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[solved] event.register - event.unregister

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Hello again,

i would like use event.register and unregister for a cleaner coding, if a step is done ,  i need the function not any more.

But i have a "little" problem with that.


API doc says :

function OnUpdate_HelloWorld()  --Update Hello World secret variables.end event.register("OnUpdate", "OnUpdate_HelloWorld")--some time later on...event.unregister("OnUpdate", "OnUpdate_HelloWorld")

i mean normaly easy but in my case O.o


I have 2 Buttons, if i press the first Button the event is triggered and follow my logic. All is ok

With the second Button i like unregister the event but i obtain this failure:


Gizmo64: error: xac_lua/xac_window_XAutoCopilot.lua:170: event.unregister(..) - nothing done.: XAutoCopilot_btnStart_OnClick

Here is my coding for that:


function XAutoCopilot_btnPreparation_OnClick()    gui.hideWidget(XAutoCopilot.widprep2)    dref.setIntV( xac_state_preparation, 1, 1 )    event.register("OnUpdate", "OnUpdate_XAutoCopilot_btnPreparation")endfunction OnUpdate_XAutoCopilot_btnPreparation()-- many if / then coding hereendfunction XAutoCopilot_btnStart_OnClick()        gui.hideWidget(XAutoCopilot.widstart2)        event.unregister("OnUpdate", "OnUpdate_XAutoCopilot_btnPreparation")end

I hope anyone can pointing me in the right direction again ;-)


-- Firmware v14.01.12.2256

Greetings Lars

Edited by urbanswelt

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I can see one reason that you may have a problem….  I don't think you can call event.unregister() before you have called event.register().  So, in your code, if you were to call "XAutoCopilot_btnStart_OnClick()" before "XAutoCopilot_btnPreparation_OnClick()" you will get an error.


Without having all the code, I can't see your entire logic, but, I don't see why you need to use event.register/event.unregister.  The way you have it structured the "unregister" is negated by the "register" and vice versa..  You could simply call the function "OnUpdate_XAutoCopilot_btnPreparation()" on the first button click.  If you are trying to "start" a process and then "stop"it, you would probably be better off setting some flags.

Edited by JGregory

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event.unregister(...) has not been implemented yet.


I don't clearly understand why you need/want to use it.


Can you describe what you're trying to achieve in more detail?

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Hi Ben, 
this explains the error message. 
My idea was it to, easier reading for other people. 
Currently I have a coding this runs on a single update loop. 
I have With the event.register the chance the whole clearer to structure. (perfect !)
With event.unregister would be the functions completely closed. 
In my view, for the following points: 
Calculations in functions are definitely death (saving resources) 
I would have a defined end 
For me, a kind of self-protection ;-) 
Of course I can everything with if / then reach. Therefore, I have no problem with that.
I hope you can follow me a little bit ;-)
So works my little brain ^^
Thank you also for helping with this "little" issue.
I am not really a Fan from posting the holly code about 1000 lines, and say then find my failure ^^
In this case the logic was perfect finished for me, but Ben has write now ... not implemented yet, so the problem was found ;-)
But here my little project: https://github.com/urbanswelt/XAutoCopilot i rewrite the coding at this moment (global/local declaration ...)

Thank you very much Ben and JGregory !
Edited by urbanswelt

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If you want to continue with event.register(...) you can do this:


OnUpdate_XAutoCopilot_btnPreparation = nil



The next time Gizmo attempts to call your function it will find nil instead and automatically add your function name to a list of functions to be ignored.


Timers are a little better if you want to re-use your function.

Setting = nil will work if you never need your function again.

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Hello Ben,


thank you very much again, the Solution with "nil" is a good idea. I use in this project a couple of timers and it is also a nice work with that ;-)
I am happy with Gizmo and say thank you again for your work ! ;-)


Greetings Lars

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