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    Attitude Simulations is based in Ann Arbor and our other artists are out West in Twenty Nine Palms, CA and San Antonio, TX. Come get fuel from me at Solo, KARB, once you get your ppl. Detroit will have most of the river taken care of but being so big I probably won't include DET. KMCD definitely as well is WIP as you can see below...
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    Installed, after a few patterns I have to say this is a very nice piece of scenery art. Now bring on more. [emoji1303][emoji23] Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
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    DTW is our flagship for sure ....I have thought about Duluth, it would be a great place for Cirrus pilots in the sim! Can't make any promises but If the support we get from the community meets our goals then we will definitely consider it. Requests are great! I would love to fill in the entire region and have fun places to fly everywhere!!
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    Is posible a hot fix for reflection displays? I bought recently and love these reflections in youtube videos...
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    Any thoughts on including Duluth, MN? (KDLH - Duluth International and KDYT - Sky Harbor, plus surrounding area.) I would think that this location would be the flagship to the entire scenery pack...
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    I run a 1070, 16gb of ram, and an I7 4770k, run this scenery at 50+ frames at the minimum. The reflections slider I always keep low, the reflections are still not correctly optimized in X-Plane 11, they lag on the aircraft, and have some weird artifacts. Most users I speak to always have this set at minimum.
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    There is a real interest for a shared cockpit, more than expected at least by me. Almost 1000 downloads for the last release including BP! Claude.
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    Hi Denco, I just tried the "737 walz" in 11.10b4 that my real instructor demonstrated during my initial landing training in 96: Approach normally, but don´t arm the spoilers! Add, 1-2% N1 just before touchdown. Now float down the runway, touching down with the left wheel, then the right wheel, then the left... The ground effect will keep you floating without speed loss. You will have to pull quite a bit in X-Plane, but it shows that it there is enough elevator authority. The CG can be adjusted in the "ground services" menu before takeoff, and it will calculate the resultant takeoff trim setting for you. Note that this trim setting will be too much "nose up" after you climb out of ground effect, another sideeffect of Austin´s new downwash model. We will adjust that after 11.10 goes final. Be prepared to trim nose-down after climbing through 20 feet or so... Jan