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    It is a known issue, will be fixed with the upcoming 2.0.1 release.
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    We are getting ready an (free) update for the aircraft with a lot of improvements, including a paintkit for everyone to do they liveries they like.
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    Thanks for this mini review. We're definitely looking at adding a few things. There'll be a couple of nice little surprises in the next update. Also, librain will be added in the future as well.
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    The GPS issue, from our research, is sometimes a random issue coming from X-Plane. If you google it, you;ll see that pop ups from time to time. For example, during our testing, happened once and then gone away. In the upcoming update, the GPS will be powered as soon as avionics get power. Thanks a lot for your kind words!
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    Something is definitely off here first step, please provide us a log.txt file....
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    I need to get that thing done. It's almost finished.
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    Thanks a lot! I'll nudge @Goran_M to have one ready included in the update I'm preparing.
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    What an excellent little bird! I just love it; it's great to fly. Any chance we might get a paint kit or at least a white livery for custom paint work?
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    Thanks for your reply. Look the next image: That was taken by me to the QRH and have multiple Thrust rating options, in fact, i saw the las weekend one -300 with 22K of thrust rating. Other thing that would be great is achieve the Altitude Alert and the callout plus hundred
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    Hi all, I used to get my charts from navigraph but when it came up to renew I stopped the charts and just kept the airac going. It took me along time to find a good website for all my charts. It used it involve a lot of searching and web and a lot of pages open then I found this very good site for all of my charts all in one place and I thought you all may not have found a good site yet if that's you then give this site ago. https://chartfox.org/ its got sids stars and all in between, if you have another that you use please let me know. Happy flying. Richard
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    First off it is an excellent product. My primary complaint is the load time between seasons. If you could improve that I am sure that I could find something else to complain about, but I'd have to look for it.
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    I did the heavy flight again, and this time took the screenshots just after TOC and just after landing. One thing I didnt notice before was the optimal flight level being so high for a fligh so short, I dont thing I may get FL340 and get down on 29 min flight, am I thinking right? FMC gives 144 flaps 30 for 55.3 tons. Vref for this flap and 55 tons is 141, so 144 seens reasonable for what the FMC gives. So 144 + 5 knots = 149 knots, however performance tab gives 115 knots. tnks again man!
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    Oh finally solved, it seems that C++2015 64bit redistribute went missing, i had to remove 2017 to reinstall it, all working again, teh error was mention on xplane website under xplane Q&A, And please note, there is a new 2015-2019 redistrubtal that replaces all version from 2015 and it works fine. Shows up at 2015-2019 Redistribtaul in programmes and features
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    Correct. The DC-3 will likely work in X-Plane 11's current state, but it may have unpredictable results. An update is being worked on to bring it up to full X-Plane 11 compatibility.
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    Flying from MMAA to MPTO I encountered severe turbulence. I was looking at my instruments and I was almost certain I was just gonna fall out of the sky in that thing. My fault for not being more diligent reading weather reports out of Active Sky. Also had NEXRAD off, so that didn't help. I was in another room and heard thunder which was what alerted me to the situation. Autopilot kicks out and I'm stick and rudder at around FL300 being bucked around by a thunderstorm. I start hearing ice hitting the windshield and immediately flip the switches on everything, separator on. I'm losing altitude, indicated airspeed jumping +-40 knots and I start hearing stall warnings. I remember I need to feed in throttle to compensate for the loss of thrust from the separator and start doing that, noting that my torque is about 10-15% lower than the LRC cruise value I had set earlier (49%). I feed in more throttle, but I found it difficult to check that the torque wasn't going too high and also keep the bloody plane from rolling over 90 degrees or more. I set it a bit higher than where I needed it and forgot about it until I could regain control of the plane. Thankfully before I got into the worst of it I was able to turn on NEXRAD and then switch over to and activate the weather radar, so I had a decent idea of what was in front of me. I was already deep in the middle of it and didn't see an obvious heading that would give me an easier time of things. Nothing left to do but soldier on. Eventually the turbulence subsided and I was able to maintain steady, wings-level flight. AP back on with a heading about 10 degrees west of a bit more of this storm, engine instruments all green and nothing on CAS but INERTIAL SEPARATOR, as expected. I cleared the remainder of the storm, intercepted the GPS course and turned back towards Panama. Good. Time for a cigarette. About 10-20 minutes later I hear the warning tone from the CAS (again from another room) and find that the plane is drawing about 31 amps from battery and I've got a LOW VOLTAGE warning. ELEC system page doesn't show me much useful, except that neither the primary nor standby generator appear to be connected to the bus. System page also confirms the 31 amp draw I see on the instruments. I didn't have the POH handy and was still handling this plane in real time at that point, so I just started trying things I thought might work. First thing was to turn it off and on again, so I switched the generator off then on. No effect. I remember the stand by generator and switch to it. ELEC system page shows that the standby too is not connected to the bus and not producing power. Instruments still show a 31 amp draw from the battery and low voltages. I found the generator reset buttons and found that pushing the standby generator reset got me a brief blip of 70 amps of power before it died. Main generator reset didn't appear to have an effect. Again, I'm flying blind without my POH and have only a rudimentary idea of how to troubleshoot a problem like this. At this point I started planning to land at the nearest airfield and found that there was one inside of 50 miles, MGSJ in Guatemala. I tuned its VOR frequency, set a heading about 30 degrees east of my GPS course and started a 1200 ft/m descent to 10000 feet. There are mountains east of me, an ocean to the west. After checking the weather in San Jose and making sure to set my backup instrumentation's baro as well as the primary, I started planning a visual approach to runway 33. I turn around, start heading west out over the ocean and try to prepare myself to make this approach using only my backup PFD in hazy conditions. After a rather precarious descent (reaching up to 3500 ft/m at points) I was able to locate the runway and make a safe landing using my primary instruments. The battery held up the whole time and even had a descent charge in it on the ground when I tested it. On the ground, I found that the standby alternator was completely busted, but everything else (including the primary generator/starter) was fine. The log from the aircraft has this to say for itself: 2019-07-13 15:33:37 TBM900[fail.c:932]: Component standby alternator has failed due to excessive wear (worn: 100.000000%, slope 1.0). You can prevent this by observing performance limitations and servicing the aircraft regularly in the maintenance hangar. 2019-07-13 15:33:37 TBM900[fail.c:935]: Failure impact: sim/operation/failures/rel_gen1_lo 2019-07-13 15:33:37 TBM900[elec.c:1210]: STBY GEN tripped (120.6A, 28.3V, rpm: 1) 2019-07-13 15:33:57 TBM900[fail.c:932]: Component standby alternator has failed due to excessive wear (worn: 100.000000%, slope 0.1). You can prevent this by observing performance limitations and servicing the aircraft regularly in the maintenance hangar. 2019-07-13 15:33:57 TBM900[fail.c:935]: Failure impact: sim/operation/failures/rel_g_gen2 2019-07-13 15:34:09 TBM900[elec.c:1210]: STBY GEN tripped (120.0A, 25.1V, rpm: 1) 2019-07-13 15:34:18 TBM900[elec.c:1210]: STBY GEN tripped (121.5A, 25.1V, rpm: 1) 2019-07-13 15:39:53 TBM900[elec.c:1210]: STBY GEN tripped (121.4A, 24.9V, rpm: 1) This would support my theory that the standby generator failure was unrelated to turbulence or ice ingestion. If it were ice ingestion, from the minute or so that I flew through hail and rain without the inertial separator on, then I would expect to see the engine instruments show some sign of trouble. They remained green the entire time. At 15:33 we see the failure, apparently due to wear. 12 seconds later STBY GEN is tripped, but I don't see a failure in the main generator that would support that condition. After that, since both main and standby are gone, I'm on battery and have to land. The subsequent trip at 15:39:53 is likely a result of my playing with buttons. Now, I don't know if the main generator should necessarily have been rendered inoperative by a standby generator failure, but this was a wild ride and I genuinely enjoyed the experience. I have never had an experience anywhere close to this in any other simulator using any other product. Not only did I encounter turbulence and conditions that somewhat match what's actually going on over Guatemala at that time of day (thank you Active Sky), but I experienced a string of failures subsequently that forced me to land the plane in order to safely conduct the flight. What's even cooler is I cared about the plane, which changed what decisions I made after encountering the failure. I lost 3 airframes in the first couple weeks of owning the TBM and this fourth one has more than 60 hours on it. I wasn't gonna lose it. It didn't even occur to me that I might pause the sim or quit and reload. Anyway, this plane is amazing and it keeps getting better it seems the more I fly it. Thanks!
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    I know! I've worked closely with DrGluck to make it happen! Will be ready soon!
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    its VR supported , i paid same as you so i expect to hear a better helpful reply.
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    Hello All. This post will be locked as its only intended for public statement. While many people are aware of the IXEG Development status, many others will not and so this post is intended to provide clarifying information. For a while now, IXEG development has sat relatively idle. The reasons for this are multiple and have been stated in other forums; however, two significant factors contributing to that idleness have since wained and IXEG are looking at how to best move forward with IXEG updates again. There are two areas we are looking at for updates, 3D cabin/doors/animations and the FMS. Regarding the FMS, IXEG are looking at transitioning to the XP1100 Navdata format, which is derived from the ARINC 424 standard. Moving to this dataset format would yield increased accuracy in the representation of procedures and more practical data with which to improve LNAV / VNAV / performance caclulations. If it turns out that porting our code to the new XP1100 format is too cumbersome in the short term, then we will seek to patch what we have now and transition at a later time. The important thing is that IXEG are moving again to improve the FMS. Regarding the 3D, this will be a bit more of a undertaking. The development tools IXEG used for 3D development are nearly fully deprecated and there has been a major transition to newer tools and methods. This necessitates IXEG reconfigure our source material to the new formats and we have a LOT of 3D material to translate. This means that the 3D updates will be longer in coming than the FMS updates. Once the 3D is ported to the new tools though, any updates we implement thereafter would come much quicker, simliar to what was done shortly after our release for those that recall. We apologize for the idle time and appreciate all our customers and any patience you've exercised. We are sincerely committed to making the most immersive and accurate simulation of this aircraft as we can and will continue to push towards that goal, no matter where its end may be. -Tom Kyler
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    If people didn't turn up every slider they see and then complain about performance to everyone they can, I'd agree! A "cloud density" slider would affect performance a lot, which is why I'm hesitating to add one.
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    As a rule of thumb, this works quite nice: For a 3° descent path angle, subtract your target altitude from your current altitude, drop the zeros and multiply by 3. If you're flying at 27000 ft and need to descent to 3000 ft, this would be 27000 - 3000 = 24000 drop the zeros = 24 24 x 3 = 72 So you start your descent 72 nm before your target waypoint. (you can always add a few miles for safety) To figure out what vertical speed you need roughly for the 3° angle: Multiply your groundspeed in kts by 5. 280 kts would make a 1400 ft vertical speed. Quite easy and works for any plane.
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    Seems you have flooded your engine. As the message says you have to perform a dry motoring now to clear any fuel residue. All this is described in the POH, but here's what to do in short words: - Throttle in cutoff position - Ignition switch off - AUX BP switch on - Hold starter switch in on position for 2 seconds, then release - wait 10 seconds - Hold Starter switch in abort position momentarily, then release Now all residual fuel should have been cleared and you can try another regular start procedure.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Livery for the Hot Start TBM 900. N900FZ: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9086041
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    You are welcome gunner. check out some of my 340A videos on YouTube. Example:
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    Hey, Brad, thanks for taking the time to help me with this. I'll give it a try and report back. Very much appreciate your help.