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Error in Xplane Console - can't activate!

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Hi All,


Anyone else have or has had this issue?


I purchased Skymaxpro 2 through Xaviation on Sunday, downloaded it and installed it... All went well.


Then I go into Xplane 10 and it wishes to activate the product.  So I enter my email address and password and I get the following error appear in a console on the screen:


http.call_back Error: XA_Activation_httpCB_ProcessActivateReturn / 2 / [string "extensions/Activation.lua.aes"]:1249: XA_Activation: Corrupt licence data from server.


Net result is I have no Skymaxpro :(


I have logged a call with support also on Sunday but still have received no feedback whatsoever other than an automated response.

Obviously I am concerned given I have no product and now not a lot of confidence that there is anyone going to help me nor an understanding when it might even be looked at....


Thank you...



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