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Real Environment Xtreme Service Pack 3 for X-Plane

Real Environment Xtreme announces the release of Service Pack 3 of REXPlane for X-Plane. Fixes include an updated backend processing code of the weather sync feature, fixes for formatting of the metar.rwx file handling of temp and dew point, updated backend code for better performance of the WASYS system and moved processing of weather to their new database system.


Payware :(
...but still no MAC version.
Worth it though ... at least for me =)
...but still no GNU/Linux version.
Bought REX for X-plane when it first came out and have never received any updates.

You have to go download the updates. They are not issued by anyone but REX, and are a free download: http://realenvironme....php?board=31.0
Thanks Cameron, had no idea they had this section. All updated now.
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