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    another update, for those who may not have seen discussions in other threads. As much as I've spoken about FMS work...that was mostly because all the other aspects of our project, the 3D, the sounds, etc....were bound up in deprecated technology and tools, making it VERY difficult to update things....whereas the FMS was just code work. This was not really a lack of foresight on our part regarding the 3D tools, but rather being so far ahead of the game way back when we started, we came up with our own solutions.....that were not quite compatible with the way X-Plane moved with regards to developer tools. WELL.....thanks to Ted Greene of Laminar.....he has coded up a "converter" between the old toolchain we used and the 'toolchain of today'. Only in the last week did we work out some critical bugs that allowed us to begin converting all our assets into the modern workflow supported by Laminar. We are currently in the process of converting all our work to this new toolchain and have converted some of the most complex aspects of it already...so we do not anticpate much resistance converting the rest of the work. This converter by Laminar is a huge lifeline of sorts and will allow us to again respond quickly to bugs and manage updates once we establish a new baseline with these tools. -TomK
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    With modern tools, comes modern features.
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    Version 2.3.0


    P.180 Avanti II for X-Plane 11 - CURRENT VERSION: 2.3.0 (uploaded at: February 125th, 2020) If you want to support P.180 Avanti development, please donate here: PAYPAL v2.3.0 Main Features Compatible only with EXPERIMENTAL FLIGHT MODEL (11.40+), capable of flying up to M.67 at altitude. Terrain Radar operation via PFD/MFD buttons. Tablet for aircraft loading (engines must be off and the aircraft stationary), and access to AVITAB. Librain Support. See Change Log for more! If you don't have Gizmo already installed in your X-Plane copy, there is an version of Gizmo in the folder extra files. Put the Gizmo.plugin folder in you X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins folder. If you already have Gizmo, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE the existing one with this. MIGHT BREAK OTHER GIZMO ADDONS!!! If you find reflections too high, in the extra files folders are textures to change that. Copy the low reflections texture into the objects folder, and replace the existing one! v2.2.0.VR NOW VR COMPATIBLE with the help of SimVRLabs! OFFICIAL SUPPORT: Official Bug tracker: https://bitbucket.org/iliastselios/p180_avanti/issues?status=new&status=open Support Forums: DESCRIPTION: As you might already know this aircraft is based on X-Plane's default P.180 Avanti , originally designed for X-Plane 8, was included in X-Plane 9, and from that point has been overhauled to Avanti II version. This is aircraft is totally FREE! It is a "return" to the X-Plane community that supported us those last 4 years that we exist as a development team! This aircraft main features are: High quality visuals, cockpit all new 3D model and textures, including PBR materials. Simulated: a. startup and shutdown procedures b. engine controls and operations c. autopilot controls and operations d. partially operation of the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel systems. Emulation of Proline 21 avionics suite. Currently there is only one layout that will allow you to operate the aircraft in all scenarios. Many improvements will come in the future. Installation in the 3D cockpit of the default X-Plane 11 FMC. Improved flight characteristics. Internal custom lighting. Of course Avanti development is not stopping here! Actually the overall development will be continuous, and the aircraft will always be in beta stage. Updates and upgrades will be available frequently! Main planned future upgrades are: Adding more functionallity to Proline 21 avionics suite, heading from an emulation to a simulation. Custom NAV maps. Custom FMC. Fully simulation of all systems. New 3D model from ground up. Improved flight model. Avanti EVO. Special thanks to: Austin Meyer for giving his permission to use parts of the Avanti on this project and X-Plane by Laminar Research that gave us this magnificent simulator! The team that originally developed Avanti for X-Plane, Robert Pearson (aerodynamics), Massimo Durando (cockpit & 3D cockpit), and Javier rollon (External Model. JRollonPlanes www.jrollon.com) for his fantastic 3D work. @Hueyman for the propeller 3D model and the prop disc images. Ben Russell of Gizmo64 for his support and that made available to us that powerful tool (aka Gizmo), and Cameron Son of X-Aviation for the support. And of course X-Plane community for the interest in that project and patient to wait to be realized!
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    So its been a while, time for another update. There was a pause after the rush of FMS work mentioned above. During this pause, I have finished up my NASA obligations...and demobilized from Houston back to San Antonio, where I live, and some much needed stability to my schedule. Last week, I dug back into the FMS code and started coding up the route editing features using the new XP1100 dataset. This is the backbone of the FMS future with regards to performance.....for VNAV calculations, performance progress and also holds. Its one of those things that I wanted to be real sure I was ready to dig into before doing so. This route editing coding will go on for a bit......'route editing' involves building the route data that the FMS will use during lnav and vnav tracking and so is critical to be flexible and correct. It is my belief that if carefully done now, the FMS will be functional and stable for many years to come, which is the most important thing. -TomK
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    Hello All. This post will be locked as its only intended for public statement. While many people are aware of the IXEG Development status, many others will not and so this post is intended to provide clarifying information. For a while now, IXEG development has sat relatively idle. The reasons for this are multiple and have been stated in other forums; however, two significant factors contributing to that idleness have since wained and IXEG are looking at how to best move forward with IXEG updates again. There are two areas we are looking at for updates, 3D cabin/doors/animations and the FMS. Regarding the FMS, IXEG are looking at transitioning to the XP1100 Navdata format, which is derived from the ARINC 424 standard. Moving to this dataset format would yield increased accuracy in the representation of procedures and more practical data with which to improve LNAV / VNAV / performance caclulations. If it turns out that porting our code to the new XP1100 format is too cumbersome in the short term, then we will seek to patch what we have now and transition at a later time. The important thing is that IXEG are moving again to improve the FMS. Regarding the 3D, this will be a bit more of a undertaking. The development tools IXEG used for 3D development are nearly fully deprecated and there has been a major transition to newer tools and methods. This necessitates IXEG reconfigure our source material to the new formats and we have a LOT of 3D material to translate. This means that the 3D updates will be longer in coming than the FMS updates. Once the 3D is ported to the new tools though, any updates we implement thereafter would come much quicker, simliar to what was done shortly after our release for those that recall. We apologize for the idle time and appreciate all our customers and any patience you've exercised. We are sincerely committed to making the most immersive and accurate simulation of this aircraft as we can and will continue to push towards that goal, no matter where its end may be. -Tom Kyler
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    Real "Impulse 100" (Pocket Rocket) airplane with 450-horsepower Allison turbine has the following performance: - Stall power on: none, climbs with 80° nose up - Stall power off: 39 kts Well, with the "Experimental Flight Model - ON", after some custom Aerodynamic and Prop improvements TorqueSim Pocket Rocket is very close to the above mentioned performance. She is like silk now!
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    After working with Ted from laminar to squash a few bugs in the 3D converter, we have it working and have successfully converted many objects over to the new Blender 3D workflow including some pretty complex ones as well. My hats off to Ted...this converter was a real lifeline for us. This was a very very big hurdle to clear. I expect to have all the objects converted before the weekend is out. This will effectively restore our 3D workflow and allow us to get back on the cabin / door work in the 3D department. We still have sounds to convert to FMOD and also our 2D GUI to rework to the new look. The FMS work will resume once all the 3D conversions are done. It is unfortunate that all this infrastructure doesn't have anything visual to show for it but I can assure you, its quite significant for IXEG ability to get back on track with improving things. -tkyler
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    We're paying customers, not cheering fanboys. And IXEG and X-Aviation are for-profit businesses. We expect a finished product for what is a very expensive addon that we paid for. To put it politely and with full respect to the developers, after 3 and a half years of ownership this state of affairs is unacceptable. Additionally at this pace of development I'm of the opinion that by the time the FMS rewrite is complete most people would've have moved on to XP12 or MSFS2020. Remember XP10.51 was the last version of XP10, and we're now approaching XP11.50. Vulkan/Metal and the experimental flight models would probably become compulsory by then, and will most likely break this addon in some way. Developing addons for X-Plane is like running on a treadmill. If you don't update constantly, you're at risk of falling off and not be able to climb back up again. Even with the FMS rewrite complete the rest of the addon might become so old that it is unusable without much more development work. And that work need a monetary incentive. This is why early-access games on Steam often fail, because the money stop coming in soon after release. Unfortunately coming from FSX/P3D I find this trend to be all too prevalent in the X-Plane community. What I see is great, but squandered potential. When it was released it was the by far the most detailed addon for XP10, despite it being released in an incomplete "early access" state. From a long-time FSX/P3D user I can see that it has the potential to become PMDG-quality if finished, and this was the addon that got me moving to X-Plane. What happened afterwards was that the devs stopped releasing patches for 2 years while the addon is still in a relatively buggy and unfinished state, and customers like me were frustrated at first, and then progressively lost interest. I haven't flown the IXEG for so long that I forgot that I actually still have it, until today when I did some cleaning up of my XP11 installation. When you charge $75 for an addon, there's no excuse to leave customers with a buggy and unfinished product without an update for 2 years. At least release some quality-of-life patches and ninja fixes that makes their experiences better while you continue to rewrite the FMS. Because if you take too long on the rewrite (or it stalls due to other commitments), you might find that Laminar has already moved way ahead of you, and the rest of the addon no longer works. At least with more ninja fixes the customer would've gotten a bit more enjoyment out of the addon, while you rewrite the FMS. As I said earlier, time is against them. XP12 will come very soon as Austin needs more money, and a head-to-head competitor to the big MSFS2020 launch next year. Like the move from XP10 to XP11, the vast majority of the X-Plane userbase will move forward with each new release from Laminar. The treadmill is only getting faster and faster......
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    I'm just starting a project to build a TBM 900 cockpit in my basement. I'm trying to build a fairly realistic setup with mostly true dimensions. I can't find any true measurements online. I basically used dimensions I know of the garmin units and worked it backwards. It looks like the dash is about 1181mm wide. Does anyone fly or have access to a real TBM? Does anyone know the distance from the bottom of the main dash panel to the floor and the bottom of the navigational compass (window pillar) to the floor. I'm going to start building a mock up with light boards. I created this image in photoshop this weekend. Using a projector I plan to throw it up on a piece of wood where I can trace it and cut it out. Some of the garmin dimensions are slightly large as I do not know which company I plan to buy the g 1000 from (so many out there, realsimgear, noble flight, aviatek, virtual fly, brunner, etc.). Thanks for any input. Pat
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    Hello, do you plan CARGO version 737-300F? Examples: TNT: http://ujeb.se/8RDK4 QANTAS: http://ujeb.se/TtY9k West Atlantic: http://ujeb.se/BSXkk Northern Air Cargo: http://ujeb.se/Eex4z CargoAir: http://ujeb.se/ogKhD
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    http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1081-p180-avanti-ii/ Enjoy the sexyest airplane.
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    Is it possible for the devs to confirm the issue? I am trying to find what I am doing wrong without success... And just to say. Aside from that, I love the bird. Been flying it a lot and reading the manuals. Just having trouble with this one...
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    Hangar/maintenance stuff is something I'm working on for the near future, not only for C23 but for all my other projects as well. The current update was initially to include just bug fixes, but at the end I have added a lot more features, like librain support and the new AFM's Garmin G5. Here's a preview.
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    Took-off from S52 in the Aerobask Diamond DA62 and climbed straight out of the Methow Valley. Once I got through Twisp Pass and the mountains, I was treated to the scenic vistas of Mount Logan and El Dorado Peak. As I was passing by Mount Baker, the weather updated :/ The terrain radar helped me avoid the remaining mountains and I got through the clouds without incident. That is, until I saw the oil in my starboard engine was cold. Wasn't sure what was going on, so I pressed my approach into Bellingham International. The landing went fine and was just in time. My right engine quit the moment I touched down
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    vFlyteAir's SR20 made the hop from Centralia to Yakima an absolute joy. I passed between Mount Ranier to my north, Mount Saint Helens to my southwest, and Mount Adams to my southeast. Once I overflew Rimrock Lake, the metropolis of Yakima exploded beneath me. After an extended downwind to bleed off some altitude, I put down nice and easy on Runway 22.
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    I actually sent off a beta build of SkyMaxx Pro 4.9 to Cameron yesterday, with some minor fixes and several VR fixes. So yes, it's still being developed.
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    Yes. Update: I should clarify this. We will not be releasing production versions of the Saab that "require" the experimental flight model. Austin will always be adding things to the experimental flight model and we may not be aware of them or have tested with them. So, due to the potential instability of the experimental flight model we will not recommend (nor support) you use it with the Saab, but that is your choice. Of course, when the features in the experimental flight model get moved into the base sim we will test and release updates as necessary.
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    Excellent!I'm doing the same only in VR, my first ;eg is now up on Youtube:
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    Hello, that’s exactly what I did, bought a HDMI splitter , so both PFD units are run by the same HDMI output. Basically just two copies of the same PFD. (In a way it doesn’t matter since In the TBM you can only use one PFD, not independent ) here are a few photos or my current setup, Bare in mind I’m still long way away from finishing , some panels still require bolting on properly , etc. thank you for your feedback.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my repaint of the IXEG 737 Classic for XPlane 11 (Should work in XP10 as well) in First Air's new livery.
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    Just an idea. What happens if you safe a seperate profile for the TBM in the controls? Maybe that would solve the problem. I had a similar issue, and that solved it.
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    Here's a 3D cockpit for this plane https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47993-dc-10-3d-cockpit/
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    Version 1.20


    CYYZ Toronto Pearson Airport 1.20 July 27, 2014 Build Chris K and the ISDG __________________________________________________________ Preamble: This is a generally stable build with no library conflicts; and all areas should be drivable and flyable. The ILS may be a fraction off due to repositioning of the runways to their orthophoto corrected locations, and verified with another 3rd party. It is also currently lacking ATC taxi-flow. However, these omissions are not “showstoppers” per se. __________________________________________________________ General Features: - Photorealistic terrain at 30cm/pix resolution as per the USGS - Proper Taxi Signage (was never there in any previous version of the CYYZ apt.dat it would seem) - Recent CAP CYYZ Charts (SIDs/STARs/RWY Approaches) - Repositioned most field objects to match the orthos, accurate within 15 cm +/- - Fixed runway markings, blastpads, and the like to reflect reality - Gritty ground and orthophoto texture support - Replacement Glideslope towers - Runway Stop Bar / Guard Lighting System (this is for YYZatcboy Joe How’s this for accuracy! ) Each runway entrance is protected by a stop bar consisting of red in-set lights located at all taxi holding positions. This is the runway warning/occupancy indicator system in-use in Toronto, and will be familiar to most heavy metal pilots. - Build-out of industrial parks, Eglinton Ave E, Airport Road, Dixie Road, Brittania, Dixon Road, and the Hotel Strip - Various “Easter Eggs” with more to come in subsequent releases. (See if you can find the Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop!) __________________________________________________________ Notes on the Taxiways: There are two versions of the taxiways included in this package. 1. Normal taxiways shown (regular asphalt, visible, drivable) 2. Hidden taxiways (regular asphalt, not shown, but still drivable) - You can also turn off the taxiways (hide/show) by replacing the “.POL”files located in the “orthophotos/” directory. This will give the same effect as in our CYTZ Package; whereas the taxiways are only drawn as per the ortho, but with visible (XP generated) centre, edge, and-hold-line markings. - Assuming you have the VRAM to run in extreme (native texture) resolution, you can take advantage of the full photo-realistic ground effect. - Simply copy the appropriate files form the “/1 Hide Taxiways/” directory into the parent directory and overwrite the existing POLs. - To restore the regular (visible) taxiways, simply copy the contents of the “/2 Show Taxiways/” into the parent directory, overwriting the POLs. __________________________________________________________ Requirements: - X-Plane 10.20 or better - OpensceneryX 2.0 (http://opensceneryx.com/) - A Modern Video Card with MINIMUM 512Mb VRAM. - You will want to run this scenery at “Very High” or “Extreme” Texture Resolution. - X-Plane 10.20 64-bit and 2 Gb VRAM Video card is recommended for the Highest Texture resolutions. __________________________________________________________ Credits: Base Objects - Freeware FS2004 CYYZ Scenery: This is a direct 1:1 conversion of FS9 Scenery by: Howie Cassidy (kpdc2002@yahoo.ca) Version 1.0 from July 3 2007 As per the original LICENSE: Freeware for personal use only. No one is to reuse this work in scenery advertised as their own or to use this scenery in whole or in part for commercial gain. [Chris K's notes]: All FS2004 Objects, Textures, and Imagery included in this scenery are © Howie Cassidy. Under no circumstance am I (or anyone else) claiming ownership of said art assets. All Rights and associated Kudos go to Howie.! This package shall remain 100% Freeware to respect the original author's wishes. __________________________________________________________ This package uses the converted objects as per RickMTL's conversion from 2007. Used with Permission from Rick as the base layer. __________________________________________________________ Orthophotos © The United States Geological Survey The dataset is the 30cm/pixel US Canada Border HiRes Orthoimagery aka. USGS Dataset “US Canada Border – UTM Zone 16″ and “UTM Zone 17″ This Imagery is in the Public Domain as per: http://cumulus.cr.us…listofortho.php Copyrights and Credits USGS-authored or produced data and information are considered to be in the U.S. public domain. When using information from USGS information products (chrisk – which we are), publications, or Web sites, we ask that proper credit be given. Credit is provided by including the following citation: Credit: U.S. Geological Survey Department of the Interior/USGS The USGS home page is http://www.usgs.gov. __________________________________________________________ Legal: Scenery and 3D Object work copyright © 2012-2014 by the ISDG (International Scenery Development Group) All other derived materials are Copyright their respective rights holders, used with permission. You do not have to pay for this scenery. This scenery is Postcard-Ware. Please send us a postcard if you like the work! We’d love to hear from you. ISDG Group PO Box 892 North Sydney, NSW 2059 Australia Visit our website at http://isdg.com.au/ for all our scenery packages and add-ons. © 2012-2014 The International Scenery Development Group (ISDG)
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    Version 0.1


    KSEA Seattle Photoreal Underlay Version 0.1 Dec 27, 2012 Chris K and the ISDG Group __________________________________________________________ Tired of Flying around the plain textured KSEA Demo Airport? Feel Like filling your VRAM and Tanking your FPS at the same time? Hate having trees in-line with your approaches? You're downloading the right file! Note: This is for XP10 as it uses 4096 x 4096 Textures for fast rendering __________________________________________________________ Orthophotos courtesy of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) The dataset is the 30cm/pixel USGS HiRes Orthoimagery This Imagery is in the Public Domain as per: http://cumulus.cr.usgs.gov/listofortho.php Copyrights and Credits USGS-authored or produced data and information are considered to be in the U.S. public domain. When using information from USGS information products (chrisk - which we are), publications, or Web sites, we ask that proper credit be given. Credit is provided by including the following citation: Credit: U.S. Geological Survey Department of the Interior/USGS The USGS home page is http://www.usgs.gov. __________________________________________________________