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    Automated BUGS for vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script View File This lua script reads the V speeds from the CDU and sets the speed bugs automatically, for this script: Submitter TonyVier Submitted 01/17/2019 Category Plugins and Utilities  
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    I am def going to try this flight.
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    I´d like to share with you this video. Hope you enjoy it. It´s 737-400F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z49i6vpM5Is
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    Aerobask, a developer known for their Epic E1000 and Viperjet LXR, have released their long-awaited single engine, super light jet; the Epic Victory. But they did not stop there. When you purchase their new release, you get the LISA Akoya, a nimble, single engine amphibious plane, free of charge. And if you thought that was a bargain, Aerobask is not done there. Along with the two aircraft, you can also download a free Manuae Airport scenery, made available at X-Plane.org, to really enhance your sea plane experience. Feature list: Aerobask Quality 3D Model High quality 3D model throughout Flight model defined according to the specifications of public data. Fun to fly. Ultra-High Resolution textures. 4K, Ambient Occlusion, Specular, Normal mapping and night lightning. Fully functional and animated Virtual 3D cockpit. Panoramic windshield with reflections, rain and icing effects. Ground Power Unit First ever modeled Skyview for X-Plane 3 EFIS Skyview Extensive custom logic to simulate the real Skyview Custom MAPs & FMS Flight Plans Management Transponder AutoPilot and radio All EFIS can be displayed in Pop-up view Other Systems EIS MVP50, 2 Garmin GNC255, 1 STEC5000 Autopilot, ADL110B weather radar, TCAS and vocal alerts. Can also be viewed as Pop-up windows Dynamic Menus Options Menu Fuel & weight management GPU Custom 3D Sounds Engine, gear, flaps, door, vocal alert, callout. Enhanced 3D sound engine using SASL functions. Liveries More than 6 different paint schemes using 4K textures (more available at aerobask.com) Documentation Victory general manual Aerobask Skyview manual Checklist normal operation Online Flight Planner tutorial