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    Laminar Releases X-Plane 10.10 RC-1


    ATI WINDOWS USERS: X-Plane 10.10 is affected by a driver bug (still present in catalyst 12-8 drivers) that can affect runway lights and HDR mode. To work around the problem, run from the DOS prompt like this:

    X-Plane.exe --no_srgb

    We are working with ATI and will come up with something more permanent before we finalize 10.10.

    Aircraft Changes

    • Default Aircraft startup times drastically improved! Sometimes on piston engines, you may even need to crack the throttle to get the aircraft to start...just like real aircraft!


    • The starter has been changed quite a bit; airplanes from v9 and 10.05 should now start as expected. See this post for details.

    Bug Fixes

    • METARs with variable winds no longer create wind-shear/turbulence for low wind speed conditions
    • Slung Loads are no longer defaulted ON...this was preventing the B-52 from flying properly!
    • Mouse wheel scrolling now works in the Aircraft Livery panel
    • Weapons drawn correctly in Plane-Maker
    • Plane-Maker can import .inst instrument files.
    • Light billboard color-space fixed; the runway lights should be quite a bit more visible now.
    • Fixed misaligned roads.
    • Fixed road bridges crashing into each other.
    • Improved ramps going into road junctions slightly.
    • Fixed P-180 panel going black when P-180 is used as an AI plane or HDR is turned on and off.
    • Fixed missing landing light in 2-d cockpits and forward views.
    • Jets will hot-start if __N2__ is below indicated value in Plane-Maker. Plane-Maker used to use N1 for jets, which was difficult to work with.

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    User Feedback

    Sure wish they would get the weather working like the real world. Clouds still do not move with the wind like 9x and it been close to a year now.


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