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    I think the underlying message is that the team is busy with various family and professional commitments and that any form of commitment or projection of future plans for release are likely to setup expecations within the community that might not be fully met as life unfolds. It's better to publish the feature list contained in an update, and a date of availability for the update, when the update is actually ready to publish. This keeps expectations and promises more realistic. The community also needs to bear in mind that while some key members of the team are busy with high profile obligations their pre-existing products have been supported in the market for 10 years with free updates. The IXEG project was purely self driven with no funding at all for five years before release. The technologies it relies on are created and maintained by myself, and I've been in the X-Plane arena for nearly 15 years. In short: "Reports of IXEG's death are greatly exagerrated."
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    Don't give away all the secrets at once, Jan.
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    The ground handling issue is solved for me : 1) The POH recommendation : apply brakes , increase torque and release brakes when in torque range 40 - 60 % . 2 ) In the Laminar control sensitivity window, I moved all three control response sliders all the way to the left. 3) Moved the stability augmentation slider for yaw to the 50% mark. The default position for control response is at the 50 % position . The fine print describes this as giving finer adjustment when the joystick /rudder is in the center position. Whereas in the leftward position , control response is linear . I interpret this leftward position to mean if I move my rudder a small amount it will make a small correction of the rudder on the plane., not some value calculated by an algorithm when the slider is to the right. Whatever it means , I now look on take offs and landings as a far smoother ,enjoyable ,predictable event.
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    A good point - but one we have considered thoroughly! The real flight-controls in a Boeing (and any airliner) will only move so fast - the hydraulics can´t move them as fast as a pilot could throw around the control wheel/sidestick. In Boeing aircraft (at least the ones I flew) the flight-control inputs are connected proportionally to the flight-control surfaces. This means that you can only move the wheel as fast as the controls move. This is great, because the pilot always FEELS what the current displacement of the flight-controls is like - very important in windy/gusty situations where overcontrolling is a real threat. Airbus does it differently - here you can throw around the sidestick pretty much as fast as you want, with the flight-controls lagging behind (and the computer in normal law also messing with you). Thats why Airbus aircraft are (in my humble and personal opinion) a nightmare to fly in gusty crosswinds. Sorry, Tolouse. For the IXEG we have the same problem - the user can throw the joystick from side to side in 0.2 seconds, while the flight-controls take a lot longer. So we had a choice to make - but if we made the flight-controls stay in sync with the joystick (which leads to better control), we would have had unrealistic roll (and pitch) rates - which is a no-go! So until we all get force-feedback hardware inputs, it´s just something we have to live with. But rest assured that the plane rolls as quick as in real life. Cheers, Jan
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    A complete reinstall of X-Plane (including manual deleting the X-Plane folder in Steam\commons) doesn't solve the issue. What worked for me, was to reset the shader-cache in the AMD display settings. So the hijacked thread is solved again. Thanks for your support.
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    Can't get enough with TBM
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    It's extremely unlikely that Laminar are going to change what they've done. Toto will make changes in the TBM, but not until 11.3 is out of beta.
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    I will try a fresh installation of X-Plane in the next days to ensure, that every plugin is removed.
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    Jump in the discord and mention it to toto. https://discord.gg/k5A78z
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    Hmm, if you are really running "vanilla" (no 3rd party except the IXEG) X-Plane 11.26 and still have that problem then I can´t give you any advice, either - except to doublecheck if you are really running without any 3rd party changes or plugins affecting your X-Plane installation. It is sometimes surprisingly hard to really remove or disable some artwork hacks. If that is not the case, then - since you are the only customer suffering this effect - it is probably in order to start thinking about a hardware malfunction or the like... Cheers, Jan
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    Indeed, I remember something of that story. Weird. Hey, isn't the kgs/lbs mess up what caused the Gimli glider thing? The fuel truck guy, according to the Air Crash Investigation film, messed up. Again, so many details to think of that it's scary how you guys deal with it all. If I showed you some of my orchestral scores, you might say the same, but the worse that can happen in my case is ugly sounds, some boos and laughs. But no one dies. abr ax
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    Nice! That is so good to hear, and every SAAB driver is going to appreciate that a lot. I'm kicking myself for sitting on the fence way too long before buying this addon. It is such a fun aircraft to fly, and reminds me a lot of a baby MD-80, with all of the quirky procedures. One last thing, that's not as important as the autopilot, would be a fix for the system status annunciator panel lights that don't illuminate during daylight. (L BETA, AUTOCOARS ARM, etc...). Certainly not a deal breaker, but the light show during start up and departure is unique to the 340, and would be fun to have working. Finally, you have a definite customer here for version 2 whenever it comes out. I absolutely love these "transition" aircraft; not quite all steam gauge, not quite electronic display, and just automated enough to make things interesting. Thanks again for updating the autopilot. Regards, Tim
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    Speak for yourself. Anyway, I think there are multiple factors at play here. The somewhat framerate intensive nature of the add-on. The real-life aircraft isn't easy to fly or so I'm told. XP 11's broken ground handling. There aren't a whole lot of high fidelity single-engine turboprops out there for XP so many of us jump in with no previous experience in this type of aircraft. Finally, I think our setups play a big role. For example, I have an old Saitek X52 that I have used for many years and try as I might I couldn't get the TBM airborne without swerving down the runway like a drunken idiot so I try my friends X55 Rhino and to my surprise I had no issues getting airborne.
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    Yes, rudder inputs do deflect the nose wheel in the TBM 900. From the Pilots Operating Handbook, chapter 7, Ground Maneuvers: Nose gear steering control is combined with rudder pedals and is fitted with a shimmy damper. When one of rudder pedals is fully pushed, nose wheels wivels about 20°. Steering may be increased up to 28° by applying differential braking to each side. I have no problems with taxiing or landing, but I'm struggling a bit with the takeoff roll too. I hope for 11.30 which introduces some improvements for axis calibration. Q8Pilot made a good video about upcoming xplane joystick response curves. (look for it on YouTube) He also mentiones in this video that he had very good results with the TBM 900.
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    For now I use smartCARS it was easier to integrate. Other acars systems are not off the table, but there is no sense to try anything else now LOL
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    Maybe this one will do... Enjoy.
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    Version 1.0.0


    VIP TAG Aviation (UK) livery for the IXEG 737 Classic based on the 737-300 (G-TGPG). Model: 737-3Y0 (W) Construction number: 24464 Line number: 1753 Built: 1989 Delivered: 2017-02-07 Enjoy.
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    A Beautiful Dusk Flight on the 733 from Geneva (LSGG) to Frankfurt Hahn (EDFH)
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    https://www.harveynorman.com.au/htc-vive-virtual-reality-kit-consumer-edition-version-2-coal-black.html $939 AU dollars. To support a small but vocal fraction of the market. Then there's the issue of the hardware you own to run it. Buying a headset does NOT magically upgrade your PC. This isn't AAA games dev where we make $250 million dollars on launch weekend. I have a VIVE, I paid some $700 for it. My hardware is barely capable of utilising it. (970M GPU, Laptop.) It is mostly unusued and is currently boxed because life circumstance dictates that I don't have the space to set it up. Thankfully I have a laptop so I can remain productive even with limited space. Everything is a trade off.
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    Shoreham EGKA from 7000 feet, note the synthetic vision on the G1000...
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    Hi, this CSL doesn't work well on IVAO so my friend did a complete remake and it is great! We tested it several times. Three liveries Awaiting approval to upload the new CSL for IVAO . Cheers
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    What I've been doing is on the MFD, there's an indication of your trim settings. I ensure that the elevator trim is set on the green notch. Then I ensure rudder trim is set on the green notch. It takes a lot of right rudder trim. Once those are set, the takeoff roll is pretty stable. Just have to apply very minor rudder input to track the centerline.
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    Short final to Innsbruck, Austria (LOWI) after the famous LOC DME EAST approach 737 resting on the apron
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    Sure Ben. Here you go...