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    Manual is done...at least the "beta" version. I'm going through it now, testing the checklists against proper functionality. My goal is to forward the package on to XA to begin distribution preparations by the weekend......this does NOT mean it will come out over the weekend.....distribution prep is quite a bit of work and takes some time. No update to 3D or sounds or any of that stuff in this version, just the engine model / prop locks for more accurate operation...and a few other tid-bits. As always, the fancy 3D / sounds are slated for the 2.0 release. -tkyler
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    The after landing trigger was SPOILERS DOWN and, per FCOM, I prefer the F/O to handle the strobe switch on his side. However, it is perfectly understandable that you want to change your triggers to your liking and your own logic. You are very welcome to do that. Nice idea ! With Speedy Copilot 2.15, engine start switches are manually activated by you, for the start procedure. Then ,during after start flows (and in approach,later), tjeF/O switches them to CONTINUOUS. I just tested that,and it worked perfectly on my computer. Did you erase the previous versions of the script before copying the last version ? Also, close and restart X-Plane for and after the installation to erase any global variable values. I did not change the trigger in version 2.15 following your suggestion, because I made several tests with the current state of triggers for the after takeoff flow to ensure they are robust as is. The triggers are sensitive, because it has to work both for take off and go around. I remember fine tuning those takeoff triggers and it is not clear to me (without doing a series of tests) if the after takeoff sequence would keep safe and operationnal with your modification, but I hope so. So I reserve this modification for later so far. In the mean time, you are very welcome to modify the script on your computer of course. I welcome your ideas and suggestions. Thank you for your interest.
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    The version 2.15 is now available on x-pilot.com and on my website. Per user request, Flaps 30 can be selected instead of Flaps 40 for landing. How to do that is documented in the PDF documentation. The version 2.15 has been tested on a typical flight profile with CRZ above FL100 and no sign of malfunctions was spotted throughout the different phases of flight but feel free to report any here. Happy flights !
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    Thanks for sharing...really great website and tools
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    Hi, I know a lot of simmers use Simbrief or PFPX butI don't. I do my route preparation on my own website for free. I like to do it this way. I did update today the OFP generated for the Boeing 737 (both classic and NG). I have kept at the moment the legacy OFP for classics and NG, but added the Boeing B737_CL_and_NG OFP. When you export in PDF or print the OFP selection from Open Office Calc, you have the result attached below (ofp.pdf). If you wish, you can download the ofp.ots (Open Document Template, made with Open Office) below, or generate it dynamically using my web site YART  ¡ Yet Another Route Tool !© in Advanced mode. The principle is to follow the worklow suggested in the first tab of the spreedsheat and then export the OFP located in the last tab of the Calc document. Click on the signature standing on the OFP to add the handwritten notes to the OFP. Best regards. ofp.pdf ofp.ots ofp-notes.pdf
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    I din't want the FO to arm speed brake because I am focussing on Pilot Monitoring on right hand seat. In the FCOM, landing procedure (NP 21.49), it is the Pilot Flying who "Set the speed brake lever to ARM"... I found it great the Captain PM to be in charge of it so I didn't try to add it.. Anyway, you can decide differently with your own SOP... That would be great, at the moment, I don't now how to store a data displayed in the CDU into a Lua variable. It is not an IXEG dataref... Instead I would be inclined to find a trigger that allow FLAPS 40 or FLAPS 30. The best way is to tell the copilot with a workaround like pushing a specific button below 6000 feet, he understands it will be one of the configurations instead of the other and then does : if planned_flaps == 40 then FLAPS = 1 end --flaps 40* if planned_flaps == 30 then FLAPS = 0.xx end --flaps 30* I have updated it to allow Flaps 30 on landing, it is ready and will be uploaded in v2.1 I have updated the documentation. But still have to test the new version 2.1 before uploading. Speedy Copilot_2.pdf
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    Hi,yes the chronometer is left apart in my version 2.0. But the engine start swithes is solved, and the flap retraction altitude is a good idea... Did you use the version 2.0 as a basis? Because it is greatly improved in regard to previous versions 1.x... In theversion 2, my the FO handles the GRD/FLT switch without problem. The solution is to use the Lua function "set" instead of the "dataref" function (see fly_with_Lua documentation). For flaps 30, I didn't do that at that time.It is very easy to change FLAPS 40 for FLAPS 30,but it requires more code to create a situation for FLAPS 30 OR FLAPS 40. I am glad you like my work ! And try to improve it !! Just,be sure your work is based on 2.0...
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    I´m really diving into this script trying to improve it. I´ve already added a flap retraction altitude of 1.000ft, so the FO doesn´t set flaps 1 right after liftoff... which is a little unhandy ._. I´m trying to make the FO handle the GRD/FLT switch, but if i enter the dataref into the script, lua crashes. no idea why. I´ll also try to make it set flap 30 for final. i´m a flap 30 guy ._. I´wonder if it would be possible to link takeoff and landing config to the FMC data. Would be awsome. I´m also trying to make the FO arm the speedbrakes... which doesn´t work. Same problem the engine start switches have i guess : P This script has plenty of potential : ) EDIT: Copilot now also starts chrono during before taxi procedures and stops it during after shutdown procedure.
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    Version 2.0 from 2018-06-16 Change log * v 2.0 : Engine start switches CONTINUOUS (after start and before landing) is now handled by the copilot, with the use of a different Lua function not conflicting with IXEG software * v 2.0 : Autobrake switch is now fully handled by the copilot, with the use of a different Lua function not conflicting with IXEG software * v 2.0 : Press. FLT - GRD switch is now handled by the F/O. * v 2.0 : Guarded switches (flt_control_A_guard, flt_control_B_guard, spoiler_A_guard, spoiler_B_guard, alt_flaps_guard, att_pwr_guard, stby_pwr_guard and bus_xfr_guard) now checked guarded by the F/O during preflight. * v 2.0 : The F/O sets his CDU to LEGS page as part of the before start flow, per FCOM. Speedy Copilot_2.pdf
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    Really? What's more important? A tin can with a few humans racing around the earth at 17,000mph, or a pretend airplane? Priorities man, priorities!