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  • SkyMaxx Pro 1.3 Update Released


    X-Aviation and Maxx-XP have released an update for SkyMaxx Pro, bringing the version number to 1.3!

    This update includes further enhancements and optimizations in performance, including features like forced cirrus layers for a more realistic environment and higher resolution textures than in previous versions.

    You can read more about this update here.

    A list of what has been updated includes:

    • Clouds faded out due to visibility are culled, to further improve performance
    • New cumulus cloud puff textures
    • Clouds should be consistent across multiple displays
    • New config option to always force at least one cirrus layer (on by default). If no cirrus layer comes in from X-Plane's datarefs, we create one at 9000 meters
    • Improved error handling in the event initialization fails
    • Cloud visibility is generally increased
    • Random variation added to cumulonimbus cloud sizes
    • Prevents a source of a potential crash reported by one user
    • Memory leak fixed with latest Gizmo build

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    I have just installed the update, GREAT JOB i like this updated version a lot


    -performance seems to be noticeable improved

    -no crashes so far

    -visuals are much improved to me


    I have seen prerelease pictures for newer versions, cant wait. Congrats!!

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    I've had this product since it's inception and am blown away with every update! My favorite clouds are the Cirrus !  They Look great and don't effect frame rate much.  I don't know where to add suggestions to the developer but if I could I would suggest that the Cirrus clouds be made much whiter! They would stand out more and actually look even more realistic.  We have a lot of Cirrus clouds in the San Francisco Bay area when the weather is mild very seldom a blank sky!

    Thanks for a must have product!

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    i followed instructions to the letter read the manual cover to cover still wont draw proper real local weather weather :angry: in windowed mode or VR

    it doesnt matter where i fly even when i go to bad bad weather site al i get is clear skys with a fiew cirrus really disappointing i wonder can i get a refund i have skmaxx pro  plus skmax realweather plugin cloud dont move even in 30 knot winds

    settings 2.jpg


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