jet world that wouldn't give commercial prop or GA a second thought. However it is like having a scenery developer trying to raise to the level of ORBX, which again in my mind is not that hard with some of the scenery packages I have seen both premium and free. @Cameron- you are entitled to your opinion as am I, and I am glad that you feel that it was closer to 85-90%. But based on your comment about it not being a 10 year project, your numbers would indicate a 7+ year project. So are you saying that we Paid premium price and now should expect to wait 2 years before we get our money's worth or at least before it is expected to be done? The one thing I like about Carenado is that when it is released, you know what to expect and it is for all its worth, it is complete. It's a plane that works as it should and looks beautiful inside and out with an unparalleled level of eye candy. IXEG has the systems part down really awesome, but the simple components such as working doors and realistic cabin are not even there yet. Again great job on the plane, we just expect better communication. Also for marketing purposes, it's a definite necessity. Imagine if Apple was silent on their products for several months and there were no leaks/rumors. Their stock would suffer. It's marketing and business 101. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. criley

    Latest Update?

    I figured as much that there was still work going on. It was simply a lack of communication as Xplana suggested. There have been way too many developers out there that have created hype and did a great job to market their product, then release it when it was not ready, maybe 75-80% complete. then the market purchase the product having been told that more updates are on their way only to never hear from them again or see only a handful of updates. In the software development world, you never release a product unless it is at least 95% ready. Again as great as this plane is, it was released too early as it is only about 60% complete in my mind and that is being nice. I think it was released early with the thought they needed to get in before PMDG did. Again, no problems with the plane or the price as long as it gets done soon, and not another few months. We paid a premium price for a beta model and have been the guinea pigs for the beta without being compensated. Fine, but communication is important and we need to know what is going on as we are now investors who have fronted the money to make sure this projects gets completed and now have a vested interest.
  14. criley

    Latest Update?

    Just curious when the next update will be. It seems as if the project has been placed on hold as I have not seen any news for any updates coming up. I thought that maybe the developers were waiting on 10.50 final, but it has been released and not a word. If there is a place that shows the updates that will be coming out, I apologize and please point me to that thread. I used to get emails, but none in quite some time. We have spent probably the most money for any aircraft for this sim and all was going great for a short period of time and then.........silence. Except for a few sporadic posts about bugs, most posts are from the spring time and now its Autumn. I never complained about paying the money and new that there was going to be SOME time between initial release and a pretty good stable/finished (are they ever really finished) product worthy of the $75. While the plane is awesome as a beta, I am still awaiting on an immersive aircraft that we all thought we would be getting long by now. I can understand a few weeks or even a month or two, but this has been many months of ongoing silence. There were rumors of a "Big Update coming soon" at the convention in New England. Please, when will be be getting this update so maybe we can enjoy the Cabin as well? Even many of the streamers have lost interest in this plane. Please come out with an update soon. Thanks.
  15. I had this happen and the issue for me turned out to be Saitek Panels. I try to turn off the hardware before loading up the IXEG because i love working with the modeled cockpit, but I had forgotten to disable the plugin and my starter was in the off position. Once I switched it to both/all, everything started working. Same with making sure the battery switch and avionics switch are on if the panels are connected.