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  2. brettnicholls

    Info message re cabin temp

    Just happened to me, I looked back onto this forum and put A/C back to manual, as someone stated. Temp went back to normal. Not sure if it makes any difference but usually I fly at quite high FLT but this flight is only at 12000 feet. OAT -10c and ISA -1c
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  4. JackSwyr

    Still on ice skates.

    Yes sir, just checked. 1.1.9.
  5. Goran_M

    Still on ice skates.

    Can you confirm you definitely have 1.1.9. Everyone is reporting vastly improved ground handling. Not sure why you’re getting this.
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  7. JackSwyr

    Still on ice skates.

    Hello, it's been a while since I posted or flew. I have the latest version and the plane on taxiing acts like it's on slippery ice. I even tried a LUA script called friction_fix.lua and it's still all over the place. Does anyone else have this issue? This is with all planes too but I mostly fly the TBM 900 and I read the latest update was supposed to fix this. Thanks, Jack
  8. smokey43


    This is probably gonna be met with some nasty remarks, but this is my opinion.... I own the IXEG 737, I enjoy it very much, my frustrations comes to the lack of updates. It has been a couple years (yes years , not days , not months) Hold is still not there and cabin doors yet to open. Fair to critique? Yes I believe so. Yes I know the cabin doors are eye candy, but is something that others have been able to accomplish and virtually all payware at comparable price certainly have this. The FMC Hold is a long time coming and not something , in my opinion , should take this long. We are speaking years , ladies and gentleman. Aside from the above remarks, I have nothing but admiration for the plane. It is a real joy to fly and has given me hours and hours of enjoyment. Sad that I don't fly it as much I once did. I have purchased many, many payware items. To the fine folks that have made this plane available, I say , time to get some stronger coffee, get off your duff, and address these two issues please. Yes, my avatar is listed as "NEWBIE", no I normally don't comment on message boards. I do use them to seek information. I am not a real pilot and therefore don't think I have much to offer that would be helpful, I leave that to the other fine folks who know what they are talking about. I have owned the IXEG for a considerable amount of time, and flight simming has been a hobby for many , many , years. Thought I would address this, before any bashing about status should begin.
  9. I would guess so, but I haven’t tried it myself.
  10. Does this sounds package work with ver. 1.9 ??? http://www.truscenery.com/index.php/9-x-plane-articles/60-x-aviation-mitsubishi-mu-2-real-sounds
  11. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    I'm sure everything is working correctly and configured correctly - it isn't that difficult. (ASXP with SMP and RWC) Still not getting the lower cloud layers. KVUO just now - BKN 017, BKN 030, OVC 060. Only the OVC 060 shows up. It appears that BKN, SCT and FEW layers don't show up when they are very low - say 010 - 030 AGL. Most noticeable departing and arriving at airports obviously. Otherwise SMP cloud depictions are fine. Default XP RW WX shows the layers correctly but once you've experienced the SMP clouds you don't want to go back. What to do??
  12. TBM 900 N572TB Snak Air View File Livery for JonFly's FSE "Snak Air" Hot Start TBM 900 N572TB Submitter xm10922 Submitted 10/26/2018 Category General Aviation Livery For http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-tbm-900-p-158 X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11  
  13. TBM 900 - Lufttransport (fictional) View File Simply drop in to the liveries folder of the TBM Submitter 09tir98 Submitted 05/21/2019 Category General Aviation Livery For http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-tbm-900-p-158 X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11  
  14. Gregg Seipp

    5 Tips on how to make X-Plane 11 look Amazing

    LOL. A 738 at St. Barts?!! Tell us the truth...how many times did you try to land until you actually made it? Hysterical!
  15. ChefRob

    TBM900 Crashes Sim

    Hey @Goran_M quick question m8... with the above comment. Are you speaking of an addition the TBM team has added to the G1000 or what is offered in the stock LR G1000? Asking because of the stuttering and a couple other issue with the G1000 the effects even other aircraft using the G1000. I'm going to remove it and see for myself but just wanted your input as well.
  16. ChefRob

    TBM-900 Condensed checklists

    Hey @coolhand great job on this... Here's just an idea, would you be able or willing to break this up into pages? Would be great to be able to use this in the AviTab plugin.
  17. FlyAgi

    Never change visibile weather

    Thank you. :-)
  18. sundog

    Never change visibile weather

    Yes, it would work the same way in 4.8. I like the idea of a "force weather reload" button somewhere. I'll make a note of that for 4.9.
  19. mark70

    Battery voltage on startup

    When I startup the engine when the battery is full, the voltage drop is higher (from 25 to 18 volts) compared to the case where the battery is partly depleted. (from 24 to 21 volts). This seems a bit strange? shouldn't this be the other way around? Bad battery: lower voltage and higher voltage drop on high load?
  20. Goran_M

    Rudder trim

    Will look into it.
  21. brettnicholls

    Rudder trim

    Hi just trying to understand the rudder trim and if it’s right. Flying at FLT290 with a wind of 38 knots at about 220 degrees relative to the aircraft. External view shows the rudder trim is pointing towards the left. The rudder graphic in the cockpit is positioned on the right side. I was wondering does the rudder trim work the rudder by deflecting the rudder opposite the direction of the trim or does the trim act like a mini rudder and the rudder stays straight. I had a look at the rudder position, looking down on top, and noticed no deflection at all.
  22. FlyAgi

    Never change visibile weather

    Is this still current with SMP 4.8? I wonder every flight start if I now get the current real weather from FSGRW or if I'm still flying with the outdated metar as FSGRW can't be connected before the flight has been loaded and I have to connect and inject after that. Could you possibly add a new option in the SMP menu (in the X-Plane menu bar) and a key command to force a weather reload? This way FSGRW users (ASXP injects weather before flight start) could reload their weather manually and don't have to use outdated metars. Fiddling around in the real weather options does work but this is not very comfortable. It would be even better if FSGRW would allow connection already after the X-Plane main menu has been loaded (ASXP works this way).
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  24. Jcarp

    Info message re cabin temp

    Found my answer need to reduce power.
  25. Jcarp

    Info message re cabin temp

    I am still Having this issue TBM V1.1.9 X-plane Version 11.34r1. I have had a couple flights the Auto setting maintained cabin temperature, but most i have to flip it to manual to cool the cabin. Looking at the ECS diagram I have noticed that in auto, The vapor cycle system is not running but when placed in manual it turns on and RPM and CHG are at ~80%. Auto AC Cabin temp increases Compressor does not turn on. AC in manual Compressor turns on Cabin temp decreases.
  26. matthpilot22

    Livery List & Requests

    https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9295667 Request this ASL France livery :)
  27. UA90

    ATR 72-600 from Milviz

    Well... RIP I guess...https://www.thresholdx.net/news/mvkfaf
  28. Tony123

    A Very Special Plane

    I have 5 and one I haven't even flown yet (Kodiak Quest). If I am not flying the 172 rep G1000 then it's the TBM. Really Really hard not to fly the TMB. Damn you Hot Start Man when the Challenger 650 come out how am to decide which one to fly ugh...…... DA-62 Epic 1000 epic 1000 g1000 epic 550 Carenoda newest 172sp
  29. Servaasd

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8 Update Released!

    Has anyone noticed that since the latest VR compatible Skymaxx versions, you can see the horizon through the plane. It's like the planes are translucent.
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