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    I find myself missing this plane when I'm away from it for more than a day now. I'm going to clear some space on the hard drive and record a tutorial of how to fly the PORTE4 departure with raw data until PORTE, then FMS from there to LAX for the ILS 24R. It's a fun flight.
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    The pretty-est aeroplane in X-Plane. Plucky too ... a real trooper. Such clean lines! So nice to fly ... when I get the urge to just fly I take this speedy little turboprop for a spin, and it satisfies just about all my simulation needs Here she is just parking @ my Brisbane FBO.
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    Just a little something I've been working on.
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    Hi Keith, sounds great, I look forward to seeing it Any chance that you could do the "Prequel" (or even a series), in which you show the Flight Planning, Perf charts, W&B, weather briefing ect that happens before the flight? With links to planning tools/en-route/approach charts ect? I think that would turn your excellent video into something extra special. cessna729.
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    Can you just kick the S.A.A.B. out the door instead? Really looking forward to this one ... I know it will be worth the wait.
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    Dude, you've totally missed the point! This is about piracy, plain and simple. That's why I got into the fray. Just happens that he claims he bought it at the org, but he didn't. Just happens it's a Carenado. If it were your MU-2 I think you would do the same diligence and I wouldn't have to. I only jumped in because Dan and Carenado don't have a voice here. I'm well aware why so you don't have to school me on it. If I were to see a similar post about your MU-2 or Goran's DC-3 on another forum, I would do the same thing there. Piracy is a crime and if we let it go, then what good are copyrights? Comes right out of the developers' pockets. The scenario with VMAX and Laminar you mention is a horse of a different color and irrelevant to this thread. That's a case of "he said, she said" yada yada and I don't have a dog in that fight. I'm talking about theft. I'm not trying to defend Carenado or Dan for the way he treated the kid. I'm exposing a thief. When copyright is breached I get mad. I live and die by copyright every day and when I see someone disrespecting copyright, it really chaps me. I'd think it would you, too. I admit I could be wrong in this case, but the evidence thus far leads me to the conclusions I've posted. It's up to the original poster to provide us with REAL documentation if he wants to clear his name.
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    CRJ-200 of course! Thanks JRollon and X-Aviation for such a great aircraft! From Brisbane to Tamworth .. Kendell Airline livery (subsidiary of Ansett Airlines) .. now a defunct airline, but my wife used to fly Ansett as a stewardess (she described the CRJ back then as a 'baby 727' ... she also flew on the 727 until they converted to the 737 ). .. landed and passengers disembarked. Uploaded with ImageShack.us