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    Folks, I need to address this before it get's too much for us. I've been bombarded with PM's on Facebook, posts on Facebook, PM's on discord, a sprinkling of posts on reddit and forum posts here. Mostly from people just trying to help us with logs and feedback, but unfortunately there have been a few negative ones. So here it is. We are aware of the new CTD's with the TBM and 11.32. We were told 11.32 was going to fix the CTD's that were occurring with 11.31. This is obviously not the case. I did mention in my original post to hold off on updating if you are still on 11.30. We are doing our best in handling the support and staying visible in the community, and we would appreciate it if you are experiencing these CTD's, to not make any further posts about it. We know you only want to help, but when we get new notifications about a CTD and the Flight Plan key on the FMS, it takes time away from other support questions. On to the good news. A working update is ready to ship. It has been tested and all is good. It just needs to be packaged, and that'll be done in the next couple of days. We ask that you just please be a little more patient, and you'll be flying this sweet aircraft again very soon. Apologies if this post comes across as somewhat confronting, (It's not meant to) but it is now 3:20am, and I've spent most of the day helping toto with support...so I'm a little frazzled. We very much appreciate your understanding. For any other support related questions (not pertaining to the FMC and 11.32), please feel free to post! Cheers!
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    The owner of that actual aircraft (Jason Miller - Co Owner of Foreflight) helped us throughout the development of our TBM.
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    If all goes smoothly, a matter of days.
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    Well, folks I must say , in my twenty five years plus simming and mostly in the FSX forum. This is the most exciting time for me in flight simulation. over the years I have off and on used XP, but stayed with FSX. I decide it was time for the switch. And boy im so glad I did. it was like a whole new experience. The quality was second to none, the gameplay was second to none. If one wants to truly experience as close to real as it gets this is the sim. For you FSX guys( like I was once) , give it a try. But as I was saying this is my best time simming. I remember back when x plane was just that on a screen, a +___/, if I remember correctly.:) Hotstart has upped the game in producing quality aircraft for the simulator, and XP is the only one than can do it justice. The TBM-900 is the best GA out here , hands down. I have em all , from the heavies to the 172,s. This plane is the real deal, its all I want to fly. it's like owning a real aircraft. In a short time Hotstart TBM-900 has become the go to plane to fly. Some could not get to it because they used FSX, some could not get to it because there system was not strong enough to handle it, some did not want the hassle of switching over and learning the steep curve of XP first and them the TBM-900. Im not worried about laminar or Hotstart , they both need each other . Hotstart has upped the game in creating a gpu , cpu intense piece of software that uses all of Xp resources. This only Makes Laminar get better and better, because both teams are working hard in getting all the bugs out. When Hotstart came out with this great GA, it was to be expected to get all of the beast that come along with good work(no free ride). The problem is that when you create a bad product nobody buys it, but when you create a masterpiece, everybody once a piece of you. You folks have created a plane second to none in my twenty five plus years. I get chills just waiting on the updates, because they are so fantastic. And coupled with XP I have no problem being patient and waiting on them. Im a professional simmer. not a pilot. and will never be a pilot; uh maybe. Im the real deal as far as a simmer goes, its my greatest and most beloved hobby besides my love for painting portraits. Laminar and Hotstart I just want to say thank you for bringing me and the simming world to a whole new level. For all you young simmers I would just wait on the CTD problem questions and be patient. A plane this good is worth the wait, in the mean time go through your computer and make sure all is good:) Custom water cooled 6700k, 1070 RGB GTX, 32 gig ram, 2 tere hd. 49" Samsung gaming monitor. Ch Eclipse yolk. A future upgrade is coming. Once again Thx folks.
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    Seems some people do not even read the thread in detail. Goran thanks and Toto as well. You're doing a great job and offer a very direct support via various channels. In this particular case you may need to blame a bit on Laminar. Because they declare Release Candidates to early for me. Most folks are even expecting betas to be sort of bug free. In my opinion the 11.30 and post beta run was and is bad quality. Laminar should consider stepping a bit away from public beta programs. The normal user just misunderstands it and developers are being bombed with tasks, which they should do for themselves. The devs should test their products against new versions and not we the customers.
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    Hi @Goran_M! I can confirm that with a fresh TBM install, new XP Pref and empty TBM "State" folder the crash still occurs with XP 11.32b1. As soon as you select the "enter" button (airport or other) XP will quietly close down. I feel your pain...LOL! However, since all my other payware aircraft work just fine and I have not experienced any other downsides with XP 11.3xxx versions it appears that you folks NEED to address this here. The crash info may have been relayed to XP but they have bigger fish to fry than "fixing" the TBM. Please do all you can to get this fixed on your end. I have been happily flying this incredible model since it's release - it is so painful to leave it in my virtual hanger... TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
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    Thanks. I'm resigned to the fact there's always at least one.
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    I've read that real life -200 and Classic pilots with the mechanical AP servos like that have contests when they're landing to see who can get the plane on the ground in the fewest "clicks", meaning they're nice and smooth on the controls.
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    The TBM 900 is the single biggest reason why I don't fly Prepar3D any longer! The title says it all! Thanks Toto....you're the man!
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    As long as it's on, it's always working. It's an Angle of Attack indicator. 1 green bar at the bottom means optimal angle of attack. As soon as you start increasing AoA (slowing down, while maintaining altitude), you'll get all indicators, except the bottom one. This is telling you your AoA has slightly increased. As you continue to slow down, while maintaining altitude, the green bars slowly disappear into the yellow. If you keep slowing down, and don't lower the nose, the bars will keep disappearing. Once you are in the red, a stall is about to happen. Remember, the bars DISAPPEAR as your AoA increases. This is to declutter the display to make it easier to see out the front. http://www.alphasystemsaoa.com/index.php?id=35
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    Ok If you willing to pay for hosting and smartCARS, maintain the website, customize phpvms, manage databases and etc I will fetch you hub anywhere you want ! Agreed? Not ready to become a sponsor? Please tell me how else you can contribute to my VA? Because I’m trying to understand why you should be treated differently just because you don’t want to do something you don’t like? Does it make sense? As I stated before join staff, contribute, and open new hub right away. Or wait until VA opens build hours, get seniority and bid for a new hub! I think it’s pretty straightforward! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just wanted to hop in here and tell you; RTX 2080 Ti works very well with X-Plane. 100% utilization, silky smooth frame rate at 45-60 fps in areas I'd never even think of getting such numbers. (tested with the C172 which I fly most of the time now), my monitor is 3440x1440 resolution. If I make the window 1920x1080 I get 70-80 fps. Visual Effects: Maximum (HDR+SSAO) Texture Quality: Maximum AA: 4x SSAA Number of World Objects: Maximum Reflection: Minimal (saves a lot of frames) The fact the GPU is at 100% utilization tells me X-plane is power hungry, and want a lot more!
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    Deleting the output folder solved this issue on my side. However I've yet to find which particular file that cause the issue.
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    I am so grateful for that. The variable (fast rotating) wind madness in xp (came in 10.41 maybe) should really be put to an end. I have shown with videos to other users (tried reporting it to LR as well) how unrealistic is to have big jets behave as roller coasters in 5-7 kt variable wind, but never succeeded. People just wanted fun and "turbulence", and were so happy to experience dutch roll they couldn't get in fsx. A friend of mine once told me that when he sees the letter "v" in the metar he either cancels his flight in vatsim or changes the simulator. I hope you, as professional, will be heard by Austin and s.th. good will come out of this. Thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Version 1.1


    Aeroflot livery from 50s for Lisunov Li-2 which is russian made dc-3
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file is the paint kit to allow customers to create and re-distribute liveries for the Take Command!: IXEG 737 Classic. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact any of us here in the IXEG section of the forums!
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    I just want to put my 2c. In my opinion HotStart developers are professional, caring, and diligent in their work. They are always listen and provide timely updates. No reason to get frustrated about temporary delay because that how software business. MD111977: please do not project your frustration on developers. Calm down and get patient like the rest of us.
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    I think you need to calm down. The TBM was thoroughly tested for more than 6 months with various streamers, and we haven't stopped working on updates since day 1. We finally had a stable release (with the exception of a few CTD's that were backtraced to XP11) until X Plane 11.31 came out, and from the moment we received the very first CTD report, Saso has been working on fixing it. He has a small group of testers making sure the next update is working with 11.31 before it goes final. Before you jump to harsh conclusions, it might serve you well to read the other posts in this forum. Calling us incompetent will not get you the update any faster.
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    Still sulking?. I guess you can afford to throw away 50/60 bucks good for you mate well done
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    Are you new to X-Plane? I have used it since the early days of X-Plane 9, and Laminar are always striving to improve the sim, sometimes this breaks payware aircraft. Rest assured, in my experience, these Devs talk to Laminar and things will get sorted out so you can use these add-ons. Normally things get sorted fairly quickly and add-ons are usable again. I know it is frustrating when you have spent your money on something, but be patient it will be sorted. I have bought many products from X-Aviation, never had a problem with them, always Devs available first-hand to deal with any problems/questions. That is the thing I find really great with X-Plane, you are able to speak to the developers and Laminar Research one-to-one, and they are always more than willing to help you out. I am in a similar position to yourself, only bought the TBM last week, but I will wait patiently, knowing that this will be fixed.
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    Actually releasing a product thats not for for market is just incompetent ,Sulk all you want its a fact. Flight Factor /Rotate /IXEG/Flightjsim no issues
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    When you bought it 2 weeks ago you should have been able to fly it. It was the 11.31 update which broke things up and this is only out since a few days now, not 2 weeks. If you think it's bullshit that the devs are working hard to fix it, well then nobody here can help you.
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    Hi MD111977, I'm not in any way connected to X-Aviation, and I understand you, but I'd recommend some patience. When the fix is out you will probably be very satisfied.
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    Hi all i bought the 900 2 weeks ago and would love to say it fly's like a dream . (Running 11.31 X plane) . But its a nightmare , crash to desktop all, the time and when the TBM 900 dose load its on fire with smashed windows sitting on its tail????? No reply from Hot Start or X Aviation over 50 euros down the drain currently on mt 10th install to remedy the issue and its been worked on ???? Well i call bullshit on that , for this should have NEVER been released in the first place ,truly disgraceful to con people out there money ,not to mention you can forget a refund . Lesson learnt and ive warned people on other forums to stay clear .