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    Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.1.11 update for the TBM 900. All customers who have purchased the TBM 900 up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the TBM 900 from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.1.11 for you. What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do: 1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php  2. Find your original TBM 900 download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! The following is a list of additions/fixes included: What's New / Changed: Improvements / New Features: Updated command mapping file for RealSimGear G1000 panels. Bugfixes: Fixed broken EFIS display on macOS. Reversionary attitude display on MFD was all black. Changed leg length to match obj gear length. ADF needle was pointing in the wrong direction. XP11/Vulkan compatibility fixes. As always, thanks for being a customer with X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support! Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.
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    So some pretty significant news. One of the contributing factors to our lack of updating was our mostly deprecated 3D toolchain using a very old version of Blender. Because our project is of a significant amount of 3D complexity.....manually transposing all the work (6 years worth) to the newest toolchain used by Laminar was so daunting as to preclude us from even attempting it. Laminar, recognizing the volume of work performed by many aircraft developers in this old version of Blender was significant enough to warrant their development of an "automatic conversion" tool. As such, Ted Green of Laminar took on the task and provided it as of a few months ago.....but we (IXEG) have only gotten around to trying it recently....after waiting for Blender 2.8+ to also evolved and stabilize . But I am happy to report that we have successfully converted about 85% of our 3D work and its now in the new Blender 3D / Laminar pipeline and exporting as expected. The remaining 15%, we will have to do by hand and will take a bit of time....but once done, SHOULD allow us to make more frequent updates as we did early in our release. It is our hope that once we get the new toolchain back up and running (and it was our efficient toolchain that allowed quick updates during release)....we should be able to handle updates well again. It was unfortunate that XP and the toolchain (and Blender) all changed radically at about the same time...leaving us somewhat in a difficult spot, but I do see a lot of light on the horizon. -TomKyler
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    Version 2.2.0.VR


    P.180 Avanti II for X-Plane 11 - CURRENT VERSION: 2.2.0.VR (uploaded at: 11:00Z February 25th, 2019) NOW VR COMPATIBLE with the help of SimVRLabs! NEW DOWNLOAD OPTIONS - !!! READ BELOW !!! OPTION 1: If you already have the Avanti or any X-Aviation product (you should already have the Gizmo plugin installed in your X-Plane installation - check for Gizmo.plugin in X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/ folder) Download only the file : "P_180_Avanti_II.zip". Unzip it in your Aircrafts folder. You are good to go! Enjoy your flight! OPTION 2: You haven't the previous version of the Avanti (2.1.0) or any X-Aviation product. Download both files. Run the "P_180_Avanti_Installer.zip". This will install both Gizmo and the previous version of the Avanti. Then you can replace the previous version with the current. NOTE: If you get a pop window to ask you for login details, you do not have to enter anything, just close the window, and the aircraft will work fine. SUPPORT P180 Avanti development: PAYPAL OFFICIAL SUPPORT: Official Bug tracker: https://bitbucket.org/iliastselios/p180_avanti/issues?status=new&status=open Support Forums: DESCRIPTION: As you might already know this aircraft is based on X-Plane's default P.180 Avanti , originally designed for X-Plane 8, was included in X-Plane 9, and from that point has been overhauled to Avanti II version. This is aircraft is totally FREE! It is a "return" to the X-Plane community that supported us those last 4 years that we exist as a development team! This aircraft main features are: High quality visuals, cockpit all new 3D model and textures, including PBR materials. Simulated: a. startup and shutdown procedures b. engine controls and operations c. autopilot controls and operations d. partially operation of the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel systems. Emulation of Proline 21 avionics suite. Currently there is only one layout that will allow you to operate the aircraft in all scenarios. Many improvements will come in the future. Installation in the 3D cockpit of the default X-Plane 11 FMC. Improved flight characteristics. Internal custom lighting. Of course Avanti development is not stopping here! Actually the overall development will be continuous, and the aircraft will always be in beta stage. Updates and upgrades will be available frequently! Main planned future upgrades are: Adding more functionallity to Proline 21 avionics suite, heading from an emulation to a simulation. Custom NAV maps. Custom FMC. Fully simulation of all systems. New 3D model from ground up. Improved flight model. Avanti EVO. Special thanks to: Austin Meyer for giving his permission to use parts of the Avanti on this project and X-Plane by Laminar Research that gave us this magnificent simulator! The team that originally developed Avanti for X-Plane, Robert Pearson (aerodynamics), Massimo Durando (cockpit & 3D cockpit), and Javier rollon (External Model. JRollonPlanes www.jrollon.com) for his fantastic 3D work. @Hueyman for the propeller 3D model and the prop disc images. Ben Russell of Gizmo64 for his support and that made available to us that powerful tool (aka Gizmo), and Cameron Son of X-Aviation for the support. And of course X-Plane community for the interest in that project and patient to wait to be realized!
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    Advanced Flight Modeling and X-Aviation are excited to announce the release of the G5 EFIS attitude indicator & DG/HSI display! The Advanced Flight Modeling G5 is a simulation inspired by the real world Garmin G5 and is for use in X-Plane 11. It is a true to life simulation which may be ran in different modes for your favorite aircraft(s) in X-Plane, including integrated into the 3D cockpit, as a standalone popup, both, or paired with the BRAND NEW RealSimGear G5 hardware units! The electronic flight instrument is an all-in-one backup or primary “glass cockpit” display. The G5 has 2 pilot-selectable main page formats: a PFD page and a DG (directional gyro) or HSI (horizontal situation indicator) page. By combining visual cues and data readouts once scattered across a myriad of instruments, G5 makes flight information easier to scan — so pilots can respond more quickly and intuitively to any inflight situation. Features: Can be ran with any aircraft in pop-out mode, or in the 3D cockpit when an aircraft developer includes the option for it The default X-Plane Cessna 172 is included with the G5 mod ready to fly A great set of instruments to assist in your instrument scan and assist with safer flight Fully integrated with the RealSimGear G5 The AFM G5 is AVAILABLE NOW!
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    Thanks for the inputs gentlemen, I fully understand everyones point of view and dont' disagree with folks feelings. The issues to bring the 733 up to speed are indeed challenging for sure, and there are several factors contributing to the complexity of the situation; however, the likelihood of us falling behind technologicially is not as great as it may seem....that's not the issue. The issue has always been stability for myself as I'm the one who needs to fix the glaring issues. Not an excuse, but an explanation....(followed by a course of action) As a self-employeed engineer, I'm always having to gauge project opportunities that can provide for me and my family and the 733 and customers have taken the hit over the last few years while I've committed to other work that has to be completed towards 'deliverables'. ...in particular, what I like to call, "the NASA gig"...which fortuantely is over....and took 4 years of my life at heavy cost....and why I got out. As that gig ended earlier this year, I begin looking for other work, while simultaneously working on the FMS again...and folks have seen those posts around that time frame I'm sure. For those who might say, "why not just work on the 733 full time".....the simple answer is that even with the X-Plane market at its best, it doesn't compare to what I make as an engineer...and it'd only be a matter of time before I went broke on 733 revenue alone (i.e. kids college tuitions, mortgage, etc). I have since secured new work (in the flight simulation industry no less.) and began in November. After much discussion with Cameron / X-Aviation.......the obvious course of action is for me to simply prioritize and focus all my available X-Plane time on bringing the 733 back up to speed. Whereas the NASA gig ate up nearly 50-60 hours week....this new job is more stabilized...and basically puts me back in the same situation I was in when originally working on the 733 years ago. That's the story and the plan moving forward. I need to get on it. -tkyler
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    so happy, WOW what a plane, took it up for what I thought would be a short test flight, lol finally landed 4 hours later, I love it yanking and banking Steve
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    @Goran_M - Thank you for the update. Your team is doing great and you all have been good on responding. I think many here appreciate your support. Even outside of the TBM community, I have heard nothing but positive experiences and praise for your engagement and commitment to fixing issues when they arise. I know you are trying to resolve the mac bug in the new update and I'm looking forward to the fix as soon as possible. With that said, two weeks to fix a bug caused by the release update is way too long to wait for the price we paid for this 3rd party addon, this especially unreasonable considering we aren't given the ability to reinstall the previous version. It is frustrating, and unbelievably disappointing. I'm one of the lucky ones because I didn't delete the previous installer. I am a full stack developer so I am more careful about how I manage my version control. I was able to revert back but I still don't get the advantages of an update that addresses previous performance issues, and bug fixes from the last dev cycle. I don't blame your team for the lacking options to obtain an earlier working version of the aircraft. It is out of your hands and I know that. However, it is totally unacceptable that paying customers who didn't think to backup their files before the update, can't even reclaim a previous working version. I just bought your addon on Cyber Monday, and was only flying the aircraft for two days before updating to a version that broke the model. I would have been extremely pissed if I wasn't able to fly the TBM after updating and couldn't revert back. In my opinion, having an option to at least download the previous update is the responsibility of X-Avation and X-avation should be doing everything they can to get a working copy back into our hands. They provide a bi-directional distributing service for for both the development teams here and us clients who purchase your product. The prices we are paying for one of the top, if the not the number #1 rated GA aircraft in the X-Plane market community should at the very least include support for a previous stable version. The fact X-aviation would even go so far as to deny us an older working version by request is a pathetically poor policy. As customers, we already don't receive a money back guarantee on digital product we may not be satisfied with. Which to be fair, for anyone reading this: That is standard practice with digital products and something I'm not complaining about about but a lot of companies in other industries have other ways to make up for this risk of digital purchase. So, yeah, I expect services such as this to have similar methods to assist us. X-Aviation should do everything in their power to satisfy frustrated customer, especially when there is very little recourse for us when things don't work as expected. Also, (and please correct me if I am wrong) but I have found no instructions or small print advising us to backup our files before an updating due to the fact earlier version aren't available to revert back to. While you'd think that would be common knowledge that everyone practices, the range of user experience here is vast; not to mention this product is uses an installer which is known to experience fewer issues warranting a backup. Your team is also paying for the X-Avavation service. You are more than likely giving them a percentage of sales to use their licensing protection installer technology, their branding, their digital market platform, and their high standing name recognition within the industry. It only hurts the reputation of your product and development. Not everyone who purchases your wonderful 3rd party add-on knows that you aren't in any way affiliated. I just wanted to share my opinion and my disappointment because I think it is only fair that we ask X-Aviation to revise their version control policy to include the last stable release as a download option on all of the addons sold from this marketplace and maybe if the actual product developers here also make a demand for this, then us dissatisfied customers who payed almost $70 wouldn't be completely screwed waiting around for the fix and instead could at least still use the product while we wait for the fix. I really hope I can update to the newest version very soon because it is upsetting me that I'm stuck with an older version and it is even more upsetting that other paying customer can't use your aircraft because they have no ability to revert to the last working copy and X-Avavation is doing anything to get a working copy into our hands. Regaudless, thank you for all of your hard work. It is an amazing addon despite the issue on the newest version. Pelan
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    Even though it's virtual currency, it still stings just a little when you need to pay it.
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    The one we're working on at the moment. To bring the Saab up to full compatibility for XP11
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    Would you appreciate that as a Linux user? False positive detections are common in the antivirus industry. They occur when a benign program is wrongfully flagged as malicious due to an overly broad detection signature or algorithm used in an antivirus product. You can read more about this in a pretty good article here if you are concerned: https://www.pcworld.com/article/2883692/virustotal-tackles-false-positive-malware-detections-plaguing-antivirus-and-software-vendors.html We aren't responsible for every problem in the world over here. I think it's pretty clear this is squarely in Microsoft's court. The fact Windows Defender flagged an application that does not even run on their platform is grossly miscalculated on their part and is a problem they need to fix. Trying to make it out as us being the bad guys is the wrong way to look at it.
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    Happened to me several times with other software. I had Kaspersky and it wasn’t allowing iTunes to run properly. I spent an hour with iTunes customer support trying to sort it out. I also have Flux player, used to watch videos bought on justplanes. My internet security flagged it as full of malware. There’s no way we would risk our reputation by adding some kind of a virus in the installer.
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    If you change the sky color set in SMP to default instead of Hoske-Wilkie, does the problem clear up? If not, then I don't think it's us.
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    The icing is still implemented, but due to the vulkan compatibility update, it might not work as expected. When vulkan becomes official, it’ll definitely be working as expected.
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    I was impatient and irritated because my whole new TBM 900 had been grounded since 12/21, but as promised Cameron and his team are able to deliver the patch in such short time. After a quick test flight, I am truly impressed by its features and high FPS. The plane is totally worth the money!
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    Made password with unusual characters. So i changed my password without unusual characters and it worked.
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    Hello, I just bought the add-on today and I've already received support from Goran_M due to a Gizmo file mis-hap (thank you so much for your speedy response time Goran_M). I've been experiencing many problems with v1.1.10 and I've noticed that everyone else have been as well. I was wondering how the update is coming along, and asking for a time frame of when I can get a functional aircraft. I know you guys are working really hard to fix it, but I'm just a little frustrated because I'm out of $65 and I don't have an aircraft to show for it.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This file will change how X-Plane looks at night at a very realistic way, without any noticeable performance penalty. Changes the default X-Plane file, so should work with any addons. For better experience, remove anything that alters X-Plane lighting. INSTALLATION: Go to X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/world/lites folder and backup the lights.txt file. Put in place the lights.txt from the archive you've downloaded. Enjoy flying at night! If you have any problems, replace with the one you have backed up. NOTE: In a future update, X-Plane might override this file. Keep the archive safe in a place to put it back.
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    What's easy to you is only in your mind. Our system is not coded to distribute separate OS installers. So no, it is not "easily" done. Given the developer of this product utilizes Linux and only codes on it, excluding that segment of the market is not the solution or an option. In the interim we have already submitted the file to Microsoft, and we are monitoring our support channels to explain the situation to anyone that asks.
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    Excellent! It’s really one of the better large turboprops I’ve tried out for the sim. I’ve got a couple thousand hours (real world) in an EMB-120. This is the closest we have in xplane so I’m enjoying it thoroughly so far!
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    Yes, sorry, the LES Saab 340A ones. I bought this plane some time ago, and I am in love with it !!! thanks
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello there, This is the PP-VOE from VARIG to be used with IXEG 737-300 v1.21 Here you will find: - Gray Color correction - Oil in Flaps - Brighter window frames - New interior matching the old VARIG - Corrected baremetal surfaces - Dirty engines Hope you like. have good flights!
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    This plane has still some potential. Therefore I would say let’s make it even better as it is now. E.g. add the missing pages in the G1000. I enjoy flying it very much! Thanks for all your effort! In fact it made me buy x-plane 11...
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    Hello, perhaps this could help you (Garmin manual) : Prior to descent path interception, the Selected Altitude must be set below the current aircraft altitude by at least 75 feet. For the flight director to transition from Altitude Hold to Vertical Path Tracking Mode, acknowledgment is required within five minutes of descent path interception by: • Pressing the VNV Key • Adjusting the Selected Altitude If you have set your new altitude more than 5 minutes before the TOD, nothing occurs. You have to turn the ALT button a bit to initiate your descent.
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    All Citationed out for the weekend. Taking a little break for the day with this one. Don't think it'll take too long. I'll go through the list in this thread and see which one's I'll do on certain "free" days. This one looks fairly easy. That's why I chose it.
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    Version 1.1


    LOT Polish Airlines livery for the IXEG Boeing 737-300 Reg: SP-LMC