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    Starting to put in the finer details. Moo work is getting accelerated, alongside the IXEG FMS.
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    I'm trying to assign a joystick button for the TOGA function but I can't see TOGA listed under the IXEG/Autopilot options. Am I looking in the right place? Many thanks
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    I have no idea,will look Into this for messing lua codes. Thanks for your help. Jax
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    We made some major changes in 4.8.0 to many of the cloud files which look more natural, in 4.8.2 we made some adjustments to the vertical representations which look far better. i think you are seeing a combination of both changes impacting the overall look to SMP. Im glad you are enjoying it!!
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    Hi to all,first thanks for this great work but i can´t enjoy it at all because when i complete the startup and pushback with the IXEG 737,the copilot says to check flight controls,it recognizes the elevator up down and then neutral,and the rudder(marked in options with flight controls check) but the with the ailerons when and check yoke full left and full right i can´t listen confirmaton for right left and neutral,the problem is speedycopilot stuck at this point and can´t go in the take-off mode,remain in before taxi. What is the logic of flight controls check,any order?why can´t recognize ailerons movement but,in the meantime elevator and rudder chck is ok?. Thanks a lot. Jax
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    I did this yesterday while doing my OrundTheGlobe tour . I wanted to test endurance and it came pretty close to official numbers. Single pilot 90kg and 35kg of baggage in trunk. Aprox. 1774nm. Mostly at FL280-310 at 250kn. Once you bring her high it burns about 30-35g/h. I landed with couple gallons left.
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    Jack, this is not meant to be rude in any way, but you do know how the reverse logic works in the Hotstart TBM, do you? This is from the manual: Please note that in the simulation, as in the real aircraft, you cannot move the throttle from the POWER range into the TAXI and REV ranges without lifting the flight idle lockout to get over the flight idle stop gate. To actuate this lockout, you will need to map a button or key to the sim/engines/thrust reverse toggle command (aka “Toggle thrust reversers”). Pressing this button or key will lift the lockout. NOTE Activating the “reverse toggle” command does NOT engage reverse thrust. The default X-Plane behavior has been overridden by the TBM900 simulation to behave as in real life. Instead, activating this action simply lifts the lockout tab. You then need to move your throttle past the flight idle stop and into the TAXI or REV ranges. Once in the ranges, you can release the “reverse toggle” button/key. The lockout tab will not re-engage until you again transition the throttle into the POWER range. This means all you need to do is to map your physical throttle axis as "throttle" in xplane, no curve whatsoever needed. It will control the whole range from alpha over beta to reverse, but to get into reverse you need to press a button which you have assigned to the "toggle reverse" command.
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    My X5600 Rhino doesn't have any physical detent on the throttle quadrant, but I can set the response curve for one of the throttle levers (the X5600 has dual throttle levers) in XP, and get the Beta to work, so in essence, I can bring the throttle back to a point, then the aircraft will respond go to idle, with the throttle movement going further back, and Beta engages. A full throttle back will engage reverse. In the response curve dialog, via the controller settings, there is a checkbox that enables you to use Beta/Reverse...pretty simple. After a test flight with these settings, I can land now, and quickly engage reverse and slow the aircraft down much easier.
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    Hmm, ok but it doesn't need any specific switches. You just need to bind any button or even a key for the specific command.
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    Just curious, what makes the TQ6 so special that it doesn't work with the TBM's reverse logic?
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    Sounds like you are on the right track about response curves. Check out this video from the God of X-Plane himself. Go to 2:22 where he describes how turboprops work and also instructs you on how to edit response curves. I'm about to give this a try myself, as I just bought the TBM-900 (awesome plane btw) and I need to get all my controls set properly for her.
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    Hi everyone I dont have many posts in forums, I only usually post when I need some help etc and I have been flight simming since 1998, started with Microsoft etc etc..P3d, and got xp11 about 3 years ago. Since I purchased the TBM I haven't given my time to any of the other study aircraft I have in my hanger, I just love this aircraft, it is phenomenal...I can take off and land this baby all day long! I Recently I got into ortho scenery and I'm having a ball in California at the moment, stunning scenery, I mean ....wow.....it must be awesome to fly there in real life....busy airspace obviously! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you Goran and team, remarkable achievement what you have done, I'm not a real pilot but I do consider myself an experienced simmer and the TBM900 is a outstanding simulation for sure! Thank you Regards Paul EGCC
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    Adding to what Cameron said, there are also many new datarefs coupled with new code. So, essentially, this next update is considered a "bridge" to 2.0.
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    Hello again. I'd like to give another update. During our investigation into updating our NavData to the XP1100 format, it became apparent that this must be the way to go for long-term future compatibility and more reliable route calculations, including holds, but would require a significant rewrite of the FMS base architecture to do so. So over the last 4 weeks, we have done exactly that. We now have the beginnings of a 2nd FMS running in parallel with... but independently of.... our original FMS. We are running 'newFMS' on CDU1 and 'oldFMS' on CDU2. We will NOT be simulating dual FMCs though. This old/new arrangement only exists so we can compare the new with the old while developing the new. It is much like building a new bridge alongside an old bridge...and when the new one is ready, we will remove the old. Much of the challenges we have faced with regards to drawing routes / vnav have been related to the limited nature of the navData format we have used since we began the project. Moving to a format which have been designed expressly for "navigation processing" will go a long way towards easing our algorithm development. The image below shows the two CDUs, both on the "IDENT" page, but clearly displaying differing data as they use differing algorithms/databases....and for those curious, the pilot CDU displays 'odd' formatting simply because we were testing our new display drawing code. We are very excited moving to this new XP1100 format. We have, in 4 weeks, accomplished what took us over 24 months to accomplish originally. Of course we have the benefit of experience, but the elegance and efficiency of the new navData format and architecture allow us to focus on the FMS functionality by orders of magnitude more than before. With the new infrastructure complete, we will begin working on the route editing. The current navData set only supports about 8 different waypoint types. Arcs are not supported, as is common in today's RNAV procedures, but the new format contains all path/terminator types typical in today's procedures. As usual, we thank you for any patience you have managed to muster as we work to improve the IXEG 733. P.S. Jan and myself will be at Flight Sim Expo in Orlando, FL/USA in a few weeks if anyone wants to talk shop. -Tom Kyler
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    Version 2.2.0.VR


    P.180 Avanti II for X-Plane 11 - CURRENT VERSION: 2.2.0.VR (uploaded at: 11:00Z February 25th, 2019) NOW VR COMPATIBLE with the help of SimVRLabs! NEW DOWNLOAD OPTIONS - !!! READ BELOW !!! OPTION 1: If you already have the Avanti or any X-Aviation product (you should already have the Gizmo plugin installed in your X-Plane installation - check for Gizmo.plugin in X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/ folder) Download only the file : "P_180_Avanti_II.zip". Unzip it in your Aircrafts folder. You are good to go! Enjoy your flight! OPTION 2: You haven't the previous version of the Avanti (2.1.0) or any X-Aviation product. Download both files. Run the "P_180_Avanti_Installer.zip". This will install both Gizmo and the previous version of the Avanti. Then you can replace the previous version with the current. NOTE: If you get a pop window to ask you for login details, you do not have to enter anything, just close the window, and the aircraft will work fine. OFFICIAL SUPPORT: Official Bug tracker: https://bitbucket.org/iliastselios/p180_avanti/issues?status=new&status=open Support Forums: DESCRIPTION: As you might already know this aircraft is based on X-Plane's default P.180 Avanti , originally designed for X-Plane 8, was included in X-Plane 9, and from that point has been overhauled to Avanti II version. This is aircraft is totally FREE! It is a "return" to the X-Plane community that supported us those last 4 years that we exist as a development team! This aircraft main features are: High quality visuals, cockpit all new 3D model and textures, including PBR materials. Simulated: a. startup and shutdown procedures b. engine controls and operations c. autopilot controls and operations d. partially operation of the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel systems. Emulation of Proline 21 avionics suite. Currently there is only one layout that will allow you to operate the aircraft in all scenarios. Many improvements will come in the future. Installation in the 3D cockpit of the default X-Plane 11 FMC. Improved flight characteristics. Internal custom lighting. Of course Avanti development is not stopping here! Actually the overall development will be continuous, and the aircraft will always be in beta stage. Updates and upgrades will be available frequently! Main planned future upgrades are: Adding more functionallity to Proline 21 avionics suite, heading from an emulation to a simulation. Custom NAV maps. Custom FMC. Fully simulation of all systems. New 3D model from ground up. Improved flight model. Avanti EVO. Special thanks to: Austin Meyer for giving his permission to use parts of the Avanti on this project and X-Plane by Laminar Research that gave us this magnificent simulator! The team that originally developed Avanti for X-Plane, Robert Pearson (aerodynamics), Massimo Durando (cockpit & 3D cockpit), and Javier rollon (External Model. JRollonPlanes www.jrollon.com) for his fantastic 3D work. @Hueyman for the propeller 3D model and the prop disc images. Ben Russell of Gizmo64 for his support and that made available to us that powerful tool (aka Gizmo), and Cameron Son of X-Aviation for the support. And of course X-Plane community for the interest in that project and patient to wait to be realized!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file is the paint kit to allow customers to create and re-distribute liveries for the Take Command!: IXEG 737 Classic. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact any of us here in the IXEG section of the forums!