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    Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.1.8 update for the TBM 900. All customers who have purchased the TBM 900 up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the TBM 900 from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.1.8 for you. What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do: 1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php 2. Find your original TBM 900 download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! The following is a list of additions/fixes included: What's New / Changed: Improvements / New Features: New and much fancier headset model. Bugfixes: Rain effects would cause screen flashing when reflection detail was above Minimal Fixed broken baro minimums entry. Tutorial arrows need to be able to render in VR. When AUX BP AUTO engages, FUEL PRESS should extinguish when the engine driven pump is operating. SVS impact rendering wasn't being drawn. SVS on AMD GPUs was not drawing the sky correctly. Increased propeller blade model twist, the old one was a bit too flat. Intercepting NAV in OBS on the outbound portion of the OBS track didn't work right. As always, thanks for being a customer with X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support! Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.
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    Re 1: Already fixed - will be in next release Re 2: Should be fixed as well, will check Re 3: Yes, it should. Bug logged. Re 4: Still looking into this, but this might be an X-Plane bug as a whole, still being investigated. Re 5: This is an X-Plane command that we are not intercepting. Not sure about this as well, will look into it. Expect an update in the next few days, we have a large list of bugs already fixed, and more being worked on.
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    Hello All. This post will be locked as its only intended for public statement. While many people are aware of the IXEG Development status, many others will not and so this post is intended to provide clarifying information. For a while now, IXEG development has sat relatively idle. The reasons for this are multiple and have been stated in other forums; however, two significant factors contributing to that idleness have since wained and IXEG are looking at how to best move forward with IXEG updates again. There are two areas we are looking at for updates, 3D cabin/doors/animations and the FMS. Regarding the FMS, IXEG are looking at transitioning to the XP1100 Navdata format, which is derived from the ARINC 424 standard. Moving to this dataset format would yield increased accuracy in the representation of procedures and more practical data with which to improve LNAV / VNAV / performance caclulations. If it turns out that porting our code to the new XP1100 format is too cumbersome in the short term, then we will seek to patch what we have now and transition at a later time. The important thing is that IXEG are moving again to improve the FMS. Regarding the 3D, this will be a bit more of a undertaking. The development tools IXEG used for 3D development are nearly fully deprecated and there has been a major transition to newer tools and methods. This necessitates IXEG reconfigure our source material to the new formats and we have a LOT of 3D material to translate. This means that the 3D updates will be longer in coming than the FMS updates. Once the 3D is ported to the new tools though, any updates we implement thereafter would come much quicker, simliar to what was done shortly after our release for those that recall. We apologize for the idle time and appreciate all our customers and any patience you've exercised. We are sincerely committed to making the most immersive and accurate simulation of this aircraft as we can and will continue to push towards that goal, no matter where its end may be. -Tom Kyler
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    Just took this beauty for a ride in VR in rainy weather. Can i just say thanks for creating a beautiful product. This complements my TBM 900 perfectly. X-plane just got a lot more enjoyable!
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    I was able to recreate this and we are looking into it.
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    The reason we ask people to remove plugins is to find out which one is causing the CTD. That's just the first step. Once we find out which plugin is the problem, Saso then tries to figure out a way to create a "workaround" to the problem, if he can, from the TBM side...so in the next update, the conflicts will hopefully stop. If he cannot find the problem in the TBM, then we ask the person with the problem to make contact with the developer of the plugin so THEY can take a look and see if they can find the problem. The same thing happened with the Saab. People were getting crashes when they ran the Saab with xEnviro, and they were absolutely sure it was the Saab that was at fault. Jim (Saab programmer) and Ben (Gizmo programmer) went through every single bit of code to see if they could find the problem. They never did, and determined it was indeed, xEnviro. Andrey at xEnviro denied there was any problems. I pleaded with him to check, and he reluctantly checked, expecting to find nothing. He added some debug code and asked a small group of people to test it. After testing, he found the problem was indeed with xEnviro and proceeded to implement an update. This update, however, from my understanding, won't be available until version 1.10. We certainly don't want anyone to permanently remove their plugins. It's just a way for us to determine what is causing the problem so we can go about fixing it. In saying all that, most of the issues people are experiencing are isolated to a very small group of people, but we still try to help as many people as we can.
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    That's pretty cool. For the record, I am finally back to working in the FMS, including adding the holds. I'm in the process of porting over to the ARINC 424 / XP1100 nav-data format, which should make things go much smoother for holds...accurate routes / entry....just about everything route related. But thanks for this script...it will be a bit before the holds features get distributed! -tkyler
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    Version 1.0.0


    For those pesky Pocket Rocket screens that seem to never stay clean I present you with "No Smudges!" Guaranteed to leave your glass displays as clean as shimmering mermaid. Installation: This download contains new G1000 smudgeless textures. It removes the fingerprints, hand oil and dust from the G1000 screens. Backup your G1kscreenalph.png & G1kscreenalph_NML.png which are located inside your Pocket Rocket's object folder... Once you have those two files saved somewhere else drag and drop the two replacement textures from the zip into the aircraft's object folder and overwrite the old files If it asks you.
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    Version 1.1


    Mustang livery, inspired by my beautiful flights at dusk. Simple metallic paint with vinyl designs. Updated interior featuring Carbon fiber panel, wood grain stick handle and proper normal maps. I hope you enjoy!!!
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    Coop...thanks for the response...nice call...I grab the latest, even though I had it...AviTab works perfectly. Thanks again.
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    Thank you very much for listening to the feedback ! I really appreciate it : )
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    Thank you for your sharp eye! I will be working on updating these as soon as possible. Cheers!
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    Have you ever sent us a log file? A lot of the time, it’s a conflict with another plugin. We’d love to help you, but can’t if you don’t help us with more information.
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    I think it is time, to thank the whole IXEG Team! This product is now out since 2016. It was a long way from the first pictures on their website in 2010 (I think) until release in 2016. It´s still a long way to go. Some are waiting for a -400, a -500 or a cargo version. Some are waiting for a fully analog cockpit, and some are waiting for airstairs. I want to emphasize some things which make this team great! They are in direct contact with us all the time through this forum. They help us out, no matter what the problem is or what time it is. An answer can be expected within 24 hrs most of the time. They spent a part of their spare time to work on updates, probably spending tons of money on coffee, to make a great product even greater. They are very open to all kinds of feature suggestions, no matter how complicated or nitpicky they are. *caughing* They are honest about the few flaws the product has (for exaple the dreaded VNAV code ) I think I speak in the name of a few more people i f I say: Thank you for your all efforts and probably a few sleepless nights! Thank you for all your support! Thank you for all the time spent to make the IXEG 737-300 what it is and what it will become! Thank you for dealing with all the difficulties of the everchanging X-Plane system! (flight models, Vulcan, ect.) Thank you for [ please insert whatever you want to thank them for ] If I missed something (I´m sure I did) please forgive me.
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    I'll also check this out over the next day or so. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Bug has been fixed, expect it in the next build.
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    I tested yesterday some more. No problem with tricyle gear version I can trim airplane for 70kts with full flaps and fly approach hands free with 500 ft descent/ 2.5 degrees GS
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    I have experience with taildragger in real life. Among others T-6, Citabria, Decathlon. While take off is sort of ok there are big problems with ground handling of PR! Also I have noticed tail wheel is linked to rudder? Shouldn't it be free castering ? In addition, is there way for tail wheel lock?
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    I think Laminar Research (and more specifically Austin Meyer) had mentioned they plan to revisit the taildraggers ground handling behavior for XP 11.40. I'm not sure what they'll change, but pretty much all taildraggers in XP suffer from that hypersensitivity and lack of control on the ground, the worst case being with a crosswind component. Afaik, XP does not simulate any friction for a wheel pivoting about their contact point with the ground (just pivoting, not rolling - which should be a factor while rotating a taildragger during taxiing and initial maneuvers on the ground). This might be less significant for the PR but it's certainly different with tundra tires, the contact point surfaces being more important. And there's also the prop wash component with crosswind which has been considered largely imperfect by some developers (and also irl pilots) (ASDG (Super Cub) developer, Rush had even tried to get some real world data and sent them to Austin). I don't know much about what's done in that regard by LR, but it's obvious taildraggers ground handling suffers significant issues in the current version. Some planes might be more sensitive to that aspect than others. @sd_flyer your experience with real taildraggers is precious, and you could even send some feedback to directly to LR. There might be some planes available that would match what you've already flown. On topic, my point is that LR have to improve the taildragger ground handling in general, and that TorqueSim probably cannot make it perfect for the PR even if they manage to circumvent some inherent limitations of X-Plane. That being said, if any improvement can be patched in, I'll be more than happy too ^^ I've already performed my fair share of ice skating spins with the taildragger PR
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    It looks like there was a bug introduced with steering - it will be properly free castoring like it should in the next update, and we will be adding a tailwheel lock
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    Awesome, looking for that to become part of the aircraft. Also I did a review. Review link here Enjoy. Bottom Line Buy this aircraft if you like Old School
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    There will not be a situation where we enable that option. This product is built to be like the real thing with persistent state between X-Plane sessions. Treat it like a real plane. Shut it down properly, start it up correctly. Use the air frame manager to start fresh. This plane is so popular because of these features. You need to baby it as if it were your own. Learn it in and out and you'll be rewarded.
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    Saab v1.5.2 will have all new manipulators, new engine modeling, and some other updates/fixes. It is being worked on as we speak and will be released "VERY SOON"®. Saab v2.0 will be a complete overhaul and is planned for the "NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE"®.
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    Perspective is also important. How much did you spend on groceries last time you shopped? How much does it cost to fill your car? The amount of fuss people make about the cost of software products with free updates lasting years relative to the other expenses in life would be laughable if it wasn't so depressing.