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Can I mix-and-match sky colors?

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I have Skymaxx pro and am using the True Blue-High Contrast sky textures, which look absolutely amazing during the day to me. However, I feel that dusk/dawn are too colorful, and make it seem like I'm flying through a glass of orange juice. I just tried Abdullah's freeware "Realistic Skycolors For X-Plane 10++ 2.0" from the org, and he absolutely nailed dusk/dawn while I don't feel his daytime sky color is quite blue enough. Is there an easy way for me to blend his textures with the Skymaxx ones? How would I go about doing this? 

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Pulleeeeezzzzzzz wait until a guru comes along, but ..............

If you know howto change the stock sky colours, well i've just checked, and inside the silver lining folder the smp sky colours are there, so the smp ones over-ride the stock

You could back up all involved, and have your way with the skycolours folder ;)

But, wait until someone in the know replies, don't want you to lose clouds etc due to me and the makers thinking you're hacking at their software !

Have Fun



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You can create your “own” sky colors by creating a folder inside Silverlining which should hold the same combination of files as the those provided: Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 20.26.27.png 

So if Abdullah's "Realistic Skycolors for X-Plane 10" has the same colors files it should work. But if it relies on modified shaders those would not work with SMP. 

Hope this can help…



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